Looking For A Winner?

The ETO show is now a bit of a distant memory for us all, but now that the confetti has settled, the hangovers have been beaten and everyone’s feet have had a chance to recover, it’s time to look at what everyone was at the awards show for – The Winners.

This post is all about the sex toys so I won’t be going into details about who the best suppliers were etc. This isn’t to take away from them – everyone deserved their awards but I made a wild guess that the majority of you would be more interested in the toys that won!   So without further ado; here’s a little breakdown and a few links if you are interested in buying yourself an award winning toy!

Best New Female Product – Doxy Die-Cast Massager

Doxy Die Cast
We’ve seen a massive rise of wands lately and for a wand to win Best New Female Product just goes to show that wands aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.  There’s quite a few of the Nice ‘n’ Naughty stores currently have these in store and if they haven’t, I know that they would be happy to order them in. Until then – we’ve got a link to the website HERE for another one of the brilliant Doxy products.

Best New Male Product – Fleshlight Quickshot


Aah Fleshlight, I’ve been a huge fan of the whole brand since I bought an IceJack and was really happy that they have another award under their belt. The truth is that for the male toy market there really isn’t a whole lot of variety but Fleshlight has managed to keep true to their roots and design something that is portable, easy to use and has a brilliant price. I’ve heard some brilliant feedback on these from some of the customers I’ve spoken to (and one member of staff). You can easily pick these up in store or HERE if you aren’t close to the stores.

Best New Couples Product – RO-Duet


This was one of the toys that Good Housekeeping reviewed and here’s what they have to say; “Designed for couples, the RO-Duet consists of a unique soft egg and vibrating wireless control. It offers users 10 powerful vibration settings, which can be controlled from up to 10 metres away using two buttons on the remote. Our testers were surprised to find that this vibrator was enjoyable to use with a partner and noted that it helped them to orgasm quicker than usual. However, many found the buzzing noise it emits annoying.”  The colour is lovely and really anything that you get to use WITH your partner is always a bonus. Pick it up from the website HERE.

Most Innovative New Product – Jack Socket


I’ve read some brilliant reviews of the Jack Socket – and again it’s nice that there’s another male toy out there that’s just a little different. Awards are nothing new to the Jack Socket either, this humble little toy also won The 2016 Adultex Award for ‘Most Innovative Male Product’. The only drawback is that you will need to buy yourself an Electrastim kit, but when you know that you can get a double award winning toy go with it – it makes parting with the money a little easier. Pick one up HERE.

Best New Product Range – King Cock

king cock

Stop picturing a cock with a crown. These dildo’s really do need to be seen to be believed. They’re gorgeous and come in 3 separate colours (flesh, black and brown) and a whole multitude of sizes. They also come with or without balls. (I’ve had ex’s like that.) The toys feel brilliant, have a great amount of flexibility and are strap-on compatible. Really there’s not a whole lot more you could want from a dildo. Pick them up HERE.

There you have it. The 5 Award Winning Toys from the ETO show. We would love to hear your feedback on any of these so drop us a line in the comments section.

with love 2016


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Jamesey’s ETO adventure

The 12th of June was quite a big date in the adult industry calendar, it’s the annual Erotic Trade Only Show – or ETO for short. The show is an industry event where suppliers from all around the world come to showcase their stock and debut their new lines to their peers in the industry. There’s also a very glitzy award show in the evening where the industry votes for what they think are the best brands, suppliers or new products. It’s pretty much the Oscars for the UK Adult Industry, and for the first time in my career working within the adult industry – I was there!!

I knew I was attending about 2 months ago, which obviously meant that I had to lose about 12 stone, gain killer abs and get the most perfect suit that would make people weep at my rugged and masculine beauty when they saw me. I’m sure you can imagine my surprise when two days before I was due to go, that I had managed to gain 6lbs, the closest I’d gotten to killer abs was a Bel Ami DVD and I still had no suit. Thankfully the hubby was feeling very generous with his credit card and after a very stressful shopping trip I not only had a suit but something to wear for the Sunday part of the show. (I also had a KFC…. I like to eat my feelings.)  This was followed by a frantic bag pack the night before and setting my alarm for a 6am start on Sunday.

eto arrival

Many thanks to Violet Fenn for this pic.

After an uneventful drive down to Birmingham with my colleagues I arrived at the NEC in Birmingham. I got the chance to give hugs to some people that I’ve not seen in years from other Nice ‘n’ Naughty stores and we were ushered into the reception to be given our ID badges before entering the centre. This is where I managed to spill my coffee on my very nice, clean ID badge that I would be wearing all weekend. (Seriously can’t take me anywhere!)

eto entrance

The entrance to ETO

I did a very quick walk round the whole of the NEC just to try and get my bearings and take it all in. Who knew that many sex toys in one place would be so colourful?!   There were a lot of companies that I knew and a few that I had heard of and one or two that were completely new to me, so I was pretty excited to meet some new people and see what was coming out this year.

My very first stop was the Blog Spot, which was set up by blogger extraordinaire Cara Sutra – I had been excited to go there as this is all still really new to me and I was excited to meet people who not only knew what to do, but how to excel at it. I was lucky enough to meet Voluptasse who was so welcoming and had a couple of really nice words to say to me (and she even made sure I got a goody bag!) – I have to say that this was one of the highlights for me and not just because I got this amazing pic taken while I was at the Blog Spot.


This is one of my most liked photos on facebook!

After all that excitement, I decided to go see a few of the stalls, introduce myself and see what was coming out this year. This is where I discovered that I should have added business cards to my list of things to take with me.  I really enjoyed the walking round part, its fun to be able to walk round stalls and see things that are going to make a splash in an industry I’m excited about and to be able to speak to people who have the same passion as you.

