An Introduction to Sex Board Games

Lacking a little something in your sex life? Or ready to try something new? Sex games range from those which are suggestive, to those which are participatory. They are a great way to have some fun with your partner while being intimate and sexual at the same time.

Tease Game

Before you start any sex game you need to understand the premise and aim of the game to determine if it is something you would like to try.  Most games have a theme so you can see what you’re getting into.

The two main types of sex games are:

Discussion based sex games – these are based on traditional favourites like Truth and Dare or Spin the Bottle but with a sexual theme, provoking sexual situations by suggestive clues, questions and answers.

Action based games – these are games involving physical activity and are designed to increase sexual arousal for both players – definitely a game for behind close doors!

Both types of games can come in the form of a board game or trivia cards. Depending on the game, the general gist is that players take turns telling their sexually intimate thoughts, sharing their fantasies and performing sensual challenges. There are usually levels to each game and the level of intimacy determines the level of sexuality in the game.

Sex games offer the opportunity to take an exciting journey with your lover and find out some hidden truths, and even discover some new things about yourself and things you’d like to try with your partner. Sex games aren’t designed to offend you or be disrespectful, they are some light hearted fun and you can always opt for the tame level if you’re not sure about playing. They can give you the opportunity to open up and say some things you might not have otherwise felt comfortable saying and the opportunity to ask questions as well! The beauty about sex games is they can give you the opportunity to expand sensual

and sexual horizons while spending intimate time with your partner!

The comic nature of the titles and the steamy, somewhat lurid sexual implications of sex board games make them ideal gifts. They are great to give to your partner as it’s something for both of you!

They can also be great fun to play with friends, provided you have the right degree of intimacy within the group.

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