How long should sex last? Average time u

How long should sex last? Average time until orgasm revealed

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Loving Joy – Power Bullet. Jamesey Reviews.

If there is one essential item that almost every woman should have in their toy box it’s a bullet. Those little buggers are like the WD40 of the sex toy world – tiny little thing with 101 uses! But as I said in the opening – it’s a toy that every woman should own, so what about us boys? Are we being ignored again by the Sex Toy Gods?!  I’m here to inform you that Nope! Bullets are the new toy that most guys should have in their box box/drawer/chest/room (delete as appropriate)


So for those of us who aren’t 100% on sex toy lingo, a bullet is basically a small vibrator that is usually used on the clitoris to help women achieve orgasm. So what about us boys? Obviously our lack of a clitoris means that we can’t use the toy right? Wrong!

There’s so much that you can do with a bullet on yourself or on your husband/boyfriend/Steve from accounts. Again delete as appropriate.

1. Use it on his nipples – the vibrations are great to help get him in the mood and enhance his senses (add a blindfold if you fancy adding a little extra sensory play  into the mix)

2. Run it up and down the inside of his thigh, tease him with the bullet as you work it higher and higher.

3. Use it on his balls – they’re super sensitive and if you add the bullet to his balls while giving a blow job – he’ll go through the roof.

4. Run it up and down the shaft of the penis and around the head.

5. Use it on the perineum – it’s the soft spot between the balls and the bum – MAJOR pleasure zone!


See – bullets aren’t just for women anymore! All it takes is a little imagination (well and lube. Always add lube – it just makes things better!)


Now on to the actual point of this review,  the toy I’m reviewing is The Loving Joy Rechargable Power  Bullet.

When I first received it I have to admit, I really liked the packaging. It’s straight forward and really clean looking, just a picture of the bullet on the packaging and if I was looking to buy something it would catch my eye.

As per standard for me, I went to read the instructions but there weren’t any with the toy. It does however come with a charging docking station and a USB charger. So I popped it on to charge and had a google – 60 minutes of charge for 60 minutes of play. (I highly doubted I’d be needing 60 minutes but never mind)


Once it was charged I figured I would take my own advice and do some of the things listed above – I’ve got to say the power behind this bullet is insane! It’s only 3.5 inches but it really delivers in the power stakes! It’s also got a total of 3 speeds and 17 different functions – a total 20 different options to play with!  The material that is used on the bullet is really nice as well. Soft feeling but the toy itself is ridged like most bullets. It’s also 100% waterproof – which I can confirm works! (Did nearly drown in the bath but that was more me working on my Daryl Hannah impression from Splash).


There’s not a whole lot more you can say about the bullet really, it’s strong, it’s quiet and it packs a whollop when used in sensitive places! I would suggest this toy to any man or woman- it’s rechargeable so you never need to worry about the batteries running out which is the common complaint about most bullets and because it’s rechargeable and not running off batteries you can really tell a difference with the power.

So to recap –

  • 3 Speeds – 17 functions. A total of 20 different play modes!
  • USB rechargeable
  • Quiet but strong
  • Waterproof
  • Unisex!
  • Really good price!


I’ve never personally thought of using bullets in play, but I can see this one getting used more than once!

with love 2016








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Lelo Tiani


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Who’s exicted?!



with love 2016

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Ultim8 Pink Libido Enhancer – Jenna-G Reviews

New in to our Nice ‘n’ Naughty shops is the Ultim8 Herbal Tablet range which you will be familiar with if you’ve read our Jamesey’s blog review of The White Stuff Capsules. In case you didn’t know, Ultim8 comes in 3 variants; Pink for the ladies which is said to enhance sexual experience and helps with increasing natural lube – Sounds ace to me! The other two versions are for the boys; White Stuff for to increase male ejaculation, and Blue for harder, stronger erections.


Over the New Year I tested out the Ultim8 Pink; this was always going to be a risk as I’ve the sex drive of a bunny in springtime, so how would I know what was the tablet and what was me?! Let’s check out what happened when I took it.


The directions state to take the tablet 30 – 40 minutes before ‘activity’ – I took mine with a bottle of wine shared with my beloved ‘victim’ aka my hubby!  Upon taking it I immediately started to feel excited, breathless, and eager to start the fun stuff, however I forced myself to wait the minimum of 30 minutes so I could test this capsule properly! However, after 20 minutes I couldn’t wait any longer & jumped my hubby!


