Jamesey’s Review Of The Rev1000

Packaging can tell you a lot about a product before you’ve even looked at the contents of the box; having worked in the adult industry for a fair few years I’ve learned to spot a decent box! From the second I received the The Rev1000 I was impressed, the packaging for this toy is a really impressive and before you’ve even opened the box, you can tell you’ve got a high quality product.


A revolution in male pleasure

Upon taking the toy out of the box I was intrigued – the product looks brilliant. It has a sleek, almost gadget feel to it, which just begs closer inspection. The toy looks almost like a giant joystick with a wider base and a good sized see through compartment with a hole at the bottom. Inside the compartment is a sleeve with multiple soft nodules and ticklers that fully cover the inside and top of the sleeve.

Now I have to say, I am one of those people that reads the instructions for EVERYTHING (drives my poor hubby mad), so before I’d actually used the toy I followed the instructions and charged the toy for the suggested 8 hours. (Further uses will only require a 1 hour charge for a 1 hour play.).  So after distracting myself for the required charge time – (I binge watched season 2 of hour of cards – brilliant show…but I digress), I unplugged the toy and decided to give it a go.                     

Call me crazy if you want, but before I put my manhood into anything I generally like to stick my fingers in first and if there’s batteries and moving parts involved I always turn it on, but I was that excited about this toy that I forwent my usual safety routines and just grabbed the lube and decided to dive head first into giving it a go.

The Rev1000 has 7 speeds and 7 modes – that’s a total of 49 settings to the toy! The first 30 seconds of using the toy were….. Well intense wouldn’t quite cover it but it would come Rev1000_6-500x500close!  The bottom chamber of the toy rotates internally and dependant on which setting you choose (remember 49 in total!) it will either rotate fully, half way or side to side with varying degrees of vibration.  So I was pretty spoiled for choice, but honestly after using it for a few seconds I lost the ability to form much in the way of a thought process so just worked my way through the speeds and modes. The toy works so well because the closer you get to orgasm, the more you want to see what it feels like on a higher speed or a different setting because you don’t want the experience to end. Sadly it did. Very quickly. (Further uses have shown me the amazing range of modes and how different they feel, but for your first use – don’t expect to last very long!)

Luckily the cleaning of the toy is beyond simple! You can very easily unscrew the chamber from the handle of the toy, and lift out the sleeve and wash with warm water of toy cleaner.

The Rev1000 is a great toy for us guys. Further uses allow you a chance to really see which of the many settings you like the most, it’s a toy that works better the more you use it as you’ll learn better techniques for using it, which settings you enjoy the most and which type of lube works the best for you when you’re using it (definitely stick with a water based!). The only slight drawback is that it’s a little loud the first time you turn it on, but you very quickly get used to the noise and can forgive a touch of noise when you’re experiencing something as intense as what the Rev1000 is offering.

I would happily suggest this to friends and if you’ve already got a high end masturbation toy such as Fleshlight – this is 100% the next step for your toy collection.

This toy was kindly donated to me by Net 1 on 1 but this has in no way affected my review.

with love 2016

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The Dirty Dozen Bring Home The Prize

by James Lefebure


On Saturday 7th May Cancer got to feel the full fury of an army of women sick of it. Women of all ages who have lost loved ones, friends and family flooded Victoria Park in Warrington to take part in Cancer Research’s Pretty Muddy 5K obstacle course. For those who don’t know Pretty Muddy isn’t a walk (or run) in the park. It’s a muddy obstacle course that woman of all ages and ability can traverse – and that’s exactly what the Nice ‘n’ Naughty Dirty Dozen have done.

Pretty MuddyThe 12 strong team, clad in pink Nice ‘n’ Naughty t-shirts tramped through the mud, pulled themselves under nets and laughed their way down a rather dirty slide to finish things off. Luckily the weather was amazing on Saturday but their main reason for smiling was the amazing support they received from everyone who helped to sponsor them – the combined total of money raised by The Nice ‘n’ Naughty The Dirty Dozen was a whopping £2377.24.    

Trish Pretty MuddyTrish Murray Operations Manager of Nice ‘n’ Naughty was elated as she not only finished the race, overcame her fear of both water and mud, but managed to get 346% over her expected target by raising £519.24 herself! “It was a great day and fun was had by all. I just want to thank everyone who took the time to donate and wish me well.” She said covered in mud, “I’m just ready to get a shower and a glass of wine!”

