Nice ‘n’ Naughty Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Today is the big day! It’s the day you can show your partner just how much you love them with hearts and flowers or even some chocolates. After a few years together though,  traditions like this tend to repeat themselves and lose their sparkle. The standard card and red roses was once sweet but you got those last year and the year before that and the year before that!  It’s never to late to try something new so take a look at our top ten suggestions for what long term couples can to do today.

1. Romantic Meal for Two

If you haven’t booked a table at that fancy new restaurant with rave reviews already, chances are that you won’t be able to. As a city dweller, I know only too well that trying to book a table last minute at any local eatery this time of year is almost pointless. Don’t worry, it can be equally romantic, if not more, to have your Valentine’s Day meal at home. Pick up something special from the best food shop you know, dress up, light the candles and cook something together (maybe naked?). At least if you’re at home you can get to the bedroom quicker 🙂

2. Movie Night

A date night staple since cinema’s first opened. Grab your coats, grab your popcorn and snuggle up at the cinema. Want to sex it up a bit? A remote controlled vibrating love egg is the perfect play thing to take with you. Pop on in before you go and hand the remote to your lover! Build up the sexual tension by keeping on the edge of your seat until home time.

date night.

3. The Romantic Evening Stroll

Yes it’s cold and dark but if you wrap up warm and stay close together you can take a romantic stroll around your favourite beauty spot and simply enjoy being alone. Try discussing what you want to do to each other when you get home to spice it up and delay the moment. You’ll be desperate to get back to the bedroom.

3. The bedroom.

Stock up on naughty lingerie, new sex toys and chocolate body paint and then lock yourselves in your bedroom for the night! Use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to make time for each other, not just a quick one before you both go to work or while the kids are asleep. Remind each other of how much you want them regardless of what goes on around you.

4. Sexy Board Game.

Sex board games add a level of fun and excitement to any evening but are especially perfect for Valentine’s Day. They range from the mildly suggestive to out and out dirty and can encourage you both to do things you may never have tried before. If you’re an adventurous couple who like to be spontaneous, a sex board game is just what you need.

Monogamy Board Game

5. Spa Night

Most women and a lot of men love to be pampered. Being completely relaxed goes hand in hand with getting horny so start with a hot bath together with lots of bubbles and candles. Follow with a sensual head to toe mutual massage using a luxurious massage oil. For some people that alone is a gift in itself.

Nice 'n' Naughty Lust Massage Oil

6. A Romantic drive

Grab a blanket, a picnic, some mood music and get in the car. If it is a clear night tonight, drive away from the city lights and search for peace. Lying together and looking at the stars, is there anything more beautiful? Remember that public indecency is illegal so make sure no one sees if the mood takes you!

drive-in movie date night

7. Box Set Heaven

Whether you have bought a new box set or found something good on Netfix, just curling up on the sofa (or the bed) and watching it together with a big bag of Haribo’s is magical.  The obvious hazard here is falling asleep because you are both so relaxed! Try and stop watching the TV before that happens so you don’t miss out on some Valentine’s Day sexy time 🙂

8. Fantasy Games

Both write down a list your naughtiest fantasies and agree to act out at least one from each list as a Valentine’s Day gift to each other. For a lot of couples this means venturing into the world of bondage or anal play for the first time. Make sure you have provisions ready just in case! I.e lots of lubricant and rope 😉

9. Get Creative

As well as buying each other a gift why not try making something special as well? Bake a cake, make a card or get creative with fabric. Whatever you make it might just be that little bit more special to your loved one than you thought.

hello naomi: valentine's day

10. Pick and Mix

If you just can’t decide what you want to do, write down all of the above and a few of your own naughty ideas on separate pieces of paper and pick one at random. It will help you both to be more spontaneous and spice up your relationship no end.

date nights!

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