I must have cum about 5 times!! One huge explosive one and then a bunch of gentler, happy orgasms, it was one of those sessions which leaves you rattled and laying there gasping for a good while afterwards. My Fitbit readings certainly showed that I’d been very ‘active’ indeed, in fact I was in ‘Cardio’ for a good while there – which I believe is a good thing… or something – I’m still trying to work out this whole ‘fitness’ thing!


But, again, I ask the question – how do I know what was the tablet and what was me??
Answer: Someone like me may not feel they ‘need’ this tablet – but it sure is fun to take, I’m glad I tried it although, I’m not convinced it did much to me but then I guess I’m not their target audience as I am a self-confessed nympho! However, I repeat – it was fun to take, I had a giggle taking it, my hubby thought it was hilarious to tease me for as long as I lasted, and I would definitely recommend it to any ladies out there that may not feel ‘up to it’, want to take it as a laugh, or just as a ‘pep boost’ during sex!

Ultim8 Pink is available from our adult stores nationwide and online in a 1 capsule sample pack or 6 capsule pack.

with love 2016

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My Life – Part 3

The Nice ‘n’ Naughty blog has the great honour of having another post from Debbie; our guest blogger. Debbie will be giving us an insight into her life as a cross dresser in her special blog posts.

Please read, enjoy and comment.


I begin my latest few lines with the recognition that I do not expect, or indeed wish, that everyone agrees with what I have to say. Diversity of view and life style is very much at the heart of what we in the ‘community’ (whatever that might mean) find so fulfilling. But that is true of so many such communities and travellers, Goths and some religious minority groups all find their particular forms of self-expression fulfilling and rewarding, but often in the face of covert and overt opposition and, if there is one thing that might be condemned it is dull cultural uniformity that forbids such enriching experiences.

Most assuredly such self-expression will offend some, but the view I take, and the defence I offer, is that I do not set out to offend (to do so would undermine much of what I believe in) but acknowledge that I do, unavoidably and unintentionally, offend some people. What I try do however, and I hope this does not come over as some sanctimonious exercise in self-aggrandisement,  is act as an ambassador for those who explore their life style on the gender divide (let’s, please, try to avoid terms such as TV etc. and provide for a wider definition). I realise only too well, and accept happily, that on close inspection I do not, shall we say, ‘pass muster’ as a woman, but I’m good enough, I hope, not to alarm those who I encounter.

In this sense I am fortunate. Living as I do, finding my identity, as I have done, and having opportunity to live my life as I wish, has given me a confidence otherwise long-denied.  This confidence is not one I use to trample over other peoples’ views, but it does allow me to engage comfortably with people and let them see that I am neither dangerous, threatening nor some kind of socio-sexual freak. Living the open life as I do, rather than being constrained within ‘the scene’, brings me into daily contact with fellow human beings of all persuasions. What, you may ask, is the reaction? I know full-well that some of us (and so many other minority groups) have suffered grievously at the hands those who lack sympathy and understanding but, that much acknowledged, my experiences have been nothing other than positive and rewarding. Whether this is the consequence of genuine allowance for me or from a matter of simple courtesy does not matter. I have found people as diverse as shop assistants at my local supermarket,  waiters and waitresses in tea shops and restaurants, police officers (yes, police officers), customs and immigration employees at airports and ferry terminals – I could go on but I won’t as you get the idea –  wonderfully engaging, happy to chat with me and have never caused me any embarrassment or difficulties whatsoever. It has, to be honest, been a heart-warming reminder that most human beings are decent people with degrees of tolerance that go for the most part unrecognised whilst the media are happy to seize upon the worst side of humanity.

            However, I do not take this for granted. The general and diverse social values that we now hold dear in ‘western’ society have been hard-fought for and remain under threat.  I enjoy, for example, travelling but find that the geographic extent of my ventures is limited and, sadly, becoming increasingly so.  There are some parts of the World that will always been denied me, and I reluctantly accept that, but others are now assuming similar degrees of collective, dare I say it, state-approved hostility and, eastern Europe – a region I’d love to visit – is increasingly antagonistic to minority life-styles of many forms and not just mine.  I doubt I can ever enjoy the glories of St. Petersburg as matters stand. But we are not alone in respect of such discrimination.

