Nice ‘n’ Naughty Awarded the Investors in People Standard

Back in March 2005, Nice ‘n’ Naughty were accredited with the Investors in People standard.

This accreditation is based on an assessment of the whole company which is measured against a framework of 10 objectives. Staff members of Nice ‘n’ Naughty are interviewed and asked about their role and how they are valued within in the company.

To remain an accredited company Nice ‘n’ Naughty are reassessed against the framework every 3 years and are very proud to have been awarded the Investors in People Standard again for 2015.

The awards are proudly displayed in each Nice ‘n’ Naughty branch

Nice ‘n’ Naughty have been at the forefront of the adult retail industry for the past 16 years with a chain of 11 multi award winning licensed adult stores across the UK and a website –

We pride ourselves on the core essentials of retail ensuring we have knowledgeable, friendly staff that create a relaxed environment and offer first class customer service.

This experience can only be achieved when a company, such as Nice ‘n’ Naughty, makes an investment in all of the staff that they employ regardless of their title, the hours they work or the location they work in. This continued commitment to the Nice ‘n’ Naughty team we feel has been an integral part of the foundation that continues to contribute to our success.

Trish Murray, Retail Operations Manager, quotes “Over the past few years, the challenges for all businesses nationwide to succeed, has been greater than ever and we are  very proud of the fact that Nice ‘n’ Naughty and its staff have ridden the waves of the recession and come out the other side. This is down to the commitment shown by the team and the customer service that is offered to all our customers.”

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Welcome our new guest blogger

The Nice ‘n’ Naughty blog has the great honour of introducing Debbie; our new guest blogger. Debbie will be giving us an insight into her life as a cross dresser in her special blog posts.

In her first post Debbie tells us about her life so far and shares her feelings on aspects of cross dressing and society’s perspective.

Please read, enjoy and comment.




This is my story, and mine alone. How I arrived at where I am, which, incidentally, is a state of huge contentment and satisfaction, is a route partly decided by myself and partly dictated by fate. It is not necessarily a ‘route map’ for others to follow. So, and with that important disclaimer clearly stated, let me start by telling you where I am.

My name is Debbie Smith, and I am hardly in the first flush of youth (70 approaches with a frightening speed) but, and very happily for me, neither feel, nor conduct myself as most of such advanced years would normally do, but in that respect I recognise I have been fortunate health-wise. I live mostly, but by no means all the time, as a woman. For those who set such standards I might be classed as 24/6 rather than 24/7.  For all my confidence I retain also a realisation that there are some lingering areas of my former life where Debbie would be an inappropriate presence. This is not in any way to betray my adopted life-style and I must confess, by way of a footnote, to being extraordinarily irritated by those who suggest that I am not being honest with myself. There are no such rules for those who share this community.  We can only be guided by our own feelings and judgements,  that is of course how we find ourselves in our various current situations anyway.

I live in splendid isolation in the north of England and have done so for some 7 years now following my divorce after a 36-year long marriage. I have no plans to embark on any form of long-term relationship and I am committed to living out my life without the undoubted benefits of such an association. This is not to suggest that I am in any way lonely or isolated: I am neither, and enjoy a circle of dear friends with whom I can share so much. As for other matters, I am not on hormones and would not at my age consider surgery; were I younger my view might different. But this troubles me not and I remain happy (an understatement by the way) with my situation.

So, when did it all begin? The point is peculiarly clear in my mind, and has never left me. I was 9 and in my final year at infant school. I had always enjoyed reading and was, not to sound precocious (because I wasn’t), working through a book about Hercules and his labours and atonements for his various misdemeanours. Apart from his twelve labours he had also serve as a maid, dressed in women’s clothes, for a year to one of the goddesses. Now at such a tender age one is not aware of sexual feelings or emotions – at least I wasn’t – but this struck me like a thunderbolt and although I did not know why (actually I still don’t over 60 years later!) could not get it out of my mind, or rid myself of the strange but lovely feeling that overtook me at that moment. I remained haunted by that image for years following, right through puberty and beyond.

