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Sunday Thoughts….


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Happy Hump Day!!


Happy #HumpDay!!

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Schools In! Jenna G Reviews Sexy Costumes

Fashionably Yours 1  School’s In!

Clothing can, and does, play a huge part in the bedroom… or wherever you carry out your ‘activities’!
From servile Maid and Nurse type outfits to Bondage outfits with built in restraints; you can find anything and everything to make you feel sexy, look amazing, and compliment your playtime. Clothing can help with boosting flagging confidence, can help you & your partner get into the mood – especially if it’s specific games you’re playing – Cop & Criminal, Schoolie & Teacher, Boss & Secretary – to name just a few combos, it’s all fun and games.

So today I’m not gonna overwhelm us all with the huge choice available, I’m just gonna have a little look at a bunch of Schoolie outfits and accessories which I think are super hot.

Schoolie / Teacher


This is a traditional-looking boarding school-type outfit and it is absolutely gorgeous!
I think this is probably my favourite Schoolie outfit as I think it’s so cute, it’s definitely made my onto my ever-growing “I Want!” list! (*ahem* pay attention Hubby… *ahem*)
This is by Fever & it’s available in sizes Small, Medium & Large – To buy, or for more info, click here –


Another very cute one! This one is by Classified.
The outfit comprises of a tartan skirt, a sexy blouse & includes some sexy stockings!
Available in Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large.
Buy it here –


This is a One-Size Schoolgirl outfit by Baci which has a twist to the traditional white blouse look, instead you get a black lacy halter neck to add some extra spice!
Available here –


Not a fan of traditional red & black colours? Spice it up with this purple ensemble by Baci, available in One-Size – Buy it here –


Accessories such as these cute socks are a must for super authenticity – available here –


Check out our huge range of Whips, Crops, & Canes here –

So get those pigtails in your hair, get that ‘desk’ ready and get playing at being a bad girl 😉  Look out for my next clothing post where I’ll be looking at more playtime outfit options and ideas…! 😉

All outfits and accessories are available to buy from either our online store, or in our physical stores – as our stock varies just give one of us a shout if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for and we’ll help you get kitted out for your awesome nights of fantasy!

with love 2016

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How to Properly Put On A Condom



with love 2016

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This is the ONLY type of rain we like!

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Impound Exhibition Male Chastity Device – Jamesey Reviews

For those of you who have been following the blog for a while, you’ll understand , from some of the things I’ve had to try that I’m usually pretty open minded about giving any toy a go. I mean I’ve tried spreader bars, e-stims, herbal pills and masturbation toys. I’ve always gone with the flow. So when I was asked to try out Impound Exhibition Male Chastity Device I was actually, for the time, apprehensive to try something out.


not actually me

Chastity isn’t something I’ve ever even had any thoughts about, I’ve not once thought “hmm – I’d try that”, in fact, if I am being 100% brutally honest, I’ve always been a bit turned off by the idea of it. I’ve never fully understood why someone would want to do it. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the thought process behind chastity, but for me personally, it’s just not appealed. Ever. However, part of the job and, I guess part of growing as a person is trying things that might not be your cup of tea, so apprehensively I agreed to try it out.


When the device arrived, I did actually quite like the packaging. It comes with a velvet carry case, which, considering it has multiple rings is really handy. Everything is wrapped in paper so that it doesn’t scratch.

n10348-impound-exhibition (1).jpg

As you can see from the pictures the entire toy made of metal, which when I was putting on for the first time presented me with two problems. Firstly – which ring should I use (there is nothing more humbling that putting on the biggest ring thinking it’ll be a great fit and having the toy fall off an land with a heavy thud on the floor) and the second being that metal is COLD!!

n10348-impound-exhibition-1 (1).jpg

Once I’d actually got the device on and – ahem- adjusted, I was actually surprised by how comfortable it was to wear. The cage part is a good size, and the 3 separate rings that come with the toy mean that it’ll fit most men.

So – the main question – did I enjoy it?