If you would like to sponsor Trish please check her page at https://www.justgiving.com/trishmurray0 where you can still donate with all proceeds going to Cancer Research Uk.

If you want further updates on how Trish and her team are doing check out our news section at www.nicennaughty.co.uk where not only will you find a brilliant range of adult toys but a link to our blog where you can keep up with all our news, as well as product reviews and a store finder to help you find your nearest Nice ‘n’ Naughty.

As a special offer for any orders placed using the code “GIRLPOWER” you’ll get 15% discount on your online purchases and Nice ‘n’ Naughty will make a donation on your behalf to Cancer Research.

with love 2016

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No Sex Please – We’re Cricket Players

Excluding the antics of Shane Warne, cricket isn’t likely to register for most people as a scandalous sport. There’s been few reports of players get caught in kiss and tell stories and if you watch the ashes it’s a very civilised affair. It is, next to tennis one of the more “No Sex Please – We’re British” sports, or at least it was until Nice ‘n’ Naughty decided to venture into the sporting world (which to be fair makes perfect sense – they have more than enough balls.)

The first Nice ‘n’  Naughty store to open was in Chester, so when Saughall Cricket Club in Chester approached company Director Simon Prescott to sponsor a match ball, he was bowled over by the offer and naturally jumped at the chance to provide a local cricket club the full support of Nice ‘n’ Naughty, which has grown over the years from one shop in Chester to 11 stores nationwide.

In the spirit of growth Simon decided that one ball wasn’t enough, he wanted to sponsor 5 balls as he understood that for smaller local clubs any help can make a big difference and helps to ensure that they are able to continue with their own growth.

Saughall Cricket Club run two Saturday teams in the Cheshire Cricket Alliance and a midweek side in Division 1 of the Chester and District 20/20 league, they are also hoping to bring in younger players and having a local business supporting them gives them the opportunity to do so.

NnN Cricket BallIf you were interested in more information about Nice ‘n’ Naughty and how the sponsored balls were doing pop into your local shop or check out the website www.nicennaughty.co.uk, not only will you find up to date information of our latest offers but you can keep up to date with all other news from the company and if you want to see how Nice ‘n’ Naughty’s balls are doing check out Saughalls website –  www.saughallcricketclub.co.uk.

Additionally if you wanted to follow Nice ‘n’ Naughty’s balls they are being played at the following dates and locations:-

23rd April 2nds at home to Frodsham

28th May 1sts at home to Glazebury

18th June 2nds away at Bromborough

27th July 1sts at home to Pott Shrigley

20th August 1sts home to Cholmondeley

As a company we are big believers in supporting local businesses and clubs so fully suggest popping along – who knows, you might even see one of your local Nice ‘n’ Naughty team.

with love 2016

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A Familiar Face Returns

Comebacks have always been big news!  Whether it’s Cher coming back from her 20th retirement, TakeThat coming back as a Man-Band or Bobby Ewing stepping out of the shower in a rather memorable episode of Dallas.


Lindsay & Simon in 2007

In this style of coming back, bringing back fond memories and remembering a time when things were a little different that we are happy to announce that Lindsay Tweddell is returning to Nice ‘n’ Naughty after a 2 year break.


Those who are familiar with Lindsay are excited to have her special brand of enthusiasm, sharp wit and unrivalled willingness to roll her sleeves up and get stuck in – this is the member of the team who helped to push Simon Prescott’s “Chastity Challenge” for the Terence Higgins Trust, who has attended almost every Pride that Nice ‘n’ Naughty have been a part of and more importantly is a part of the family. (She’s the cool aunt that would let you drink and chat about boys.)


Having spoken to Lindsay she’s “chuffed to be coming home” and can’t wait for 2nd May to roll round so she can get stuck back into it.

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Jamesey’s Review of The Sqweel XT for Men

Ask most men to name a sex toy and they’ll probably mention “The Rabbit.” Ask them again to think of a toy just for them and you might get a slight pause before they mention a cock ring or just look at you blankly. The reason for this is simple; the male toy industry just doesn’t have the same depth of choice as you might think. There’s no “rabbit” for us boys. However with the release of a male toy from the creators of The Sqweel it looks like the landscape might be changing!

