Bondage For Beginners

This week, I’ve been introduced to a website called FetLife, a social networking site for people who love Bondage, BDSM and fetishes! These last few days have been spent talking to people all over the UK who love all things kinky, just another day in the Nice ‘n’ Naughty office!  Everyone on there, well almost everyone, have been so welcoming to this venture so I’m going to do a post about bondage gear in their honour.

The thrill of bondage lies in the appearance and sensation of your partner being restricted (or vice versa). In turn, this produces either a sense of helplessness or of control which can open up an array of exciting sexual fantasies. Bondage is a great way of exploring new sexual experiences with your partner as part of a trusting, uninhibited relationship, There are many degrees of bondage that straddle the pain / pleasure divide and so it’s important to establish boundaries with your partner and try them out through safe experimentation. Although bondage strictly refers to the act of restraining someone, it is now commonly used to encompass a wide range of scenarios that incorporate domination and submission. Bondage is also as much psychological as it is physical.

Sex can get boring after a while, if you let it, and a little bit of light bondage can be just the thing to perk it back up again. That doesn’t have to mean you have to reach for the whips and chains, you can start with something as pretty and innocent as a pink satin eye mask. Let your lover blindfold you next time you engage in a little sex play. An obvious choice wouldbe handcuffs. As they most common form of restraint, they are a usually the best place to start.

Silver Handcuffs (for beginners) £4.99

From there you can move onto bigger and bolder things such as full restraints, whips, ankle cuffs, nipple clamps, the list goes on. It all about personal preference, being creative and testing your boundaries. Somethings you’ll like others you won’t. Most importantly though, you need to have a feeling of trust with the other person involved.

For those of you reading who are heavily into your bondage, I recommend our “restricted area” definitely not for the faint hearted.

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