Of course at 9 one does not know how to respond to such tumultuous feelings and it was another year or so before I experimented in ‘dressing’.  Having no sisters, it was inevitably my mother’s wardrobe that attracted my attention. Fortunately my mother worked so I could sneak home at lunch time from school and try her things on. I shudder to think how I must have looked, but it met an important need for me and, interestingly, one that never caused me any sense of guilt or anxiety; a happy state of affairs that persists.

The following years can be dealt with briefly and were, in retrospect, less satisfactory. As a university student living away from home, I had opportunities that had been previously denied me, and I took such advantages of the situation as I could. It was however, in that pre World-wide Web age, a solitary existence. I was sure I was not the only person who felt as I did, but had no means of making contact with others. After leaving university I then got married to a girl I met as a student, and embarked on a period of self-imposed quiescence in terms of dressing.  Occasional and snatched forays into my wife’s wardrobe were so unsatisfying that I all but buried my desires, needs, ambitions – call them what you will – and occupied myself in what I thought was living. But our capacity for self-delusion knows no bounds, as I realised following my divorce. At the time I thought, if indeed I reflected upon it all, that the breakdown of my marriage had nothing to do with my suppressed ambitions. It is only, looking back over a few years that I recognise that it probably had a great deal to do with it. Psychologists often suggest that most of our decisions are based on sub-conscious activities of which we recognise so little: I would not, in the light of my own retrospective view, refute that argument. I now see that there was a turmoil in my heart that I refused to express or even acknowledge. I had anaethestised myself to all such deeper feelings.

Following my divorce I found myself with the opportunity of exploring my need to dress. I embarked upon this, what turned out to an adventure, with little suspicion of where it would lead me. Indeed, following such a long period of inactivity I had only limited ambitions and fewer expectations. But it was an already open emotional door that needed only to be pushed; and pushed it was to lead me into what I can only describe as a ‘garden of lights’. Now let me be clear, I refer not to sexual delights, but to intensely personal and wondrously fulfilling emotions of a different nature. Unfettered any longer by the social conventions of marriage and ‘normal’ behaviour (will someone tell me exactly what that is?) I found myself; and I mean that quite literally.

As time passed and my skills in dressing, making up and generally conducting myself on my new feminine role I realised that this was no imagined passion, no fanciful or ultimately ill-founded or self-deluding fantasy: this really was me! I can express it no more simply nor honestly. I had always, since that first awakening of my needs so many years ago, been dimly aware, though hardly recognised, that I had a strong feminine side to my nature, and now it could flower into something of genuine – dare I say it? – beauty, but beautiful in the sense of it being something to celebrate and no longer bury, shy away from or ignore.

In this respect I fully recognise the huge good fortune I enjoy.  It has been, I do not deny, a long and sometimes painful journey to reach where I am today, but I am lucky that opportunity has granted me this accomplishment. For so many it is not so. But why, I have to ask myself, did I not realise sooner my true self? In my view, for what it’s worth, we are all, in part at least, products of the societies in which we live and are brought up. We absorb, like it or not, realise it or not, the values, conventions, hopes, fears, and anxieties of our social environment, from our families, schools, media and everyday experiences. Hence, I got married when I should not have done. I did it because it was expected of me. I neglected my feminine side because it was not, especially in my youth of 50s and 60s, in any way acceptable. I assumed a persona that was not mine, but was what was expected of me. So many do that, and so many must lead lives of unrealised frustration and stress; and I hope I do not sound condescending when I write that. I recall the oft-quoted line from the feminist philosopher Simone de Beauvoir that women are not born but made [by society]. How right she was, but it applies also, to some extent, to men. In this respect, despite the ills that beset western Europe in the early 21st century, we must all embrace the degree to which alternative life styles and views are not only tolerated but also welcomed., at least in some quarters. The deeper question of why I am as I am takes us into the murkier waters of Freudian psychology, and I have no need to go there. I accept and celebrate my true being, and need no more.

