Room Service Anyone?

Many couples enjoy a little bit of erotic role play to act out their deepest (an dirtiest) sexual fantasies. Pretending we’re someone else can help us lose inhibitions and have some of the most explosive sex ever!

If you’re new to the idea it’s best to start with something simple. Simple, sexy and skimpy. Probably the three words that will keep you on the right path when choosing your naughty outfit. Our bestselling erotic role play costume is the french maid. It may not be the most original of ideas but it’s still the one the majority go with. Men will always love that little white apron, the low-cut short black dress and the little feather duster. Simple yet oh so effective.

French Maid Mistress £34.99

Another sure bet is the sexy schoolgirl outfit. The shorter than short tartan skirt, the small white shirt, the loose tie and of course the kinky knee-high stockings. In that get up you’ll be across his knee being punished before you can say “here sir”.

Grade A Student £29.99

Of course there are so many other options to try. Sexy secretary, naughty nurse, dirty doctor, cute copper, frisky fireman, the list is endless. The more comfortable you become the more possibilities you’ll want to explore.

Dr Phil Good £29.99

Come and take a look at what have to offer today and stimulate your imagination.

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