            All this however is to somewhat detract from the otherwise positive attitude towards me in Britain.  The worst I experience is a sort of partially-concealed sniggering, nudging and subdued finger-pointing – never anything worse – and the view I take is that if I can introduce a little humour into other lives and maybe, just maybe, get them to think of those who live by different, but non-threatening, sets of rules, then it’s all to the good.


with love 2016

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Ultim8 – The White Stuff – Jamesey Reviews


I think that’s my hubby’s favourite word! Epecially over Christmas when we’ve got more cheese in the fridge than we know what to do with! He’s never happy – if we have 4 episodes of a show to watch, he’ll ALWAYS want an extra one, if he has a beer – he’s always after another one. I don’t even think it’s just him, having worked in adult stores for a number of years, I’ve learned that the majority of guys want MORE! Whether it’s more inches, more girth, more boobs, more sex or to last longer during sex; the majority of men seem to constantly striving for the infamous MORE!!


So when I got asked to try out the new Ultim8 pill that is designed to help you produce more semen I jumped at the chance! Obviously not literally as I’m fat and had a very heavy Christmas, but I did write my email in all caps. I was that excited.


The premise of the pill is simple, take 1 capsule, 30-40 minutes prior to playing and when you do orgasm, you will produce more semen. Very simple and straight forward, unless your me and need to know the ins and outs of everything! Before taking the pill I wanted to make sure I knew what was actually going into my body; brace yourself readers – I am about to break it all down for you!

Ultim8 – The White Stuff – breaking down the ingredients

Vitamin C – this vitamin is important for the synthesis of hormones that are involved in fertility; Androgen, Estrogen and Progesterone.  Vitamin C also helps to work with your immune system and helps to keep your joints limber.

Vitamin E – also known as The Sex Vitamin!! It helps to increase blood flow and the oxygen going to your genitalia! It’s a key player in helping your body to produce sex hormones that give your sex drive a little boost!

Vitamin B12 – is needed to help your body produce red blood cells and support your nerve cells as well as giving a slight energy boost. B12 also heightens your sex drive, this enhances your erection erection by enlarging the blood vessels and is needed to help the body produce histamine, which is needed to orgasm.

L-Arginine –  this is an amino acid that helps your body  make proteins. It is also needed to help produce Nitric Oxide (NO) which is important to erectile function as NO helps the blood vessels relax, which allows more oxygen rich blood to circulate round the body.

L-Carnitine – I honestly couldn’t find a lot out about this ingredient!

Zinc – not only is Zinc a trace metal but it also enables men to produce testosterone which is important to erectile strength.

Maca – Helps to increase blood circulation especially when combined with a libido enhancing agent.

Ginseng – is commonly taken to enhance sexual performance and has been used in traditional Chinese medical practices for years.

Horny Goat Weed – is another herb that has been used in traditional chinese remedies for years, mainly used to help with low libido and erectile dysfunction.

Tribulus Terrestris – this has been shown to increase the levels of testosterone and increase both sex drive and performance. It is believed to increase sperm production in men.

Saw Palmetto –  has been used for a number of years as a herbal way to combat impotence.


I’m not going to sit here and type all this out and pretend for even a minute that I now fully understand the science part of this. Thanks to Google however I do feel more confident about these ingredients. I did read a lot of different websites and while some of the descriptions are lacking a little, they all had a general theme of use and they all had a foothold in the sexual health category so for me that was all I needed.

I did as directed on the box and took the pill (no flavor) and waited 45 minutes. (Westworld season 1 this time.) I have got some shame so I won’t go into the full details but I did notice that my erection was a lot stronger than normal and I was a little more turned on than normal. Which if this was a herbal pill I was reviewing then that would be all you needed to know, but the Ultim8 – The White Stuff pill isn’t a herbal Viagra, it’s designed to help you cum more so the main question is; does it work?


Now I’m not about to pull out a fluid balance chart or anything, but for me personally, this pill worked. I’m not able to say how much more I produced, but the result was considerably more than I would normally have made; which truthfully shocked the shit out of me as I was like 90% certain it wasn’t going to do anything!   When I did cum the orgasm felt more intense than normal and I do really put this down to the fact that I felt like I was cumming forever. I was pretty happy with the results and considering I was a pretty big skeptic beforehand this was a good turn of events for me. I did notice that for the next 24 hours as well I felt a little more horny than normal and when I did have the chance to cum again later that night (about 9 hours after the pill had been taken.) I still produced a lot, so the effects definitely stayed through the day!