So, where do I see myself fitting into this new social order? In so many respects I find myself very well-grounded in my society. I have a degree of self-belief and confidence – but not arrogance I hasten to add – that I have never enjoyed previously. This has brought out the best of characteristics in me, and Debbie is a more thoughtful, sociable, charitable and tolerant person than her male counter-part ever was. On the other hand I never allow my confidence to overtake my better judgements. When out as Debs most certainly I want always to look smart and presentable and never OTT, and I do not set out to shock or offend. I recognise however that my very being will unavoidably offend some people, but I cannot legislate for that and it is, as they say, collateral damage. In some respects, and forgive the seeming arrogance, I feel myself to be a woman on a mission, and my mission is to demonstrate that my chosen life-style is neither threatening nor dangerous, neither does it unravel the fabric of society; merely add a thread of another colour and lustre.

Whilst I realise that prejudice yet exists, I have to say that the response I get to my public being is heart-warmingly lovely; odd furtive condemnatory glances or sniggers I can deal with. Everyone from restaurant staff to security officers at the airport treat me with respect and curious, but polite, interest. I’ve had some quite charming conversations with various people that gives me real hope for our futures. I am only too well aware that I do not pass close inspection, but I do my best, and I’m proud of what I do and of my modest achievements. I’ve even had complete strangers stop me in the street and compliment on my dress. In some respects my life has become something a ‘road movie’; I go through it with a series of delightful and unpredictable encounters and experiences. My neighbours all know about me and could not be more accommodating, some insisting on going out with Debs for dinner, cinema, inviting me in for tea etc. My new life has, in happy conclusion, restored my faith in human-kind and there can be no better confirmation that I have made, either by design or by default, the right decision and to live as I do.


Debs XX

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SUKREW (Sexual Unity Krew)

Nice ‘n’ Naughty have expanded their range of men’s underwear with a fresh collection designed by Sukrew owner Kingsley.

The Sukrew brand aims to deliver the modern man with well-designed and well thought out quality apparel products. Their goal is to help you to look and feel sexual, sensual and confident, through creative designs, expert workmanship and quality materials.

From the ground breaking ‘U Trunk’ to re-envisaged ‘FV’ jock style brief the brand has expanded to include a range of pouched briefs and trunks that show you to full advantage, give you confidence, style and comfort.

Originally trialled in three of the Nice ‘n’ Naughty stores; the incredible success has seen it rolled out to all stores nationwide and the full range is now available here on the Nice ‘n’ Naughty website.

Sukrew PinksSouthport store manager Michelle Cooper said “We are really excited to be stocking the Sukrew range, Kingsley designs are based on everything he knows about the industry and what he thought was missing. The range of colours is brilliant, especially the new summer colours which we know are going to fly out.”



The Sukrew range of men’s underwear can be found in our 11 stores nationwide and online here priced at £19.99.


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Nice ‘n’ Naughty Support Saughall Cricket Club

Nice ‘n’ Naughty’s experience 9 years ago supporting a cricket club didn’t quite go to plan when we were told ‘It’s simply not Cricket’.

So we are delighted to be supporting the Saughall Cricket Club at such an awful time for them and the community that rely on the club house for functions and group meetings.


SaughallUp until recently, Saughall Cricket Club used a facility, also used by Taekwondo, Keep fit classes, Brownies, Guides, Cubs, Scouts as well as breakfast clubs for elderly members.An electrical fire broke out and devastated the building. Fortunately, the elderly members inside at the time were safely evacuated (including a 100 year old!).



Nice n Naughty want to help raise money to arrange a temporary solution which at the moment is likely to be portokabins to help all the groups that have used the clubhouse. Any spare money will go towards improving the Cricket Clubs coaching facilities for young people.


Multi award winning Nice ‘n’ Naughty have 11 stores across the UK and are happy to donate to the auction as kinky and Cricket finally come together. With the current 50 shades of Grey phenomenon Nice n Naughty have donated a gift basket of 50 shades goodies worth £250 and £150 gift vouchers for the cricket club to auction on their site.


