Our Andy is one Tough Mudder!

Nice ‘n’ Naughty have a long tradition of giving. Charity is at the core of our institution and over the years we have donated both time and money to various NGO’s delighted to add our voices to the spirited debate and vocalisation of any number of organisations whose work shines out as a beacon to a multitude of causes.

Tough Mudder is the colourfully termed endurance test designed by British Special forces that pushes both the physical and mental limits of its participants. The organizers encourage teamwork, and many obstacles are purposefully designed so as to be very difficult to complete alone. The events are untimed, but on average only 78% of entrants successfully complete the course.

Nice ‘n’ Naughty Bolton’s very own Andy Mcghee, has assembled his team and is training hard for his entry into the Tough Mudder challenge in aid of two great causes. Firstly, Help for Heroes, a legendary institution that works tirelessly to support those in the armed forces who have suffered severe and life changing injuries supporting campaigns worldwide. Registration fees for the TM event are automatically donated to this and any further money raised by Andy’s Teammates will go to these brave men and women. The goal of ‘Team Mudder Militia’ is to raise £120 for Help for Heroes’ and a further £200 for Cancer Research, a charity close to Andy’s heart, who lost his mother to the disease and has seen many who are close to him affected.

Helping Andy reach the goals set by his team is not only hugely important but tremendously inspiring and as proud as we know his mother will be looking down on him and his friends working so hard for these causes, the Nice ‘n’ Naughty team will be proud to support him too!

A just giving page has been created for anyone who would like to contribute to Andy’s donation goal and a further donation page created for the Tough Mudder campaign is also online (both below)

Fancy helping a hero today? Or maybe you’d like to be an angel of support for someone fighting a terrible disease – today you can!

Good luck Andy and to all of Team Mudder Militia:

Andrew Mcghee – Captain Porn Peddler

Gavin Flannery – Corporal Kraken

Kat Flannery –  Private Pandora

Leanne Horrocks – Specialist Brutal Doll

We’re all so proud of you!!!!!



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