Lubes Lubes Lubes!

Many people wrongly assume that lubricant is just for those ladies among us that have …erm.. “dried up” and gay men. While yes, it does reduce friction within the vagina and anus and it will ensure you get the utmost comfort and pleasure during sex, EVERYBODY should have a good lubricant stashed in their bedside drawer.

Ideal for using during hand-jobs, oral sex, anal play, vaginal intercourse, and with sex toys, once you start using lubricants you’ll wonder why you didn’t before!

Nice ‘n’ Naughty stock a wide range of water-based, silicone-based, flavoured, warming/tingling sensation and masturbation lubricants. But what is the difference?

Water-based – the most popular and the most widely available. Suitable for all kinds of toys, condoms and slippery sexual “situations”.

Silicone based Lubricants – a little more expensive but last so much longer than water-based lube, making it perfect for anal sex. Unfortunately they aren’t compatible with silicone sex toys but they are absolutely fine for use with metal, plastic or rubber toys and safe for any type of condom. Most importantly, they will give you an unforgettable experience in the bathroom as they are waterproof.

Flavoured – Don’t like the taste of water -based? Try a flavoured one! Perfect for oral sex and with all the benefits of a water-based lube you can choose from a huge range of delicious flavours. Pina Colada anyone?

Warming and tingling lubricants – specifically formulated to produce delicious, stimulating sensations in addition to the ones you normally feel during sex. The sensation, whether warming or tingling, is felt on the surface of the skin wherever the product is applied. Sensational!

Jack Jelly Masturbation Lube

Masturbation lubricants – are specially designed for use by men in sex play with a partner, or for self pleasure. They e tend to be thick, oil-based creams that enhance the enjoyment of male masturbation because they never get sticky and are extremely long-lasting.

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