The auction is open to bids from 14th March until 10am 29th March 2015 and there are many great items in the auction that will hopefully raise money so badly needed by the club. The auction can also be accessed from The Nice ‘n’ Naughty Facebook and twitter pages or



Martin Huxley, Fundraiser for Saughall Cricket Club said “When we heard about the fire it was heart-breaking as so many groups relied on the facility. Since then though, I have been astounded at the generosity of local businesses who have offered to donate prizes to our fundraising auction. I would especially like to thank Simon and Trish from Nice ‘n’ Naughty for their most generous donation. I know that money raised will make a huge difference to the people of Saughall and it is in no small part thanks to people like them.”


We urge everyone to join the auction and help raise as much money as possible for a very needy course. If people don’t want to join the auction but wish to purchase from and quote SAUGHALL in the discount code we will donate 10% of the sales to Saughall Cricket Club.







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Darts Just Got Kinky

Nice ‘n’ Naughty announce new sponsorship of PDC Professional Darts Player Peter ‘The Rock’ Hudson


Award winning adult retail chain Nice ‘n’ Naughty are proud to announce our sponsorship of PDC Professional Darts Player Peter ‘The Rock’ Hudson.

We are not sure if this is the first time an adult store has sponsored a professional darts player but it has certainly got people talking.


Peter is competing in the Coral UK Open from 6th to 8th March, which will be held at Butlins Minehead Resort in Somerset. The event will be televised live on ITV4.

The £300,000 tournament sees play across eight stages in Friday’s early rounds, as professional stars are joined by amateur qualifiers who have won through Rileys Qualifiers in this unique tournament.

Good luck Peter




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Rouge Garments and Nice ‘n’ Naughty join forces with Jackson Rocco to add gear and toy links to respected kink app guide

Acclaimed Brands Bed Together for Kink Fun and Safety
Award-winning leather brand Rouge have teamed up with renowned retailer Nice ‘n’ Naughty and revered pro-kink expert Jackson Rocco in a unique three-way partnership that caters for the ongoing upsurge in demand for fetish and BDSM products.
Using Rocco’s internationally-acclaimed android app of The Book of Kinky Sex Games, readers will for the first time be able to access directly specifically chosen Rouge and Nice ‘n’ Naughty BDSM gear and toys featured in the app’s sixty-nine session ‘recipes’ for fun and safe kink play.
Rouge ranges featured include its luxury padded ankle cuffs, blindfolds and adjustable wrist to neck restraints, all made using exquisite, quality leather from trusted tanneries. Nice ‘n’ Naughty items include bestseller essentials like vibrators, plugs, lube and massage oils. App users will be able to visualise and learn exactly what item of equipment each kinky practice requires while also offering the chance to shop and order instantly from their smart-phones.
The collaboration will not only be promoted by in-store 10,000 flyers and tags but be buttressed by live workshops on safer adult play, as well as regular blogs on Additionally, Nice ‘n’ Naughty shoppers will also be able to claim exclusive free apps (originally priced £6.99) of The Book of Kinky Sex Games through Google Play, benefiting from a definitive guide to kink heralded as ‘a ginormous achievement’ by fetish industry critics, and containing a ‘wealth of information worth the price of the first section alone.’
A spokesperson for leather manufacturer Rouge Garments UK highlighted the increasing desire for quality bondage gear in the mainstream and praised the bridge-building between experts from the adult industry and the kink scene uniting to provide a modern and educational approach for buyers.
Retailers Nice ‘n’ Naughty are no strangers to providing customer satisfaction. Founded 15 years ago, they were voted the UK’s Best Adult Retail Chain for six years and the only adult industry firm to receive the Investors in People accreditation. Director Trish Murray states that Nice ‘n’ Naughty was formed “with one clear aim. To offer the customer a comfortable environment to shop that will stimulate their imaginations, without boundaries or taboos. All our members of staff have the knowledge and training to ensure the customer has the best advice and service in the adult industry.”