First things first, this toy is great for any man that wishes he had oral sex on demand! That’s Sqweel XT for Men USB Rechargeable Oral Sex Simulator logoexactly what the Sqweel XT for Him offers, with 3 separate speed modes and another 3 sets of pulsating patterns you’d be hard pressed to find another toy that offers such an array of oral sensations. But the fun doesn’t end there; the Sqweel XT comes with two sets of turbo tongues so the user is presented with a softer option or a firmer more rigid set of 10 tongues which are designed for those who want a stronger sensation.  The opening of the toy is very generous so even the most well- endowed guy can use it without worry.

Whilst it’s not the quietest of toys on the market at the moment, its compact design and light weight more than make up for a little noise. Plus it’s USB rechargeable so there’s no need to ever raid the remote control for batteries. Two hours charge will give you one hour of play.

As an added bonus despite the intended use of the Sqweel XT it looks nothing like a sex toy so if you left lying on the bed or the bathroom (it’s also waterproof!) nobody is going to instantly know what it’s for and as someone who once dropped a bag full of vibrators at a train station this a massive selling point! It’s even got a travel lock so there’s no chance of it going off your bag if you’re taking it on your travels.

Sqweel XT for Men USB Rechargeable Oral Sex Simulator 7
So to recap –

  1. Compact
  2. Two sets of “turbo tongues”
  3. 3 speeds and 3 pulsation modes
  4. Rechargeable which means no batteries!
  5. Waterproof – use it in the shower or the bath.
  6. Travel Lock for the ultimate safety when you travel.

It might have taken the toy industry time to realise that men like toys, but with a toy like this – we can more than forgive the wait.


Buy in store or online now.

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Poppers Ban – CANCELLED

We recently reported that a Poppers ban would come into force from April 6th as part of the Psychoactive Substances Act. We are pleased to announce that thanks to an assessment by the advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) alkyl nitrites (poppers) will now not be included in the ban. The announcement by Karen Bradley MP comes after weeks of debate on social media and in the press as to whether the ban was valid given ACMD’s report.

The ACMD wrote to the Home Office with its conclusions, and in the report, dated 16th March 2016, Professor Iversen, said: “In the ACMD’s view, alkyl nitrites (‘poppers’) do not fall within the scope of the current definition of a ‘psychoactive substance’ in the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016. Consequently, the ACMD does not see a need for an exemption under the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016.”

Karen Bradley, the Home Office minister for preventing abuse, exploitation and crime has now responded : “Having given due consideration, the government agrees with your advice and interpretation of the definition… Our understanding is that this approach does not have any further implications for the operation of the Act and that other substances that the Act intends to cover are not affected. We remain confident that the psychoactivity of those substances can be established under the definition in the Act. We will ask law enforcement agencies to be guided by our agreement with your advice. Our acceptance of your advice brings to an end the review process we were undertaking in parallel to consider the case for a bespoke exemption for the alkyl nitrites group under the Act on the basis of their beneficial and relationship effects. The process to exempt substances from the Act applies only to substances which meet the Act’s definition… We will ensure that our messaging across government and its agencies is updated.”

All Nice ‘n’ Naughty stores have multi-buy deals on all poppers!

3 for £10 on all £4.99 bottles (Liquid Gold, TNT, Rush etc.)poppers
7 for £20 on all £4.99 bottles (Liquid Gold, TNT, Rush etc.)

3 for £15 on all £6 bottles (English, Bears Own etc)

3 for £25 on all £9.99 bottles (FIST)

3 for £30 on  all £12 bottles (Jungle Juice)

These offers are IN STORE only as we are not able to sell poppers on our website, (www.nicennaughty.co.uk)

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Valentines Day Gift Advice

Eye On Wigan

Source: Valentines Day Gift Advice

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Lillettes Reform for Charity


A popular Manchester drag duo from the Noughties is reforming for a charity show in Brighton. Dolly Tub and Bella LaGoosie last performed together in 2010, before Dolly left Manchester to move to Brighton.