I bumped into a Gladiator on my wanders,


This is SPARTA!

 it’s really not every day you get to write that) who was in the Scala Stand to show off his range of (beautiful!) crystal butt plugs.  The Scala Stand was absolutely amazing – not only did they have some amazing items on show, a great atmosphere but they also had a free bar. (I stuck to coffee! I like to be 90% caffeine at all times)

From here I was led over to the fashion show; I suddenly felt like Wilhelmina Slater ala Ugly Betty, models were working it up and down a catwalk, showing off the star outfits from the clothing suppliers who were in attendance. I also managed to sit down for a minute and take the weight off my rapidly aching feet.  From the fashion show it was time to do the rounds again and I walked over to see Rocks Off and their amazing new Ruby Glow. Next was  the lovely people at Net 1 on 1 who were show casing some amazing items from Loving Joy. They had a brilliant game of Dildo or No Dildo and for all caffeine lovers – free energy drinks from the new male toy range Lingox. I took about 6! (This blog is actually being powered by my last can.)  After seeing some great new ranges that are coming from them I wandered over the E-Stim stand, where I not only got an amazing greeting from all but a bag of pick n mix! The E-Stim stand was great and they have got a new item coming out at some point this year! (No spoilers from me!)

I popped to see Bathmate (there’s actually a big review of their kit coming next month!) to see their new jelqing lube and from there I went  to see ABS who were rocking a Jo Bar. cocktailsI had a GORGEOUS cosmo shot with lube and vodka but sadly before I knew it, the show was coming to an end and people were making their way homes.

Luckily I was attending the awards show that night, so I bid farewell to those I knew were going home and tottered over my hotel room. Where I sat down and kicked off my stylish yet affordable shoes. I had just under an hour before I was due to go over to the awards show, so if you can imagine a Wonder Woman style change (or just me spinning on the spot trying to put a suit on while singing the Wonder Woman theme tune- whichever is easier) I was suited, booted and ready to go.


I don’t mess about when I’m getting changed

The ETO Awards show was something else! Everyone looked absolutely stunning; there were suits and dresses galore! The show is done in two parts – we had a sit down 3 course meal. Each course was amazing – I’m not the best of cooks (my favourite dish to make is called justeat.com)


You don’t get heavenly puddings like this in my kitchen!

After this the awards show started – I was a bit apprehensive about this as Nice ‘n’ Naughty were up for an award for the Best Retail Chain and Best Individual Store (Liverpool). I actually felt like I was at the Oscars and had been practising both a Halle Berry style speech and making sure I didn’t do a Sheridan Smith if we didn’t win.

 The Winners of each category are below –

Best New Female Product Doxy Die-Cast massager
Best New Male Product Quickshot
Best New Couples Product RO-Duet
Most Innovative New Product Jack Socket (Electrastim)
Best New Product Range King Cock
Best New Lingerie Range Dreamgirl 2016/2017
Best New Playwear Range Kink
Best Consumable ID Glide
Best Fetish Products Brand Fetish Fantasy
Best Pleasure Products Brand Rocks Off
Best Luxury Brand Lelo
Most Innovative Brand We-Vibe
Best Sexual Wellbeing Brand System Jo
Best Consumable Brand ID Lubricants
Best Lingerie Brand Seven til’ midnight
Best Playwear Brand Kink
Best Fetish Products Distributor Mister B
Best Specialist Products Distributor E-Stim Systems
Best Pleasure Products Distributor ABS
Best International Distributor Scala Playhouse
Best Lingerie Distributor Kevco

Before long our category was up – Best Retail Chain. The nominee’s were listed, time slowed and through what can only be described as slow motion the words “Best Retail Chain are *10 year pause* Nice ‘n’ Naughty” were spoken. There was whooping, there was smiling and most importantly there was a huge sense of pride and humility. We had been voted the best retail chain by our peers! The Operations Director gave a quick speech thanking everyone for voting for us and we were given the award and a bottle of champagne before having our picture taken for the ETO magazine.  We got back to the table as Best Individual Store was announced – it wasn’t the Liverpool store but that didn’t take away from our Best Retail Chain win!  We went through the rest of the awards show buzzing and clapping as the following awards were handed out –

Best Retail Chain Nice ‘n’ Naughty
Best Individual Store Sh! Womens Erotic Emporium (Hoxton Square, London
Best Specialist Retailer Uberkinky
Best Online Retailer Lovehoney
Best Erotic Author Tabitha Rayne
Best Erotic Journalist Girl on the net
Best Store Manager Tracey Whitmore
Best Sales Team Creative Conceptions
Best ETO Stand Net 1 on 1
Best use of Social Media Doc Johnson
Best Trade Marketing Lelo
Editors Award John Addy

 The rest of the night was a bit of a blur of dancing, laughing, selfies and one too many shots.  (I am partial to a sambucca).

The Monday was upon me before I knew it and despite having a somewhat fuzzy head I was still excited to go round and see the stands that I had missed the day before.  The atmosphere was certainly more tame than the Sunday, but powered by 3 cans of the Lingox energy drink and a handful of pick n mix from the E-Stim stand (I missed breakfast) I had a walk about again.  I had a chance to see the Mister B stand,  fucking machines and had a look around the Cyrex stand and had a chat about the Jack Socket. I got to see a brilliant stall for The Bondage Guy who had some of the best candles I’ve ever seen and in pretty much every single colour as well!

Bondage Guy

I can sing a rainbow…..

The Monday was a much more of a fragmented day for me, partly due to being so tired and my feet were pretty dead by this point so when we decided to head home around 4 I was sad to be leaving because I’d had such a wonderful time, but I was ready for my bed!

All things considered this was easily one of the most exciting things I’ve done in any sort of professional setting or industry setting. I always knew I worked in one of the most exciting and friendly industries around but to be surrounded by everyone for 2 days really was nothing short of amazing for me. I am literally counting the minutes until next year, where I will have lost 12 stone, have killer abs and a suit that makes everyone weep. Failing that – I’ll just wear more comfortable shoes.

with love 2016

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The Sex Factor – Episode 2

A Recap by Jamesey

Well after that amazing premier, there’s no way I wasn’t going to be recapping the rest of the series.  (Let’s face it, any real excuse for me to watch more reality TV!! This should keep me going until RuPauls Drag Race All Stars s2 starts!!)

This episode as a whole was great – it actually showcased more personality from the contestants in 27 minutes that a lot of shows can do in a whole season. Seriously – whoever does the editing for this show deserves a medal! PLUS we have a very shocking twist at the end!! (Not as shocking as the Tyra “I WAS ROOTING FOR YOU” Banks moment, but pretty damn close!) tyra

The episode starts as my Queen Asa Akira introduces the show and states that tonight’s episode is in conjunction with mega XXX brand Hustler magazine and we’re treated to a quick preview of the episode before cutting to a very nice bedroom in the Sex Factor house (which thinking about it – you really wouldn’t want to be the cleaner for…) as we are introduced to erotic photographer legend Holly Randal.  She’s been in the industry for a long time and loves her job! After getting introduced to Holly, the viewers are treated to a little history courtesy of Remmy –

“Before VHS and the internet – there were magazines and photo’s”.

