Ten Reasons Why You Need A Lelo In Your life

LELO is known around the world as the company behind the world’s best pleasure objects with good reason. As well as their inspiring and creative designs, their obsession with quality and standard,  the fact every component is tested and retested and  100% quality assured, every Lelo product is a little sex toy masterpiece.

The Lelo Soraya

They may be our most expensive range of vibrators but once you use a Lelo you won’t go back to any other toy. I’ve heard many reviewers say that if they had to get rid off their sex toy collection but keep one item, it would be their Lelo. Every woman needs one, regardless of martial status, and here are my reasons why.

1. The vibrations. One quick in-store demo will show you just how powerful these toys are. They are unique in the fact that if you hold one of these toys in your hand you will feel the vibrations travel all the way up your arm. With most vibes the vibrations would only be felt in your hand. Amazing.

2. The silence. Lelo toys are quiet, very quiet, so if you have thin walls or flat mates these are perfect for you. The tell-tale buzzing sound won’t be coming from your bedroom but we can’t make any promises on whether you’ll be keeping quiet though 🙂

3. The pleasure modes. The amount of vibration modes your get differ with every product (always check the description) but the ones you do get will rock your world! With the Mia you get 4 settings with the Gigi you get 5 different modes but each of those modes have around 12 different speeds.

4. The charging. They are fully rechargeable. No more pesky batteries! Just charge it for 2 hours and you’re good to go for a whole 4 hours of play time!

5. The design. They are sleek, modern, beautiful and ergonomically designed. The Insignia range is 100% waterproof for bathtime fun too.  I’ve often been told that a lot of men can feel threatened with a vibrator, especially if they look too much like a penis. There is nothing threatening about Lelo which is why so many men are happy to buy them as gifts. The packaging is gorgeous too. Forget the iconic little blue Tiffany & Co box it’s all about the little black Lelo box.

6. The environment. Good news! They are environmentally friendly! The designer packaging is bio-degradable (where possible) and the toys aren’t battery powered. No guilty feelings there!

7. Phthalate Free. They made from completely body safe, phthalate-free medical grade silicone and PC-ABS. All Lelo products are non-toxic so no nasty chemicals are going into your body.

8. One year Warranty.  Lelo are so confident in their toys they give you a whole year’s free warranty.  Something wrong with your Lelo? No Problem, simply register your new toy on their official site and if anything goes wrong it’s easy to get a replacement sent out.

9. Free Lube and cute storage bag. With every Lelo toy you get a free sachet of luxury lelo lube and a little black satin bag to store your favourite new toy in. The box it comes in is so nice you probably won’t throw that away either.

10. The results! When used properly, Lelo toys produce some of the longest lasting, most intense and most amazing orgasms you will ever experience. You really do get what you pay for with a Lelo. Their power and design work together to deliver an exceptional experience time and time again. A Lelo is all you’ll ever need.

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