And who is this Dolly Tub, I hear you ask? Well most of you will know him as Philip, the manager of Nice ‘n’ Naughty on St James Street, where he has been behind the counter for nearly 5 years, and only letting Dolly escape at Pride weekends.


Dolly  Tub and Bella LaGoosie

Why now? Philip explains: “I have been thinking about letting Dolly loose on the Brighton public for some time, and having chatted with my drag partner a few months ago, we decided to reform and have a night of fun. The last time we performed together was for a charity night in Manchester, organised by the Nice ‘n’ Naughty team up north, so it’s great to have the support of Nice ‘n’ Naughty for this one too, and giving support to a local charity in the process”

The show, which lasts about 1 hour, consisting of some classic drag divas, promises to be fun. If you ever experienced the Lillettes when they were regulars at The Hollywood Showbar and Via in Manchester, will know that you will be experiencing old school drag, with Lip Syncing at its best! Philip explains, “we both love performing, and for us it is all about making the audience smile, and having a little giggle at ourselves in the process! Along with the show, we will be having a raffle to raise more funds and as it’s my Birthday, a few drinks afterwards.”


Proving blondes have more fun

The charity that the girls have chosen is the locally based Martlets Hospice, which plays a vital role in helping people to live life as fully as they can, right up until the end. Through expert clinical care provided by highly skilled and experienced doctors and nurses, they ensure that wherever possible peace, respect and dignity is retained – it is a very simple and very human ethos.

The event will be held at Latest Music Bar, on Manchester Street, on the 18th February 2016, with doors at 8pm and the show at 8:30, and all proceeds from the door and raffle going to charity.

Follow Nice ‘n’ Naughty on Twitter @NNNBRIGHTON and the Nice ‘n’ Naughty Brighton Facebook page for updates. 

You can also follow Dolly on Twitter @dolly_tubb for the latest news.


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Introducing Temptations Dressup Costume Collection

Temptation Dressup

Nice ‘n’ Naughty are pleased to announce the arrival of a new range of role play costumes.

The Temptation Dressup collection is a pocket friendly range of classic role play costumes with new designs that are eye catching and sexy.


The Naughty Nun costume is a perfect example of the detail and quality this range brings. The costume is embellished with embroidered golden crosses and comes complete with a head piece and gauntlets.

If the not so saintly nun is not your cup of tea you can choose from a range of outfits to suit every mood, from the classic Miss Medic dress to the Sultry Sexy Sergeant costume.

This range is sure to set pulses rising either in or out of the bedroom. You can browse the Temptation Dressup collection here>>>

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Celebrating Success at the Southport Ambassador Awards

One thing Nice ‘n’ Naughty have always taken pride in is the unparalleled customer service given by everyone who works for them, closely followed by the dedication of the staff who
work in any one of the eleven stores across England.  As the only company in the adult industry with Investors In People status, a consecutive three time Erotic Trade Only award winner for Best Retail Chain and European E-Line Best Retailer In Europe and Best Retail Chain award winner it’s easy to see why the staff want to push both themselves and the company that they represent. Whether that is in one of the eleven stores or the dedicated website the staff are always striving for greatness.

Last night Nice ‘n’ Naughty managed to add another feather to their cap after Michelle
Cooper, manager of Nice ‘n’ Naughty SouthportSouthport-Ambassador-Awards won not one, but two awards at The Southport Ambassador Awards ceremony.  After finding out she was nominated Michelle and her team were overjoyed at being recognised by an award that celebrates the work of the Southport people within the hospitality, tourism, leisure and retail industry.  With seventeen years of retail experience, Michelle was happy with just a nomination. “Everyone who got nominated is a winner” She replied when asked about how she felt her chances were of winning.

Having been the manager of the Southport branch for over three years, Michelle was overjoyed to see the hard work that both her and her co-workers have put into the branch Southport-Ambassador-Awards-2recognised after winning awards for “Most Helpful Retail Assistant” and “Most Welcoming Retail Environment”.  After a visit from a secret shopper was full of glowing compliments it’s not hard to see why these awards were given. “With excellent customer service always at the forefront of all Nice ‘n’ Naughty staff training, it’s amazing to see this recognised by our peers. I honestly couldn’t be happier to see both my store and the company recognised” Michelle admitted as she placed her awards in pride of place in the store.

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