Why would you want to cum more though I hear you ask? Well the answers are pretty simple – the more semen a guy produces the longer his orgasm lasts as he’s shooting. So the answer is MORE – If you want MORE from your orgasm – I would recommend this to you. If you want to shoot further and harder – I would suggest this pill for you.  As usual though. I would just like to point out that with all herbals – just because it’s worked for me, doesn’t mean that it will be 100% for you; however for ME personally, I rate this pill and would very happily take it again!

with love 2016

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E-Stim Systems ElectroPebble Dual Channel Power Box – Jamesey Reviews

When I was younger I remember watching the The Bride of Frankenstein with my grandparents. Not going to lie – scared the life out of me and actually gave me a little fear of thunderstorms and electricity in general. (also gave me a slight fear of torch wielding mobs but I’ve managed to avoid those thus far.)


my face when they asked me if I would review The Pebble

 So when I was asked to trial the new E-Stim control unit The ElectroPebble, I was to say the least somewhat apprehensive! Seriously – before I even said yes I was googling things like “Can you blow yourself up with electroplay”, “Is electroplay safe” and “how do you say no to electroplay without losing your job?”. It was during a 7th cup of coffee caffeine buzz that it occurred to me that if I was unsure about electroplay from a personal perspective and I’ve got a pretty good knowledge about the industry then the idea of electro play might seem like some form of torture to the less informed. Before I changed my mind I sent the email and said that I’d try it out. I figured that worst case scenario – I’m playing with electricity and it worked out pretty well for the Flash.


Totally the look I planned to go for with my new superpowers

Before I talk about my experience with The ElectroPebble, I thought it might be a good idea to go through some of the more common do’s and don’t about Electrosex.

The Do’s   

  1. Use the correct Lube! This means using a waterbased lubricant for any INSERTABLE toys. Use an electro-conductive gel for the toys that are for contact play (pin wheels etc) as the conductive gel helps to increase the sensation. Silicone lube doesn’t work as well as it’s actually an insulating material. (Thanks GCSE Physics!!)
  2. Only apply electro-pads or insert electro-toys with the power OFF.
  3. When you start playing – gradually increase the power. Don’t start on a HIGH setting. (or you’ll end up looking like the bride of frank!)
  4. If you are playing with a partner, ensure they are 100% happy with what you are planning to use/play with. Consent is never optional.
  5. If you are playing in a role play setting ensure that your safe word has been discussed.
  6. Make sure your toys are clean. This means clean your toys after EVERY session. Use an antibacterial cleaner and before using the toys ensure that they are completely dry.
  7. Have fun! This is the most important part – enjoy the butterflies your feeling. You only get to experience something for the first time once so make sure you have as positive an experience as possible.

The Don’ts!

  1. Don’t use electrosex toys if you have any heart conditions or problems.
  2. Don’t use electrosex toys if you’re pregnant or have epilepsy.
  3. Don’t use electrosex toys or form a connection above waist level . A wise man once told me that electricity is lazy and will find the quickest way between two points – you do not want the electricity to go through the heart.
  4. Don’t insert or apply electrosex pads or toys with the unit turned on. It will hurt!
  5. Don’t use electrosex equipment in or near water. This should be pretty much common sense but it never hurts to reminded.
  6. Don’t use electrosex equipment on broken or inflamed skin.
  7. Don’t use electrosex kits when you feel fatigued, dehydrated or unwell. You won’t enjoy the experience.
  8. Do not get pressured into using the kit or going to a power level you are not happy with. Listen to your body and if you master/dom/partner is pressuring you into going higher than you are happy with – end the session.

So with that fairly large list of do’s and don’ts covered it’s time for me to actually write the review and let you know what I thought about the whole thing! I’ll break it into two parts – the control pack and then the toy.

Jamesey and The ElectroPebble

The ElectroPebble comes in a pretty kick ass carry case. It’s got a nice foam insert where everything sits and the plastic carry case means that it’s really easy to store. As you may have guessed, I have no experience with anything electro so naturally I made sure I read the instruction booklet from cover to cover. The info booklet is really good which is always a bonus and as the pack comes with a battery included there was no need for me to wait for anything to charge. The Hubby was quite excited about trying it as well (although I did have to tell him to take the pads off his head and remind him that he was not a borg. This is what happens when you marry a geek.)


The contents of The ElectroPebble

The unit is a really nice piece of kit and looks really sleek and with everything laid out for you in a pretty easy to figure out way. You have your knobs to increase/decrease the power and two arrows to help cycle through the settings. The ElectroPebble has a whopping 9 different modes and each one is unique in its own way and they’ve got pretty straightforward names – Pulse, Flo, Split, Bounce, Audio, Milk, Squeeze, Tease and finally Torment. Due to the size of The ElectroPebble it fits really nicely in the palm of your hand and has a really easy to use design if you are playing solo. Plus it has flashing lights which let you know which of the nine settings you’re using.  The ElectroPebble has two channels so you can use two electrodes at the same time (one each if you’re playing with a partner!)