This is a really big factor that is often overlooked these days in a very internet driven world, the adult magazine is where the majority of older people first saw erotic pictures and I really like that this is an episode dedicated to embracing the history of this industry and showing that to have The Sex Factor you have to be able to excel in all avenue’s! (If you remember one of the P’s from last week was Presence and it looks like this week’s will be working that P. Lexi Belle explains that the winner of this mini photo shoot will win a real shoot to be featured in Hustler magazine. (read – FREE PUBLICITY!!!) That’s an amazing start and platform for any female contestant.

We’re then treated to a montage of Holly Randal walking round the sex factor house looking very arty and photographer like (lots of lining up shots with her hands) as she tells us that she really wants to take the pictures outside as the light is beautiful, but sadly there are two issues. 1. The girls didn’t bring any swimwear – just lingerie. 2. The weather has changed and she’s lost the sun. She didn’t look very happy about it, but as luck would have it – the bedrooms upstairs have an amazing archway, so Holly’s going to use this to frame the girls and thus – the challenge begins.

There is a  quick shot of Blair bending backwards and being sexy- before getting her hair stuck in her high heel! (Someone has done yoga before!) Luckily the lovely Lexi is on hand to release her! (if she’s brought a swimsuit this wouldn’t have been an issue – #justsayin).  Now that the challenge has begun Holly gives us a breakdown of each girl before showing us their final picture.


Holly had some nice things to say about Sydney, she liked her look, the whole dark features was working for her, but unfortunately she didn’t like the tattoos that she had all over her body and she felt that was it was very obvious that Sydney wasn’t comfortable in front of the camera. Holly does think that with some training Sydney could be a brilliant model though. sydney-gilmour-1


Holly LOVES red heads, which means that she should love Kaelin. Er…. nope. Although she was a fan of the visuals (red hair, pale skin) it was very obvious through Kaelin’s pretty pained expressions through the shoot that she was not comfortable. (tbh she pulls the same smile I do whenever I have to go to Slimming World and find out that other’s have lost more weight that me.) Holly sums up with “She’s really a very pretty girl, but that just doesn’t come across on camera.” Ouch!kaelin-blake-1

Before we get to see the rest of the girls, we cut to a black and white screen where we are shown the elimination from last week’s episode where Caspian was given the boot. (still not a fan of him.)  The screen goes full colour as Keiran and Asa leave the house and find Caspian loitering in the drive. (A part of me now thinks that they’ll find him living in the grounds of the sex factor house, wanking at people.) Asa asks if he’s leaving now, but before he can answer Keiran goes full Brit and gives the best, most motivational speech I’ve ever heard. “Fuck them lot inside.”  Caspian laughs, Keiran laughs, Asa Laughs, I drunk text my ex to remind him I hate him – it’s all good. Keiran tells Caspian that he’s their special guest for the day. Asa seems excited. (I really must be missing something with this guy – the judges love him but the contestants are all “He’s a sex pest” so I’m a bit confused about how I should feel.) Where are they taking Caspian? Only to the Hustler Strip Club! And they’re not alone! The rest of the boys walk in, looking very excited at the idea of seeing more naked people.  Then they meet Xstasy. The black male stripper who will be teaching them to “move like a porn star”, I have to say The Colonel’s face during Xstasy’s routine was the same that I have when I’m forced to attend family functions.

Aaannnd we’re back to Holly Randal and the girls!



Holly was a huge fan of Blair,  admitting that she wasn’t expecting a whole lot when she first met her (#SHADE!) but as soon as she stood infront of the camera Blair came to life and started to burst out these amazing poses. We’re actually shown 3 pics for Blair and all of them are brilliant! She does her bending thing again and I think that the picture is great! So does Holly! I’m sticking with my #teamblair!

Holly starts talking to camera explaining that usually she has to do a lot of the mentoring alone, but she’s been joined by the judges and how having three of the biggest names in porn helping to coach the girls was great as it gave her the freedom to just shoot the girls. I loved the footage being shown as she was talking to the camera as you see the judges helping the girls get into poses, the right way to push their chests forward and again I’m reminded of the real reason I love this show. It’s got a lot of heart to it! This is an industry where they have got each other’s backs and it’s so refreshing to see the judges helping to mould the future talent.


oooh Dani – Holly is not a fan of yours! Holly starts by being quite nice – “she’s got the girl next door look” and “she’s really pretty” however, Dani has turned up covered in bruises all down her thighs and legs which Holy takes issue with. She’s actually sent girls home from her sets for turning up like that, which makes sense – when your body is your business you make sure to take care of it. She then throws a little more shade and points out that Dani could really stand to lose some weight and hit the gym. OUCH!



Veronica is BRINGING IT!! She looked awesome in almost all of the background shots and Holly had to agree. She tells us that Veronica was easily the most confident of the girls and that with her stripper background she knew exactly how to hold herself. The only drawback for her was that she’s had a bad boobjob in the past and this limits how she can shoot her.


We cut back to the boys in the Hustler Club, Keiran drops the bombshell that Sunny has past experience as a stripper.  Sunny tries to explain that he’s only been doing it four months but Keiran isn’t having any of it and gets him up to show off his stuff. (We’re also treated to Sunny’s AWESOME leopard-print undies!) It looks like the boys challenge is to strip and do some pole dancing. I’m not going to break them down, cause really it doesn’t seem to have been a serious challenge and was just a good chance for a bit of male bonding.  (although Jonny Black was BRILIANT!) After the boys have had a go, Keiran tells them that sometimes during their career they will have to work in a group scene so to get them  ready for this – they’re doing a group strip.  Spoiler Alert  – it’s bad. Asa sums it up pretty well “This is like the beginning of the most awkward gang-bang ever”.  It really is.  Donnie takes initiative and bounces his crotch against Asa’s face  Face Humpingbefore Jonny goes one step further and strips for a very happy looking Asa. At the end of the “challenge” Kerian tells the boys that they’ve done really well and performed before a crowd. (there was just Asa and himself but ok)

Just like that –  we’re back to the girls.