On Nice ‘n’ Naughty teaming up with Rouge and Jackson Rocco, Trish Murray adds: “We have a vast array of products that fulfil desires from vanilla to kink, and to be involved with The Book of Kinky Sex Games app, offers all its readers the perfect space and products to learn, explore and grow.  With the pending release of Fifty Shades of Grey, we have seen a further increase in the demand of quality BDSM items, and we have therefore decided to help our customer further explore their desires with this partnership.

As the fetish world can sometimes appear daunting to newcomers it makes sense for the positive kink championed by the man nicknamed the ‘real-life Christian Grey’ Jackson Rocco to ally with such established names in the adult industry. “I couldn’t be happier’, says Rocco.

“For the people I represent it’s about care, education, affordability and quality. We have newbie’s looking to try things out and experts looking to invest in well-made and robust products. The Rouge stuff looks and feels amazing, while Nice ‘n’ Naughty couldn’t be more helpful. And as both firms are celebrated for their attention to detail and customer service, I have peace of mind that our campaign to give adult players the chance to realize their wildest dreams will continue to happen in the most supportive way possible. All round, this is a very cool project.”

For more info visit:
Google Play App – The Book of Kinky Sex Games 




Rouge Garments




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Nice ‘n’ Naughty to Raise Money for Sussex Beacon

Avid runner and charity fund raiser Simon Prescott, Director of Nice ‘n’ Naughty will, once again, participate in the Brighton Half Marathon on Sunday 22nd February 2015. Simon has nominated the Sussex Beacon to be his chosen charity for the event, with all the team at Nice ‘n’ Naughty getting behind him.

Simon Prescott Nice ‘n’ Naughty support a number of charities nationwide. When asked why the Sussex Beacon, Simon replied “Nice ‘n’ Naughty has always been a keen supporter of charities local to our 11 Stores throughout the UK. In Brighton, this year we are again recognising the valuable work the Sussex Beacon does in Brighton and want to show our support”. Simon competed in the Brighton Marathon in June 2012, raising over £500 for The Sussex Beacon, and beating his personal best.

This year all 11 nationwide Nice ‘n’ Naughty Stores , together with their Web Team, will be supporting Simons fund raising run, and to start the fundraising, Simon has made a £50.00 donation.

The Nice ‘n’ Naughty team are all placing bets on Simons finishing time, knowing that he is aiming for another personal best, and all proceeds will be going to the Sussex Beacon.

Philip Price, Nice ‘n’ Naughty Manager in Brighton said “It’s going to be an amazing weekend for the Brighton store this weekend, not only will Simon be here to run the Half Marathon, but on the 21st he will be an honoured guest at my wedding.” Philip has been part of the Nice’n’Naughty family for over 9 years, so having Simon there to celebrate with him is the icing on the cake for Philip and his partner James. When Simon completed the 2012 full Marathon, Philip was at the finish line in full drag to boost funds for the charity, this year he will have to pass on the opportunity, as he may be somewhat busy!

But Philip and the Team at the Brighton store are there to fully support the run, and would like to invite the local community to also get involved by popping into the store at 32 St. James Street and betting just £1 on his finishing time. The closest time will receive a free goody bag courtesy of Nice ‘n’ Naughty.

For further details please see Philip Price in our Brighton store or email:

If you wish to sponsor Simon please go to

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10 Naughty Christmas Gifts for Her


1. Bijoux Indiscrets Twenty One Diamond Shape USB Vibrator £49.99 Click here to view

2. Mystim Electric Eric Silicone E-Stim Vibrator £109.99 Click here to view

3. Fifty Shades of Grey Inner Goddess Silver Pleasure Balls £24.99 Click here to view

4. Icicles No.12 Rose Glass Dildo £34.99 Click here to view

5. Extra Small Silver Butt Plug with Red Crystal £24.99 Click here to view

6. On Natural Arousal Oil £16.99 Click here to view

7. Revel Body SOL USB Rechargeable Sonic Vibrator £99.99 Click here to view

8. Lelo Luxe Inez 24K Gold Rechargeable Vibrator £10,000.00 Click here to view

9. Screaming O MasteRING Remote Ring and Panty Set £36.99 Click here to view

10. Lelo Smart Wand Medium Rechargeable Vibrator £84.99 Click here to view

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Today is Black Friday and as I type this at half eight in the morning a buying frenzy has already gripped the nation.