The pack I got to review came with the pebble unit and 4 pads to use. The pads are pretty handy as they are adhesive and you stick them to the body. I put mine by the crotch and so did The Hubby.  We turned the pack on slowly and started to play.  Personally I quite enjoyed the sensation, but after fifteen minutes it became apparent that The Hubby wasn’t enjoying things as much so we stopped and he confessed that it just wasn’t for him. I admitted that I had enjoyed it and it was something that I would like to try again so I used the pads as a solo experience.

e-stim_systems_square_electrode_pads_4_packNow, I’m going to be 100% honest here – the pads were OK. I enjoyed them, but I think because I’d been so concerned about electroplay that I was quite tense, I was a little worried about the other half and whilst I enjoyed the sensations, I knew myself well enough to know that it was going to end up being an occasional toy and not an AMAZING toy. (Which considering the amount of adult orientated clips I had seen on the internet, left me a little deflated as some of those clips are pretty intense!)

Bare in mind, that this is just my opinion of the pads, I am by no means an expert and since my initial play with the pads (100% solo this time) I have come to enjoy the sensations. I do stand by my original view that the pads are pretty fun for foreplay but I wouldn’t want an extended session with them.

 Fast forward three days – I came home and the hubby had a pretty mischievous look in his eye. He said that he had been thinking of the E-stim for the last few days and had decided that he wanted to see what more it could actually do and with that he presented me with The Flo. But before I go into that – lets summarize about The ElectroPebble.

The Pebble Dual Channel Power Box

– Dual Channel Independent Output
– Sleek Design
– Dial Controls
– 9 Program Modes
– LED Display
– Storage Case
– Lifetime Guarantee for Power Unit
– Made in The Uk!

– E-Stim ElectroPebble Power Box
– 2x 3.5mm to 2mm output cables
– 9v Battery
– Pack of 4 Self-adhesive electrode pads
-Carry Case
– Use Guide

Jamesey and The Flo

I’m just going to throw a huge review spoiler in here – The Flo has completely and utterly changed my entire view on the ElectroPebble and Electro Play.

The Flo is part of The Red Collection which is a range of the E-stim toys which as you can see from the above images all share the colour red! It’s not the biggest of toys measuring at 3.93 inches in length with 3.54 inches of that being insert able.  It’s got a completely smooth and really sleek design with the contacts on the top and bottom of the toy for a more natural feel when it’s being used.  What The Hubby didn’t know was that this toy is primarily designed for vaginal play but as someone who’s used it anally – I can happily report that it works just fine!!


The Flo

Before playing, I made sure and explain that I had to use a water based lube to the other half and then we were off.  I wasn’t as apprehensive this time as I had a rough idea of what to expect.  I started on Pulse and made sure that we started at a low power setting.  At this point I’ll save you the gritty details but let me say – having an insertable toy has completely changed my view on electroplay. IT WAS AMAZING!!  The toy was a great size and the simulation I got off having an actual toy was, well it’s actually pretty much indescribable but if I were to try it would probably look like this – woihfswoi rqw;oklhjnfsoi!!!

I went through all the settings and each one has its own very amazing merits but my personal favourites would have to be Audio and Milk. The Audio setting works on the noise in the room so the louder you are or if you place it by a speaker (mobile works fine) it will increase the power in relation to the noise and Milk. Again indescribable but O.M.G!  My overall feelings on The Flo as a toy were unbelievably positive. It has totally changed my opinion on using The ElectroPebble and since my first use I’ve actually used the toy about 3 more times. (anything that gets more than once use from the toy drawer definitely means business!).



I am now 100% a convert to ElectroPlay. I understand that to a lot of people it might be scary or the price could be off putting, but I would strongly urge people to put aside their fears. Save your pennies and treat yourself to an ElectroPebble.  The initial kit isn’t cheap, but as I’ve come to understand this year – sometimes you really get what you pay for and E-Stim certainly delivers on this. The ElectroPebble is a toy that not only would I suggest to anyone looking to try out electroplay, I have already picked out 3 other toys that I want to buy after Xmas so it’s a toy that will never get boring as there are a lot of other toys available to buy to plug into the box!  I actually feel a little embarrassed about how negative my reaction to the idea of electrosex was before I’d even tried it and now that I have, I would honestly say to anyone curious about it –  follow the great sage of our time Shia LaBeouf’s advice and – JUST DO IT!!!

with love 2016

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Fifty Shades Darker Collection – a Review by Jenna-G

Stepping up from the Fifty Shades of Grey line, Fifty Shades Darker takes us to another level of pleasure. Fantastically designed, they will make great additions to the Grey range, the Weekend Collection, or make a great set in their own right. With a great selection to choose from, the range has something for everyone, or if you’re greedy like me, you’ll simply want the lot! So, by now you know how I like to do things… we’re not pussy-footing around, let’s jump in and check them all out!!

