An Introduction to Penis Extensions

Penis extensions are rubber or latex sleeves that fit over the end of your penis in order to add usually between one and three inches where it counts. Depending on the type of sleeve, it may also add a noticeable amount to your circumference.

Strapless penis extensions are like condoms with a prosthetic penis head on the end that sits on top of your own penis head while the sleeve covers your shaft and holds the penis extension in place. If the sleeve material is thick it will also add some dimension to the girth of your penis. These penis extensions may be textured for added partner stimulation.

The other type of penis extension is like a hollowed out dildo that your erect or non-erect cock fits inside. These penis extensions are rigid or semi-rigid and require either elastic straps or a harness to hold them in place. The straps are usually attached, but in some penis extension models you may need to purchase a harness separately. Because they are more rigid, strap-on type penis extensions can be used by men who have difficulty getting hard, or staying hard. They can also be used to prolong intercourse indefinitely. Most penis extensions are realistic in design and moderately generous in proportions and some penis extensions are ridged, knobbly or bumpy.

The benefits

The bonus of penis extensions is the extra inches they provide and, in the case of strap-on penis extensions, more staying power. The drawback is that they reduce penile sensitivity. Even the thinnest penis extension is the equivalent of wearing several condoms. The benefit for the wearer is therefore the psychological one of having a longer penis and the reaction that he gets from his partner.

For some women, an inch or two more of penetration can make a big difference if they enjoy stimulation of their cervix (the area at the opening of the uterus). For some, the cervix is too sensitive to handle direct stimulation, but for others the end of the penis extension pressing and bumping against the cervix can create deeply pleasurable sensations. Bumpy or ridged penis extensions can enhance vaginal intercourse and stimulate the woman’s G-spot.

In the case of anal intercourse, any surface textures on the penis extension will be greatly amplified by the sensitive nerves in the anal area. For gay men, penis extensions may also help stimulate their partner’s prostate gland, which is like the male version of the G-spot.

Using penis extensions

Flexible sleeve or condom type penis extensions may need to be rolled up before putting on. Hold the edges of the penis sleeve and roll it inside out, like the reverse of rolling on a condom. Place a dab of sexual lubricant on the inside of the end cushion where the cock head will go and then rub some more on your own penis end. This will increase sensation during sex. Fit the end of the penis extension over the end of the penis, hold it in place and roll the sleeve down the shaft.

Cyberskin penis extensions need to be handled carefully. They are flexible and stretchy but can tear easily. Don’t tug on it or pull at the end or the edges. Jelly, rubber and silicone penis extensions are more durable, but can also tear if they are nicked.

If you are using a strap-on type penis extension, apply a liberal amount of lubricant at the end of the inner sleeve and also lube the end of the penis. Step into the harness or straps, position the extension over the penis and slide it into place. Adjust the straps or harness to fit snugly.

Safe sex

Although penis extensions cover the penis like a condom, they should not be used in place of a condom to prevent pregnancy or STDs. If you need to use a condom for contraception or safe sex, you can put one on over a sleeve type penis extension, making sure it covers the length of your shaft securely. If you are using a strap-on type penis extension put the condom on your cock before you slide it into the penis extension.

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