Well, I have to say, after reading up on chastity and seeing what was suggested when wearing the device I decided to follow some of the advice and wear it out for a bit and then for a play. The going out part was strange – simply because I was hyper aware of my crotch. The cage isn’t the lightest of things and wearing it out I was very aware of the weight. I also happened to drink 2 pints of cola and let me tell you – going to the toilet was a very strange experience. Urinal was out of the question and when I was stood in the cubicle I wasn’t even sure if I should sit down or stand up. As it happens I tried both. Neither was overly successful. (Honestly – standing up resulted in me doing an impression of a fire hose and having to frantically clean up with tissues and then scrubbing my hands like Lady Macbeth, while sitting down just resulted in a lot of clinking against the porcelain drawing attention to the cubicle.)


So when I wore it for playing, I really wasn’t sure what expect. Neither did the hubby who didn’t know I was wearing it and got the shock of his life when I dropped my trousers. He was surprised, rolled his eyes and muttered something about me having the strangest job ever. (He’s not wrong). He did seem to get quite into idea of it, and it just meant that all focus had to be on him.


Not my husband


Everything was going well with the play, until I got somewhat excited. Then I experienced a pain like I never felt before – it actually brought tears to my eyes – and stopped the excitement going on down there.  I persisted and didn’t take the cage off. My penis had learned its lesson and decided to stay asleep for the rest of the night, but just knowing it was there and that I couldn’t do anything about it, was strangely hot.

Afterwards, I took the cage off and the sense of relief was instant and amazing. I had worn the device for 5 hours, been out in and had a play in it. I can safely safe I tried chastity.


Check that off the list!

I’m not 100% sure that overall it’s for me, but as a somewhat submissive person, I can honestly understand the attraction of it much more now. The price point of Impound Exhibition Male Chastity Device means that it’s very much accessible for anyone looking to try the experience.  Will I wear it again? I’m a lot less inclined to say no straight away as it’s much more about the mental side of sex wearing it. I was so ready to have a play after a few hours of wearing it, despite knowing that it was going to cause me discomfort.  The toy looks amazing when it’s on and unless you’re getting an erection, is really comfortable for extended wearing. (which is obviously the whole point!)

For those of you who want to know about the spec’s of the toy –

Total Length: 4.33”, Length of cage: 3.54”, Width of cage: 1.37”, Width of base rings: 1.57”/1.77”/1.96”

I think that this is one of those instances where if left to my own devices I’d have never tried it, so I’m glad that I had the opportunity to try something like this.  Who knows, if the situation ever arose again, I could see me putting it on and letting the hubby know about it.


with love 2016


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Happy St Patrick’s Day!

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Rocks-Off Ball And Chain – Lust Linx – Remote Control Egg – Jenna-G Reviews

The first time I clapped eyes on the Rocks Off Ball and Chain I was busy going through my emails, I hadn’t really the time to stop and read, however, I was struck by how very striking it is, I couldn’t help but look twice, I found myself drawn to its uniqueness. Clocking the name, the whole concept all became clear; the person wearing the ball becomes the slave to the master of the remote control – the idea is that this is to be used by two people, although of course you could use it solo, there’s nothing to diminish that one bit.


Presented in a dark, serious-looking open-fronted box, the Ball and Chain is tucked in a plastic cage next to its remote control; you can see clearly the size, shape and overall essence of what you are getting.
Within the box, there is a charging cable and a 12 Month Guarantee card. The backing card slips out of the box to give care instructions and basics such as how to charge up your new toy and how to turn it on, off, etc. It strongly advises that you charge up your toy fully the first time you use it, and to give it a clean (as you should all your new toys). The LED light on the Ball will flash continuously once it is fully charged up.


As mentioned above, it looks serious and it is serious. Many toys come with fancy names, this has no pretenses – it’s literally a ball and chain – a beautifully, velvety, soft and smooth round silicone ball with a silver anchor which has a soft yet strong silicone chain linked to it for easy removal.