Holly is a fan! Loved that she has no tattoo’s. Nice skin tone and generally a realy beautiful girl. The only professional note that she had was her dislike of the pink/purple hair she has going on. Holly explains that it’s hard to be cast if you’re that individual and things like the girl next door look wouldn’t work for her due to that.  As far as professional notes go – it’s a good one!



Great Boobs, great body. That’s pretty much the only positives. Holly again points out that the tattoo look isn’t great and will greatly reduce her work options. She explains that especially for companies like Hustler – they would never print a girl like Adrian, she said that she might be an alright Alt model, but she just didn’t work infront of the camera and seemed very timid. (I wonder if this is really the right career for Adrian – last week she couldn’t fake an orgasm and just generally felt uncomfortable and that seems to be the same feedback again today!)


Quick cut back to the boys. Everyone is gathered round (including Caspian!) as Kerain tells them all that the lovely Hustler shop have donated a penis moulding kit! They are all going to strip off and the first person to get an erection in the group setting will get to make a mould of their wily. This might seem like a stupid challenge but I guess if you’re working in a group setting being able to get and maintain an erection is pretty important. We then get a shot of the boys all undressing one of the bedroom (lots of “fluffing” going on here!) and who walks in but Blair (#teamblair!) she’s obviously laughing because there’s 8 boys all swinging their dicks round like helicopters to try and wake them up. Sunny shakes his junk at her and asks her to spit on his junk. Being the team player she is – the answer is yes. This doesn’t sit well with Kerain who accuses Sunny of cheating. (The poor boy only wanted a little lube!). After the telling off the boys all move to the bathroom where Veronica and Blair are half naked and kissing while the boys all stand around looking quite uncomfortable. (Caspian is here as well! Does nobody remember that he’s been eliminated? Or maybe when he threatened last week that they would never get him out the house he was actually telling the truth.) After a few minutes of some very uncomfortable wanking from the boys – hero gets an erection and is crowned the winner of this challenge and gets to make his own dildo. willy  We’re shown the whole process then we cut to The Colonel basically saying “what the fuck was that challenge?!” I’m still not sure.

Back to the girls and while the photo shoot has finished, the girls are standing round a TV as Holly goes through each of their photo shoots and gives them pointers on each other pictures. In Holly’s defence here, she actually says pretty much everything she said to the camera about the girls to their faces. Blair and Allie get LOADS of praise and Adrian gets told that she needs to lighten up! Holly tells us that her and the judges have come to a decision about which girl they feel doesn’t’ have the sex factor (to really drive this point home, and in case there was any sort of confusion – we’re shown a VT of Adrian from last week’s uncomfortable PIF-Syncing scene). The whole sequence of showing the girls getting advice and feedback from the judges is great, it just cements what I was saying earlier about them all building each other up.  But because this is a reality show, the drama is never far away.

Just after Veronica’s critique we are shown footage of the girls all talking about her, basically the girls all hate her.  (Told you they wouldn’t all like each other for ever!) The general consensus is that Veronica is a bit of a bitch and the way they all feel about her, is because of how she treats everyone. (Not that it matters, Caspian got the boot last week and he’s probably hiding in a cupboard somewhere wanking. It doesn’t look like you actually leave this show when you’re eliminated.) Allie really drives the nail into the coffin and says that if she were put in a scene with Veronica – she’d refuse to do it. Not-saying-I-hate-her-but...

The contestants all get off a bus together as they go to a party in the Hustler Club. We’re showing the contestants having fun, Sunny rapping, (I really love this guy!) and then Kerain whipping Sunny within an inch of his life. (He actually doesn’t stop there and then proceeds to paddle The Colonel and Donnie. The whole thing looks like great fun (the event – not hitting the contestants).

It’s back to business as all contestants are stood together on a giant staircase and Asa explains that the girls have all done a photo shoot and that the judges all had some thoughts on this. The judges all say how well the girls did, but after some fighting (actual words) they counted their votes and Allie is the winner of this weeks challenge. Asa brings us back to earth and explains that one of the ladies will be going home.  (The way this episode has gone if I were Adrian I’d have my bags packed.)

HOWEVER before anyone actually gets booted – Veronica Vain stands up and gives a terrible speech about how she left her job to do this, how she wants to work with the best talent in the industry and how she’s been given an offer she can’t refuse so will have to drop out the show.
A few things about this –  1. WTF!? 2. Her acting is terrible. 3. Tori Black gives me life in this bit – while the others are all quite shocked, Tori basically goes “BYE FELICA!” and you can tell she’s pretty unimpressed.  Kerain tries to say something but Tori cuts him off with “Ok, bye, good-luck.” And Asa explains that nobody will be getting sent home this week. Everyone is happy. (Even Caspian seems happy because he’s still there. SECURITY!!!)

And there we have it – episode 2 done!! Another brilliant episode in my opinion, I really liked that it showed a lot of the contestant’s personality and the challenges were a lot of fun! Tune in next week – who knows you might see Caspian!

with love 2016

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The Sex Factor – Episode One

A Recap by Jamesey

I’ll be honest before I start this recap – I am a HUGE reality show fan. You’re looking at someone who has watched nearly every single America’s Next Top Model, RuPaul’s Drag Race and almost all episodes of Face Off. So when I heard that the porn streaming website XHamster was doing a reality show to find the next big pornstar I was ALL over that like foundation make up on a drag queen! So without further wait – here’s the recap of the first episode.

The show opens with an extended intro and a quick introduction to the host and judges. We’ve got Asa Akira as the host (who has rapidly become one of my favourite people!), Lexi Bell, Keiran Lee, Tori Black and Remmy LaCroix – all of who are really big names in the porn industry. So it’s already different from X- Factor – these judges are relevant! (I’m glaring at you Louis Walsh!)  After meeting the judges we’re given a quick introduction to some of the contestants who have some really interesting names… I’m not sure if they are their birth names or not…..