Oh My & Desire Explodes

fifty-shades-darker-oh-my-usb-rechargeable-rabbit-vibratorFirst off, if you are familiar with our blog, you will know that a couple of months back I reviewed the Greedy Girl Rabbit Vibrator from the original Fifty Shades of Grey range (fab,
fab, fab!) – The ‘Oh My’ is the Darker version of the Greedy Girl, and like the Greedy Girl it’s a Rabbit Vibrator with a curving tip which is designed to stimulate your G-spot when inserted.

“The feeling is so exquisite. What I’ve been waiting for after all his teasing. Oh, the fullness, this feeling… I groan and arch my back off the table.” – Anastasia Steele

The ‘Desire Explodes’ is fifty-shades-darker-desire-explodes-usb-rechargeable-g-spot-vibrator-4the same design but without the Rabbit feature, this is very handy as some people do not like the Rabbit feature on their Vibes, so you have the best of both worlds with these two.

“My mouth drops open, and I take a deep breath. Fuck, this is hot. I’m on fire, restless and needy.” – Anastasia Steele

If the Greedy Girl delivered power and amazing orgasms, I’m sure these will to! They are beautifully made of slinky-smooth silicone, and they feel really nice to the touch. With 12 levels of intensity and 8 patterns you will certainly find the right setting for you!

Delicious Tingles

This Delicious Tingles Clitoral Vibrator is a dinky little thing! So cute and a really nice shape to it; curved for easy use and excellent connection to your clit.

Though small, the size certainly doesn’t hamper the powerful vibes! It has a really good design to it that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, the control buttons being right fifty-shades-darker-delicious-tingles-usb-rechargeable-clitoral-vibratorwhere you’d rest your fingers makes for no-nonsense setting-changes. A fantastic toy for using during solo play or playing with your partner; this will not get in the way when you’re being banged from behind! It makes for spine-tingling orgasms. It has a little metal piece on the underside which my partner likes to hold against me, not sure why he likes the idea of that so much but there we are he just does!

“I am just sensation lost in this void of pleasure. Up and down… again and again… Oh yes…” – Anastasia Steele

As with the ‘big boys’ above, this toy has twelve speeds and 8 patterns, it is a perfect pocket-sized toy that you can take any place you’d like to take it, slip it into your handbag or luggage and away you go!  I really love mine, and it’s a nice addition to my little collection!

Release Together

A super-duper Cock Ring with all the trimmings! It is made from the same slinky-smooth silicone as the above toys, ridged at the point of contact with the clit, the Release Together Cock Ring screams “pleasure!”
It’s very easy to change the powerful 12 speeds, and 8 patterns on it with two buttons on eitherfifty-shades-darker-release-together-usb-rechargeable-cock-ring-7 side of the top. A nice piece for couples to share. Jamesey tried this one himself and had nothing but praise for it! He raved about the power and the fact that it was a really quiet toy when it was turned on and liked that the ring had morefifty-shades-darker-release-together-usb-rechargeable-cock-ring-3 flexibility than it would appear so it’s really good for the girthy guys. Additionally because of the material that it’s made from it starts to absorb heat so will adapt to your body temperature.

“My fingers are in his hair, twisting hard, holding him to me. He grinds his body into mine, imprisoning me, his breathing ragged. I feel him.” – Anastasia Steele

At My Mercy & Just Sensation

At My Mercy’ are a set of chained and weighted nipple clamps. The clamp tips have a teeny-tiny silicone sleeves for comfort. They adjust by sliding a little pin up the tweezers, the weights are graduating beads which hang down and provide a wonderful tugging sensation while being worn.


“Christian releases first one then the other clamp, causing my nipples to sing with a surge of sweet, sweet painful feeling.” – Anastasia Steele

‘Just Sensation’ is a Cit Clamp which again has the beaded weights for extra sensation, it works by pinching behind the clit to make it more sensitive – bit like how a Cock Ring works on a guy, it keeps the blood right where you want it to create a throbbing, needy sensation which ends up giving you one of them orgasms which blow your mind… you know the type… if you don’t… well now you know what kinda thing you need to get that, hey?!