The Ball and Chain comes with a very discreet remote device which just has the one button to save any confusion, just cycle through the 10 settings to see what pattern causes what pleasures and reactions, just hold down the button for 3 seconds to stop the Ball. The remote can be used up to 10 meters away from the ball so there’s room to move about relatively freely. The button on the Ball itself is a cute Rocks-Off logo which is slightly raised so you can find it fast.


The toy is 100% waterproof so you can take it pretty much anywhere you like, say like the shower, bath, nowhere is prohibited; only your imagination can stop you! The Ball and Chain is a super fun toy that is so versatile, it offers as much teasing as you could possibly take and is a Hellava turn-on for the person in control! Really is a pleasurable little beast.


Summing up; an excellent variation of the usual Remote Controlled Love Eggs you see, feels amazing, lots of fun to use, vibrations offer a wonderful rumbling against your g-spot, waterproof, good price, beautifully soft silicone. Can’t go wrong, try one and see what mischief you can get up to!

with love 2016

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Easy Toys – Rabbit Vibrator – Jenna- G Reviews

This vibrator comes in 5 different sizes, in 5 animal styles and a nice range of colours.
The box has a table on the back which lists each animal style vibrator’s diameter, length, vibration modes, rotation speeds, and how many batteries each toy requires to power it up.
The back also tells me that the material used is TPR, ABS, and it is phthalate free.
Bonus: the vibes are all waterproof .


The box is an open-fronted thin cardboard with a moulded plastic interior which holds the vibe in place so you can see it perfectly before opening the box.

The animals available in the range are Rabbit (of course!), Bunny, Dolphin, Butterfly, and Kolibri – which I Googled and discovered is a type of Hummingbird.  Amazing!  I’m being educated as well as pleasured.

I got the Rabbit in purple, and the specs on the back tell me the following about my new toy; Diameter: 25 – 32 mm, Length: 215 mm, Vibration Modes: 12, Rotation Speeds: 3, Batteries: 3x AAA (not included). A point I’ve not mentioned yet is that the vibrator has beaded shaft which rotates 360 degrees and can be reversed anytime you like by pressing the button in the middle of the ‘control board’.

Speaking of the ‘control board’, it is a doddle to use – very familiar controls if you’ve ever had a Rabbit style like this before; top button turns the Rabbit on, the ‘12’ button below it controls the vibes and patterns, just repeatedly press the button to cycle through them, a light to the left flashes with patterns. The ‘R/S’ button controls the rotation of the metal beads in the shaft (as mentioned above), just press it and it reverses the rotation, press again to reverse again, and so on. The arrow buttons beneath control the speed of the rotation and the speed of the rotation press ‘up’ to start it and make it go faster and press ‘down’ to slow down and eventually stop, the 3 lights on the upper right of the ‘control board’ show the rate of speed the shaft is turning at.


The vibe is made of a nice jelly like material so it’s comfortable to use. Also it’s a nice size, it’s certainly not as big as a lot of them out there, in fact, I’ve seen Rabbits which are the same size as this one and they are described as ‘mini’ so if you like your vibes on the bigger side bear that in mind.

Personally, I found this to be a joy to use, literally, it has a powerful vibration on the Rabbit clit stimulator once it gets going, and once you start those balls moving too you’ve got a multitude of orgasms waiting to be had. I really liked the sensations it provided; the mix of rotating beads stimulating the g-spot and the powerful teasing patterns on your clit will blow you away!

However, there was a downside; this vibe is not quiet; press the ‘on’ button once and yes, it is quiet – start upping the speed and it gets noisy – start the rotating beads & you may as well have a brass band in the bedroom with you, you’d not hear it over the noise of this vibe! OK, slight exaggeration, but I do mean *slight* – this is noisy; there is no nice way to say it. I’ve heard worse, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

All in all, a nice vibe, powerful, a good size (though may be considered ‘mini’ to some), comfortable and safe to use – if you’re not fussed about a little bit of noise this is a really good choice of vibe to get.

with love 2016

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