This is followed by a quick breakdown of the show by our host’s and the judges while everyone is sitting around looking really happy and comfortable with each other. You can tell this is day 1 of the show – there’s no side eye and everyone looks happy. Wait until week 5 when they all hate each other!! The premise of the show is explained – the judges are looking for someone who can be the next BIG porn star and they get $1million as a cash prize!! Seriously good prizes in my opinion; plus – lots of sex in between! The judges explain that they are looking for the 3P’s of Porn – Presence, Performance and Potential. As Mamma Ru would said – Don’t Fuck It Up! (or in this case I wonder if that actually applies.)

We’re then given a snazzy little graphic with all the boys faces on (bit like the character select on a video game) as we are introduced to…

The Boys

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 16.41.01.png Donnie Rock – Seems like a lovely guy
Barry Newport – loves fucking on sailboats!
David Caspian – has had sex with 3 women. (he also looks like an ex of mine – so I’m voting for him to go home already.)
Buddy Hollywood – has had sex with over 100 women. Also has some pretty cool tattoo’s.
Sunny Kegan – loves eating pussy. (he’s also my favourite – he just seems like a lovely guy. So I’m going to back him to win it!)
Hero D. Protagonist – He’s here to save the day. (you know with a name like that he’s totally done a drama degree.)
The Colonel – Not to be confused with another Colonel who does chicken; he’s here to be a leader in porn, which is nice. (well his namesake is a leader in fried chicken)
Johnny Black –  He loves 3sums and is nicknames Banana Boat due to the curve in his penis.

The same graphic pops up again and we’re introduced to….

The Girls

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 16.40.38.pngBlair Williams – She wants to be the Miss Congeniality of Porn (she also happens to be a church preschool teacher…..)
Kaelin Blake – She masturbates for a living. (I have a friend who does the same thing. Well…. He just masturbates between getting his benefits. He really does need to get out more.)
Adrian LeeRay – She loves being choked.
Khaya Peake – She’s british!! I feel like she should be my favourite for this reason. (But I’m totally a Blair fan!)
Veronica Vain – She’s the wall street porn star. I don’t know what this means. But she’s got some of the biggest boobs I think I’ve ever seen.
Sydney Gilmour – She looks like whatsherface from Resident Evil and Fast and The Furious.

Danni Darko – Not to be confused with her older brother Donnie
Allie Eve Knox – she’s slept with 4 people.

Now that we’ve met the contestants we’re treated to a montage of the STD testing that American pornstars must do every 14 days to keep working. I like that they’re showing this – it add to the professional feel of the show and it goes to show that this is a PROFESSION that they are entering. Yes they’re having sex for money, but really this is a massive industry they’re entering and the fact that sexual health is shown to be important really made me happy. After watching  Kayla pee into a cup and Hero tell us how much he needs to go the toilet we cut to a party at what I’m assuming is the Sex Factor House.
The party looks like something Hugh Hefner would be proud of – lots of people dancing,  Keiran Lee watches two of the contestants having sex in the pool (and demands one of the boys spread his ass cheeks – take that X Factor!) we cut to Blair dropping to her knee’s and doing a brilliant impression of a Dyson hoover on Buddy Hollywood, which due to a snazzy little graphic – turns into them having pretty energetic and loud sex in the shower. (clearly the H+S advisor was having the night off!) Buddy finishes and leaves a rather sizable deposit on Blair’s face…. which she then puts in her hair ala Something about Mary. (This is followed by a quick cut to Asa Akira and Lexi Bell looking SHOCKED. Honestly I rewound this 20 second clip about 20 times because Asa’s face is hilarious!)

After the party we cut to the Asa explaining that the first episode has begun! (yeah – all of the above was literally the first 8 minutes of the show! They have got this editing down to a T!) The theme for the first episode is Boys vs Girls or as they put it – Chicks vs Dicks.  This will be broken into 3 categories –  First Base, Fip-Synching, The Blow Off.

First Base

The judges all take a second to explain the importance of kissing in a scene – as Asa Akira states – “Kissing is sooooooooo fucking important”. Round 1 is

Buddy vs Blair  Blair starts by saying in her VT “We’ve never kissed before, I’ve sucked his cock and fucked him so this will be fun.” This however is a very angry kiss. Lexi sums it Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 17.09.05.pngup best “its like a gladiator match”. There’s no chemistry between the two, just a lot of biting, hair pulling and all just looks a bit uncomfortable.  Lexi Bell jumps up and starts kissing Blair to see if that’s how she kisses – it turns out that it’s not. She’s softer with Lexi and the kiss gets a lot of “awww” from the judges. (again – this is how you mentor people X Factor!). Blair gets the point for the chicks  – and in her VT at the end of the scene gives us this amazing line – “He my competitor – so I fucking bit him.” I really hope she’s not taking part in the blow off.

Sunny vs Danny – this was just sweet. Like seriously – lovely kissing, totally bought into the scene and there was some real chemistry between these two. (plus Sunny is my fav to win so I’m totally backing him here). Both of them get the point!!

David vs Sydney – This is pretty much like the first scene except for my dislike of David. Sydney is ANGRY with David for something and it shows in the kiss. She’s biting his face like a vampire having a freak out.  However Remmy isn’t having this and jumps up to test the kissing skills of Sydney who after a much softer kiss gets the points.

                                               Round 1 to the Girls!!

Before round 2 starts we’re treated to an extended VT of the other contestants talking about David Caspian. The general vibe is he’s a sex pest and public masturbator. (on 2nd thought…he could actually BE my ex!) We get treated to a couple of scenes of David laying around the house just casually masturbating and generally being a bit weird. I told you I didn’t trust him. 

Fip – Synching

I have no idea what the FIP stands for (answers in the comments section please!) but the general theme here is that the contestants have to have a fake orgasm off.  (This is totally a new party game. I just need to figure out how to work shots into that!)

Hero vs Kayla  Hero’s fake orgasm is a little…. Well he just says “suck my balls” a lot then a bit of “ooh yeah” before he’s done. The judges were not impressed. Kayla on the other hand is giving us an Oscar winning performance. (in fact if you watch the scene from Moulin Rouge where Nicole Kidman is trying to distract the Duke and yips at him – totally like Kayla’s fake orgasm).  Asa (love her) actually sums it up “I totally felt she was having an orgasm!” – surprising no-one. Kayla gets the point.

Barry vs Veronica – This one is a little weird. I don’t know if these two just don’t like each other or not but there was a lot of smack talk between the two people (which is funny between faking an orgasm) Veronica starts to make a few gay slurs towards Barry which really didn’t go down well and the point goes to Barry.

