Electro Sex…..have you tried it yet?

Electro sex play is becoming increasingly popular as our Nice ‘n’ Naughty customers are wanting to try new sensations.

Below are three different power units to set you off on your adventure.





The simple controls and being priced at under £40 make the Shock Therapy Kit ideal if you want to test the waters without splashing too much cash.







Dual channels and a great variance of patters make the Zeus Deluxe Digital Power Box great for moving on and mixing and matching toys.






The Flick from ElectraStim is an iphone sized wonder. Incredible power and a revolutionary motion sensor mode. You really can tell that the makers put time and effort into its design.



There are also a wide range of toys available to match up with your new powerbox.











Remember to always follow the instructions and stay safe.


About nicennaughtyuk

Welcome to the Nice 'n' Naughty blog! We are a chain of licensed sex shops and a fabulous website in the UK. Visit www.nicennaughty.co.uk for our extensive range of sex toys, lingerie, fetish clothing and more.
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2 Responses to Electro Sex…..have you tried it yet?

  1. Fiona says:

    I feel one of your shops would be brilliant in Carlisle, Cumbria people are very highly sexed, we love it and are not afraid to grab it.
    I would love to manage your shop if you decide to open one in Carlisle

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