“Holy cow, the feeling is exquisite, raw, painful, pleasurable… Oh – the pinch.” – Anastasia Steele

Adrenaline Spikes 


“He runs the wheel over my palm. ‘Ah!’ The prongs bite into my skin – there’s more than just pain. In fact, it tickles slightly. ‘Imagine that over your breasts.'” – Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele

Adrenaline Spikes’ is a single Pinwheel to tantalise and tease your partner with, or they tease and tantalise you! Either way, they are another nice addition to any bondage kit. Very well made with a nice weight to them and – most importantly – the wheel does not stick!
Seriously, I cannot stress how good this factor is; we have a Pinwheel which we never use, it cost nearly double the price of this one and is ridiculously super-sharp (which I initially kinda liked), however it randomly sticks when you roll it, like the roller just randomly sticks and because the spikes are soooo sharp they thrust into your flesh, pierce the skin, draw blood, and hurt! Hurting is good, but not like that! It’s not sexy to suddenly be stabbed! Or have your partner, who trusts you completely, yelp in horror at being stabbed unintentionally by you! Uncool! Boo!
Thankfully, this Pinwheel does not do that, it’s got a smooth roll to it and the spikes, though sharp and give that lovely little sting, will not pierce the skin and leave you bleeding!

Deliciously Deep


“I’m stiflingly hot, flustered, and my legs are like jelly as dark desire courses through me.” – Anastasia Steele

Deliciously Deep’ is a steel G-spot dildo that has two insertable ends; one smooth and one beaded, both curved to stimulate the G-spot. The wand can be used for temperature play or just tease. It’s a weighty item, made from Stainless Steel and has the Fifty Shades Darker stamped on the side, very cute.

His Rules


“He removes his bow tie and uses it to quickly bind my wrists so that my hands are tied behind me, resting in the small of my back. ‘You really want this, Anastasia?'” – Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey

A black ‘His Rules’ Bow Tie for role-playing which you can use it as a restraint. It comes with instructions and a pouch for storage. It would make a nice little stocking filler, for the special man or lady in your life. It’s made from 100% polyester and is Dry Clean only, just remember that when you’re playing! The material has the Fifty Shades Darker logo woven through the fabric which is a really nice touch. The bow tie is completely adjustable going from 14.5 inches to 20 inches.


Primal Attraction, Something Darker, & Beyond Erotic
The Fifty Shades Darker range features a nice choice of Butt Plugs which are made from different materials and offer their own unique pleasures.fifty-shades-darker-primal-attraction-jiggle-butt-plug-4

‘Primal Attraction’ is a ‘Jiggle Pleasure Plug’ – a smooth, velvety silicone plug which is actually hollow, allowing a little ball inside to jiggle about to stimulate and tease your butt! It’s designed for both female and male users.

“He gazes at me, his expression dark, unreadable. Oh shit. Is this a bad move? “You want to play?” he asks softly. “Yes,” I breathe.” – Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey

fifty-shades-darker-beyond-erotic-butt-plugBeyond Erotic’ is a nice, weighty, stainless steel plug. It has the Fifty Shades Darker logo on the flared base. Again, this steel toy can be used for temperature play.I know that Jamesey has a review on it’s way for one of these – but without spoilers – he absolutely loved it!

“A butt plug. Christian runs it down the parting between my buttocks.” – Anastasia Steele

‘Something Darker’ is made from a beautiful greenfifty_shades_darker_something_darker_glass_butt_plug_4 glass; it also has the Fifty Shades darker logo stamped on the base. It’s a good size, not too wide or long. The glass used is called borosilicate glass. What is so good about borosilicate glass you ask? Well, my dear old friend Google tells me this fascinating fact:
Borosilicate glass is a type oglass with silica and boron trioxide as the main glass-forming constituents. Borosilicate glasses are known for having very low coefficients of thermal expansion (~3 × 10−6 K−1 at 20 °C), making them resistant to thermal shock, more so than any other common glass” So now you know!!

Carnal Promise


“I hear a very faint click. Instantly the plug inside me starts to vibrate – down there! I gasp. The feeling is extraordinary – beyond anything I’ve felt before.” – Anastasia Steele

Last but certainly not least, we have ‘Carnal Promise’, this is a string of vibrating anal beads, made from that nice silicone that most of the other toys are made from, it is completely flexible and the beads taper towards the base. This is the only battery powered toy in the range; it takes 1x AAA battery which is not a problem if you’ve got those TV remotes hanging around the house! The toy has 3 speeds and 7 patterns and is completely waterproof.