The Colonel vs Adriane  I don’t really have to say much about this that the judges don’t Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 17.03.38.pngsay before we even start the scene.
Asa Akira – “the Colonel’s fake orgasm was CRAAAAAZY”
Tori Black – “It sounded like the spawn of Satan was coming out of him.”
Yup – it’s loud, he’s very red, he’s very angry and it’s totally terrifying. If he actually orgasms like that I’d make sure and have holy water next to my bed.
Adriane unfortunately can’t fake her orgasm due to being embarrassed and NEVER HAVING HAD AN ORGASM BEFORE!! (this confuses me  – bit like me trying to go on and win the X Factor when I sound like a cat being strangled when I sing). However before we get further – Keiren tells us he’s bored and she’s told to sit down. The boys get the point.

                                            Boys Win round 2!

The Blow Off.

Our amazing host and general comedy goddess Asa explains what we all pretty much knew “It’s a blow job competition.” The contestants have 3 minutes. If you’re one of the boys – don’t cum before the 3 minutes are up. If you’re a girl – make the guy cum before the 3 minutes are over.

Donnie vs Ali – the show takes a decided XXX route here (well – it’s the closest it’s gotten to actual porn.) Donnie walks out all proud, the boys clap and cheer. Ali comes out, drops to her knees and the timer starts!! (I think this should have had the countdown music to show how serious the situation is!). Donnie’s holding strong – even after Tori Black runs in and takes the bra off Ali. However he holds strong and doesn’t finish! The boys win and get 25 points!

The Colonel vs Kayla – after the fake orgasm I’m just hoping there’s a priest nearby. However despite Dani Darko (not to be confused with Donnie) trying to cheat and joining in The Colonel stands strong and doesn’t finish! 50 points to the boys. (no terrifying orgasm either. Everyone’ s a winner!)

David vs Blair – They put the sex pest in a scene! Although when David walks through the door – he’s 100% ready to go and the judges are pretty impressed at the size of his manhood. (100% sure he’s not my ex now.)  Blair wastes NO time here – she goes to town here! And after a lot of very vocal encouragement from the other girls, David finishes. (this was followed by a slow mo where all the boys are like “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”. And David looks heartbroken.) The girls get 100 points and WIN!!

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 17.16.58.png

The Elimination
We’re treated to the girls basically saying they hate Caspian before the countdown starts. It’s all very dramatic, lots of swooping camera angles and some intense music before a bowl is passed round where the girls have written the name of the boy they want eliminated. The scores are below:-

David – 4 votes (sex pest)
Donnie  – 3 votes (he looked so sad)
Sonny – 1 vote (WHAT!!! Not impressed!!)

So with the majority, and actually shocking the judges it looks like David’s time is done in Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 16.54.42porn camp. Asa is pretty honest and states that he was NOT who she thought would go, but Tori being the professional actually addresses the issue and pretty much tells David that while yes, he’s hung, he might be great for a scene – you’ve got to learn to conduct yourself and that its important to leave a good impression with your co-stars. In other words – STOP WANKING! David takes it pretty hard and starts to cry, telling everyone they’ve not seen the last of him yet (sounds like a super-villain) and as he leaves the house.

And that’s it! Episode One is finished! Overall I thought it was a brilliant show – I like a show where the judges actually get involved and TEACH the contestants and while we can giggle about it being porn – it’s a multimillion dollar industry so it’s nice to see new and rising stars being taught about the way to stay relevant in this industry.

I’ll be recapping this whole season and would love to hear from you in the comments section! Let me know who you want to win!!

with love 2016

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Sex Toys – The Taboo Broken?

by James Lefebure

Recently This Morning ran a segment regarding sex toys. The reason for this was to highlight that the Good Housekeeping Institute has recently done a review of 27 vibrators and letting their readers know how they’ve scored. This is a bit of a shock for a lot of people as Good Housekeeping is more known for trying out kitchen appliances. This begs the question – has the taboo of sex toys finally disappeared?

I think the short answer is not yet – but we’re definitely getting closer.

If you watched the section, while it was light-hearted, Phil and Holly could barely contain their giggles, which I feel undermined the point they were trying to make. By giggling and not treating it with a slightly more serious tone, they added to the stigma. Sex is something to laugh at. Sex toys are funny. You can view the video here.Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 11.08.07.png

I’ve worked in the adult industry for 9 years now, I’ve sold thousands of vibrators over the years and while the general subject can be worth a giggle for the majority of people, handing over your cash for something that is nonreturnable can be a difficult decision. I think that Good Housekeeping doing a review of 27 of the more common place vibrators is a great way of showing how they are keeping up with the times and that they aren’t embarrassed about the subject matter. The reviews are straight to the point and give the reader all the information they would want if they were considering buying this product. I really liked the no-nonsense approach they seem to have taken. The fact that they are choosing to do this is also a brilliant idea, a lot of people who would use this website might never even think of going to an adult store, they might never even think about getting a sex toy, but now that they can see the reviews, they can read a short blurb about them and then if it sticks they might even buy it; this is not the audience that the likes of Ann Summers or even ourselves would normally reach. We’re adult shops – a lot of people instantly think of seedy and scary places. (We’re really not, I promise!) however – it’s on the good housekeeping website!

I read a secondary article where they discussed that people now thought you were odd if you DIDN’T own a sex toy. 0109Carrie03I didn’t really agree with what the article was saying, I’ve served people who are in their late 60’s and only just getting their first sex toy. This doesn’t make them odd to me – they are just another customer. As with anything else – if you don’t want to do it – then you shouldn’t do it! This applies to sex toys just as much as real life situations. Sure over the last 10 years we’ve had massive leaps in the visibility of sex toys – Sex and The City brought us The Rabbit. Eastenders Pat and Roy brought the idea of Viagra into the home. Fifty Shades of Grey brought us bondage. Lars and the Real Girl brought us sex dolls. None of these were viewed as odd, similarly no-one was viewed as odd if they suddenly expressed an interest in the aforementioned toys.  lars03Why is this? Because they were culturally relevant; now this doesn’t mean you should all run out and buy a vibrator, but if you are interested –  the stigma seems to be lifting.