Although we at Nice ‘n’ Naughty are not expecting the same throngs of crazed bargain hunters we are embracing the spirit of black Friday with offers both online and in our adult stores.

Our customers will be able to pop into our branches today and get a special 15% discount when they speak the words “15 SHADES OF BLACK”.

Also web customers can enjoy a range of special offers on various products changing hourly. To view the offers visit our online store.

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The iPhone-controlled sex toy you can turn on from anywhere

RUNNING errands doesn’t have to be boring — just ask Amanda Chatel.

The 36-year-old writer recently went out to pick up her laundry, stop by the chemist and grab a drink at a local bar — all while wearing a new vibrator called the We-Vibe 4 Plus.

Because it can be controlled remotely by an app, her husband — back at their apartment — turned it on and off as she went about her errands.

“[It] reminded me of my first Brazilian wax. I was overly aware of that part of my body, and felt like I was walking sex. But the difference was that I clearly remember strutting after my first Brazilian, and We-Vibe doesn’t allow for such a swing of my hips,” recalls Chatel.

“I felt too much swing would result in it falling out of place, down my pant leg and onto the ground. Then I wouldn’t feel like walking sex any more, but instead a horrified woman staring at her vibrator on the side walk.”

The We-Vibe 4 Plus and the app used to control it. Photo: We-Vibe

The We-Vibe 4 Plus and the app used to control it. Photo: We-Vibe Source: Supplied

Sex toys are not just for singles — or the bedroom — anymore. The We-Vibe 4 is not the first of its kind — other vibrators, like Oh-MiBod, can be remotely controlled by app as well.

But it claims to be the first hands-free device out there — it can easily fit under clothing — so now, anyone can get those good vibrations going, even when they’re not in the same room as their partner.

To access it, both partners download the free We-Vibe 4 Plus app from the iTunes App Store and register the vibrator. When your partner asks to connect, you can send him or her a link that enables them to control the device. He or she can choose from various vibrations, such as “peak” or “bounce.” The U-shaped toy is 7.5cm long and costs £127.99.

Although Chatel and her husband bought one only a few weeks ago, the New Yorker says the We-Vibe 4 Plus has already added a certain buzz to her everyday tasks.

“First [we] tried it together in the apartment with the remote control,” she says. “Then, we added the app to the mix and started experimenting with how far away I could go.”

“It’s especially great in long-distance relationships,” says We-Vibe’s global passion ambassador Tristan Weedmark. “If you’re in New York and your partner is in Taiwan, it can boost intimacy.”

The full package.

The full package. Source: Supplied

Relationship expert Andrea Syrtash agrees. “Dirty talk, video chats and photos can turn on a couple who are trying to stay connected from a distance,” she says. “But the We-Vibe adds another — very physical — dimension.”

Using the app can also allow your significant other to take control — and experience the thrill of doing something naughty in public — without risking being too obvious.

“As we saw with the appetite for Fifty Shades of Grey, people are interested in trying new things,” Weedmark says. “Couples [can] bring foreplay into their dinner dates. The female will wear the We-Vibe [at a restaurant], and her partner will control it on the app.”

But if you dare to adopt this approach, choose your timing carefully. “Don’t turn the app on and off when one of you is in a business meeting or a public place where it may be a little uncomfortable — or unprofessional,” cautions Syrtash.

Indeed. “When picking up my laundry, it was turned on and it was slightly audible,” Chatel recalls. “I passed it off as my phone, because I felt I had to say something.”

And, she adds, “Snug undies help.”

This article originally appeared on The New York Post.

You can buy the We-Vibe 4 Plus from Nice ‘n’ Naughty for £127.99. Click here to view >>

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