NEWSFLASH -The Elusive Screaming Orgasm… Is Not So Elusive!

While you’re all sunning yourself during what’s left of this bank holiday, some of us are hard at work at Nice ‘n’ Naughty HQ. Today I’ve been busy creating a new section on the site dedicated to the world-famous, award-winning sex toy brand The Screaming O.

As you can imagine it’s a line of sex toys that “does exactly what it says on the tin” or packet in this case. It promises to help those 75% of women who can’t orgasm from intercourse alone to achieve the elusive screaming O. The most popular and well know toy of theirs is the Screaming O vibrating cock ring

The Screaming O Vibrating Cock Ring £4.99

The soft jelly cock ring has pleasure knobs built-in for him and ticklers on the clit stim for her. When worn during sex both partners are stimulated by intense vibrations that buzz throughout the entire ring when worn at the base of the penis.  Put simply, it turns your man’s shaft into a blissful vibrator and while he’s trusting away the bullet is rubbing against your clit, thus sending you on a one way trip to orgasmic heaven. Amen to that!

It gets better. The cock ring also makes your mans erection harder, bigger and last longer. All that combined it’s no wonder that a vibrating cock ring is the most popular couples toy ever!

The Screaming O range is quite an extensive one so there’s definitely something for everyone. Does your man like a little ball play? Here’s The Screaming O Tri O

Screaming O Tri O £14.99

One ring is to go around his penis, the other is to go around his balls. As well as that you’ve got TWO, yes two vibrating bullets so you both get so much pleasure from it, it may take a few days to regain the use of your knees!

The Screaming O range is available at Starting from as little as £4.99.

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