I find this in my own life as well – away from work all my friends know what I do, they all know where I work but very few ever want to talk about sex toys. Sure we’ll talk about sex, we’ll talk about a lot of the stuff that groups of friends will talk about, but when I first started working in Nice ‘n’ Naughty, the majority of them would just giggle when we spoke about my job. Not a single person asked me for advice or to come in the shop. Then 50 Shades happened. I suddenly became the great sage of my friends and they ALL wanted to talk about it. Why? Because everyone else was.

giphyAs I’m sure you can imagine, ITV had a lot of complaints about the segment. I had a look over the Facebook comments on their official page and there were of people saying “disgusting” or “not appropriate”. Obviously I would disagree about this – they were talking about a world I’ve lived in for 9 years, but if you take a step back – it’s the prime audience. It’s hitting the people who are stay at home parents. People who might not normally think about sex toys – suddenly they’re able to think about it and when they next meet their friends can actually talk about it. They have a REASON to bring it into the discussion. Why? Because for a few days after it aired – everyone was talking about it. I could barely log onto twitter or Facebook without seeing someone mentioning it, sharing the video or generally having a giggle about it. But at least people were talking.

If my years working in the stores have taught me anything, it’s this: People want to talk about sex. Not all talk about sex has to sexual. Not all talk about sex is dirty. Sometimes it’s just to get an opinion, sometimes to it get something off your chest but whatever the reason – talking about sex and what you want is never a bad thing and I applaud both ITV and Good Housekeeping for opening the doors to a healthy adult discussion on these matters!

To see our selection of Good Housekeepings tried and tested vibrators click here or visit our stores  and ask staff for more information.

with love 2016

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Good Housekeeping insists vibrators are no longer taboo

Good Housekeeping, the housewives favourite magazine hit the headlines recently with the results of their third vibrator test.

They asked 270 women, aged from 31 to 76, to test 27 sex toys and rate them out of 100 based on detailed questionnaires focusing on ease of use, intensity and general enjoyment.

We have picked our favourites from the list which included many leading toy suppliers.











































with love 2016



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Jamesey’s Review Of The Zuyosa Sexual Vitality Supplement for Men

In a time when you can pick up “herbal Viagra” in the majority of pub toilet vending machines it’s important to find a brand that you can trust and that you know will work for you. (Especially if you’re in said pub and Sandra from Accounts is giving you the eye – you definitely don’t want to waste money on a pill that you want to help counter those pints you’ve just had.)

I recently tried Zuyosa Sexual Vitality Supplement for men and long story short – you can now add it to the list of male supplements you can trust to do the job.

Deriving from the Japanese word for strength Tsuyosa, these pills are different than most Zuyosa Sexual Vitality Supplement for Menthat are available from Nice ‘n’ Naughty in the sense that you have to take it 2 hours BEFORE you’re looking to play. So the main question is – are they worth the wait? The answer isn’t as straight forward as a simply yes.

I took the pills on a Saturday night; I hadn’t had any alcohol or anything else that might change the effects of the pill. I also made sure to take it on an empty stomach as in the past if I’ve taken a herbal on a full stomach it’s taken much longer for the effects to work.   Unlike previous brands that I’ve tried, there was no flushing in my cheeks when the effects started to kick in but you could feel your crotch getting a little warmer and about an hour and a half after taking the pill I can definitely say that I noticed I was feeling a lot more “in the mood” than I usually was and considering I was only watching The Voice I’d say that it was 100% down to the pill.   (you should have seen how excited I got when they all turned round for one of the acts! But that’s a story for another day.)

When the two hours had passed and it was time to play, I was expecting the effects to be a lot more obvious. It felt quite similar to other herbal brands I’ve used in the past in the sense that I was harder than normal, but not by much and not to the extent of Maximum Virility or Extra Strong. I can honestly say that after two hours wait I was expecting more from it than feeling hornier than usual and a slighter stronger erection so was a little disappointed.

HOWEVER – the next morning when I woke up, the effects seemed to be in full force. My morning wood was literally capable of hammering nails! Of all the herbals I’ve tried this was one of the most extreme morning afters I’ve had, it also took about an hour to go down. Throughout that day I felt like a randy 18 year old again (I’m 32 now.) Unfortunately  I was in work that day (slightly uncomfortable day to be fair but by the end of it I was so ready to go home and see my partner that I had lost any focus on work by 4pm and long stopped caring about being uncomfortable.) Every single erection I got on the Sunday felt like the hardest erection I’ve had in my life so despite not being impressed at first on the Saturday night by the Sunday night, I think I can honestly say that I had changed my view on them. They were brilliant, the mental and physical effects are one of the strongest of any herbals I’ve tried. The trick is just to make sure that you are off the next day and not stuck in work wishing the hours away.

The Zuyosa come in a 4 pack so I’ve still got 3 left, they’re made in the UK and are MHRA approved. The ingredients are Siberian Ginseng, L’Argenine, Maca, Reseratrol, Saw Palmetto, Zinc and Vitamin B6. (this means very little to me but I know some people like to know what’s in their supplements!)

So in summary, I liked them, I liked the effects. I don’t really know if I’d recommend them to guys looking for an enhancement THAT night, however if you are planning a weekend away with your partner or know that they are staying over that night – I would 100% suggest these as the pills for you!

(the Zuyosa 4 pack was kindly donated by Net1on1 but this has not clouded my review in any way.)

You can buy Zuyosa from our adult stores nationwide or buy buy Zuyosa online with free UK delivery.

Zuyosa banner

with love 2016

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Jamesey’s Review Of The Rev1000

Packaging can tell you a lot about a product before you’ve even looked at the contents of the box; having worked in the adult industry for a fair few years I’ve learned to spot a decent box! From the second I received the The Rev1000 I was impressed, the packaging for this toy is a really impressive and before you’ve even opened the box, you can tell you’ve got a high quality product.


A revolution in male pleasure

Upon taking the toy out of the box I was intrigued – the product looks brilliant. It has a sleek, almost gadget feel to it, which just begs closer inspection. The toy looks almost like a giant joystick with a wider base and a good sized see through compartment with a hole at the bottom. Inside the compartment is a sleeve with multiple soft nodules and ticklers that fully cover the inside and top of the sleeve.