Collection as a whole – Summing Up


Each piece has a cute Fifty Shades Darker logo on them, either stamped onto the toy itself or on a little tag which hangs from them, as in the case of the Nipple Clamps.
All the toys in the range that are to be charged up are done so using the USB cable provided, they all feature a Travel Lock so you’ll be safe carrying them around in your bag without the sudden sounds of buzzing and whirring in your and neighbouring ears!
Also, they are all completely waterproof, and come with little storage pouches.
You don’t need to be fans of the series to get what you want from these; I mean, I think I’ve made it pretty clear I’m a HUGE fan of the toys…. yet I’ve never once read the books nor watched the film. Surprised?! You shouldn’t be – it’s a testament to how awesome these toys are and how I believe they are one of the very best ranges around right now. So I’d say, the world is your oyster with these bad boys!

with love 2016


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Motorhead & Motley Crue – The Official Pleasure Collections A Review by Jenna-G

Motorhead and Motley Crue are undeniably two of the planet’s biggest rock bands. Renowned for making loud, ear-bursting music, partying hard, and loving the Girls Girls Girls! (Yeah, I know, but it was too easy!) Given that very reputation of groupies and girls galore, it seemed very natural for them to lend their name to some funky, powerful, love toys for the ladies 😉


So just what are these Metal Gods offering? Let’s have a quick look at the Vibrators and Bullets from the ranges, shall we?! Oh Hells to the Yeah, let’s go!


Motorhead & Motley Crue – The Vibrators & Bullets!

First off, Motorhead; there are two 7-inch Vibrators and two 3.5-inch Bullets, which pair up.
For Motley Crue there are eight vibrators in total; we have four differently designed 7-inch Vibrators, and four different 3.5-inch Bullets to choose from. Three of the Bullets match up to three of the full sized Vibes, I like to call the Bullets the ‘little brothers’ to the three corresponding designed Vibrators.

The 7-inch Vibrators have 3 different speeds and 4 different patterns, all of which are very strong. The Bullets have 3 speeds and 7 patterns, and although small they still deliver the mouth-watering vibes of their bigger brothers. All the toys are completely waterproof and have a nice coating that feels good on the skin; not grabby or grippy like some plastics can be. They have a nice weight to them and feel nice and sturdy (if that makes sense!).

Powering Up
Also, a great bonus is they take “proper” batteries, AAAs – so many toys can be powered by weird batteries which you never have spares of lying around the house – omg it’s happened to us all – in the midst of ecstasy then… *brrrpt* – you’re not finished but the bloody toy has! There’s that slow moment of realisation that no, we won’t be done with that one today – time to get wrist ache! But not with these babies, you can just nick working batteries out of your TV remote and finish off!

A word about the batteries; do not use cheap batteries, they will not power the toy. Remember, cheap batteries are cheap for a reason (usually, I mean I’ve not done a study or anything!), I tried a brand of cheap batteries (who shall remain nameless) but they do not power up the toys, as they are such powerful toys they require the right amount of juice or it’s a no-go. Duracell work fantastically well, however I would strongly recommend you take out the batteries after use.


This guy takes on a whole new meaning in our industry….

Motorhead – The Designs
The “Ace of Spades” 

The “Overkill”


Motley Crue – The Designs
The designs are really funky, and as mentioned above, three of the range pair up with each other, so you have the

Classic Skull

 “Girls Girls Girls” 

 The “Shout At The Devil” 

 Finally, we have two independent ones;

The “Dr Feelgood” Vibe.


 And last but not least,
The “Too fast For Love” Bullet.

mo_tley_cru_e_too_fast_for_love_10_function_bullet_vibrator_6 (1).jpg

 If you are a fan I would expect that you’ll be wanting to collect the whole set – they’re cute, sexy and scream FUN! If you are not a fan, these vibes provide cool, rockin’ Vibe designs which would make anyone with a musical heart pea-green with envy!

But how do they feel?????
The Vibes are not for the faint of heart, they are super powerful; no wimpy, gentle tremors here, these go for it and go for it HARRRRRRRRD! The Bullets are also powerful little beasts, their size just right and a great selection of speeds and patterns. Both sets can bring you off very fast, and thanks to the pointy tip on both versions, they will hit your clit or anywhere else you like, just right.

with love 2016

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