Now I have to say, I am one of those people that reads the instructions for EVERYTHING (drives my poor hubby mad), so before I’d actually used the toy I followed the instructions and charged the toy for the suggested 8 hours. (Further uses will only require a 1 hour charge for a 1 hour play.).  So after distracting myself for the required charge time – (I binge watched season 2 of hour of cards – brilliant show…but I digress), I unplugged the toy and decided to give it a go.                     

Call me crazy if you want, but before I put my manhood into anything I generally like to stick my fingers in first and if there’s batteries and moving parts involved I always turn it on, but I was that excited about this toy that I forwent my usual safety routines and just grabbed the lube and decided to dive head first into giving it a go.

The Rev1000 has 7 speeds and 7 modes – that’s a total of 49 settings to the toy! The first 30 seconds of using the toy were….. Well intense wouldn’t quite cover it but it would come Rev1000_6-500x500close!  The bottom chamber of the toy rotates internally and dependant on which setting you choose (remember 49 in total!) it will either rotate fully, half way or side to side with varying degrees of vibration.  So I was pretty spoiled for choice, but honestly after using it for a few seconds I lost the ability to form much in the way of a thought process so just worked my way through the speeds and modes. The toy works so well because the closer you get to orgasm, the more you want to see what it feels like on a higher speed or a different setting because you don’t want the experience to end. Sadly it did. Very quickly. (Further uses have shown me the amazing range of modes and how different they feel, but for your first use – don’t expect to last very long!)

Luckily the cleaning of the toy is beyond simple! You can very easily unscrew the chamber from the handle of the toy, and lift out the sleeve and wash with warm water of toy cleaner.

The Rev1000 is a great toy for us guys. Further uses allow you a chance to really see which of the many settings you like the most, it’s a toy that works better the more you use it as you’ll learn better techniques for using it, which settings you enjoy the most and which type of lube works the best for you when you’re using it (definitely stick with a water based!). The only slight drawback is that it’s a little loud the first time you turn it on, but you very quickly get used to the noise and can forgive a touch of noise when you’re experiencing something as intense as what the Rev1000 is offering.

I would happily suggest this to friends and if you’ve already got a high end masturbation toy such as Fleshlight – this is 100% the next step for your toy collection.

This toy was kindly donated to me by Net 1 on 1 but this has in no way affected my review.

with love 2016

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The Dirty Dozen Bring Home The Prize

by James Lefebure


On Saturday 7th May Cancer got to feel the full fury of an army of women sick of it. Women of all ages who have lost loved ones, friends and family flooded Victoria Park in Warrington to take part in Cancer Research’s Pretty Muddy 5K obstacle course. For those who don’t know Pretty Muddy isn’t a walk (or run) in the park. It’s a muddy obstacle course that woman of all ages and ability can traverse – and that’s exactly what the Nice ‘n’ Naughty Dirty Dozen have done.

Pretty MuddyThe 12 strong team, clad in pink Nice ‘n’ Naughty t-shirts tramped through the mud, pulled themselves under nets and laughed their way down a rather dirty slide to finish things off. Luckily the weather was amazing on Saturday but their main reason for smiling was the amazing support they received from everyone who helped to sponsor them – the combined total of money raised by The Nice ‘n’ Naughty The Dirty Dozen was a whopping £2377.24.    

Trish Pretty MuddyTrish Murray Operations Manager of Nice ‘n’ Naughty was elated as she not only finished the race, overcame her fear of both water and mud, but managed to get 346% over her expected target by raising £519.24 herself! “It was a great day and fun was had by all. I just want to thank everyone who took the time to donate and wish me well.” She said covered in mud, “I’m just ready to get a shower and a glass of wine!”

If you would like to sponsor Trish please check her page at https://www.justgiving.com/trishmurray0 where you can still donate with all proceeds going to Cancer Research Uk.

If you want further updates on how Trish and her team are doing check out our news section at www.nicennaughty.co.uk where not only will you find a brilliant range of adult toys but a link to our blog where you can keep up with all our news, as well as product reviews and a store finder to help you find your nearest Nice ‘n’ Naughty.

As a special offer for any orders placed using the code “GIRLPOWER” you’ll get 15% discount on your online purchases and Nice ‘n’ Naughty will make a donation on your behalf to Cancer Research.

with love 2016

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No Sex Please – We’re Cricket Players

Excluding the antics of Shane Warne, cricket isn’t likely to register for most people as a scandalous sport. There’s been few reports of players get caught in kiss and tell stories and if you watch the ashes it’s a very civilised affair. It is, next to tennis one of the more “No Sex Please – We’re British” sports, or at least it was until Nice ‘n’ Naughty decided to venture into the sporting world (which to be fair makes perfect sense – they have more than enough balls.)

The first Nice ‘n’  Naughty store to open was in Chester, so when Saughall Cricket Club in Chester approached company Director Simon Prescott to sponsor a match ball, he was bowled over by the offer and naturally jumped at the chance to provide a local cricket club the full support of Nice ‘n’ Naughty, which has grown over the years from one shop in Chester to 11 stores nationwide.

In the spirit of growth Simon decided that one ball wasn’t enough, he wanted to sponsor 5 balls as he understood that for smaller local clubs any help can make a big difference and helps to ensure that they are able to continue with their own growth.

Saughall Cricket Club run two Saturday teams in the Cheshire Cricket Alliance and a midweek side in Division 1 of the Chester and District 20/20 league, they are also hoping to bring in younger players and having a local business supporting them gives them the opportunity to do so.

NnN Cricket BallIf you were interested in more information about Nice ‘n’ Naughty and how the sponsored balls were doing pop into your local shop or check out the website www.nicennaughty.co.uk, not only will you find up to date information of our latest offers but you can keep up to date with all other news from the company and if you want to see how Nice ‘n’ Naughty’s balls are doing check out Saughalls website –  www.saughallcricketclub.co.uk.

Additionally if you wanted to follow Nice ‘n’ Naughty’s balls they are being played at the following dates and locations:-

23rd April 2nds at home to Frodsham

28th May 1sts at home to Glazebury

18th June 2nds away at Bromborough

27th July 1sts at home to Pott Shrigley

20th August 1sts home to Cholmondeley

As a company we are big believers in supporting local businesses and clubs so fully suggest popping along – who knows, you might even see one of your local Nice ‘n’ Naughty team.

with love 2016

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