Jamesey’s Review of The Sqweel XT for Men

Ask most men to name a sex toy and they’ll probably mention “The Rabbit.” Ask them again to think of a toy just for them and you might get a slight pause before they mention a cock ring or just look at you blankly. The reason for this is simple; the male toy industry just doesn’t have the same depth of choice as you might think. There’s no “rabbit” for us boys. However with the release of a male toy from the creators of The Sqweel it looks like the landscape might be changing!

First things first, this toy is great for any man that wishes he had oral sex on demand! That’s Sqweel XT for Men USB Rechargeable Oral Sex Simulator logoexactly what the Sqweel XT for Him offers, with 3 separate speed modes and another 3 sets of pulsating patterns you’d be hard pressed to find another toy that offers such an array of oral sensations. But the fun doesn’t end there; the Sqweel XT comes with two sets of turbo tongues so the user is presented with a softer option or a firmer more rigid set of 10 tongues which are designed for those who want a stronger sensation.  The opening of the toy is very generous so even the most well- endowed guy can use it without worry.

Whilst it’s not the quietest of toys on the market at the moment, its compact design and light weight more than make up for a little noise. Plus it’s USB rechargeable so there’s no need to ever raid the remote control for batteries. Two hours charge will give you one hour of play.

As an added bonus despite the intended use of the Sqweel XT it looks nothing like a sex toy so if you left lying on the bed or the bathroom (it’s also waterproof!) nobody is going to instantly know what it’s for and as someone who once dropped a bag full of vibrators at a train station this a massive selling point! It’s even got a travel lock so there’s no chance of it going off your bag if you’re taking it on your travels.

Sqweel XT for Men USB Rechargeable Oral Sex Simulator 7
So to recap –

  1. Compact
  2. Two sets of “turbo tongues”
  3. 3 speeds and 3 pulsation modes
  4. Rechargeable which means no batteries!
  5. Waterproof – use it in the shower or the bath.
  6. Travel Lock for the ultimate safety when you travel.

It might have taken the toy industry time to realise that men like toys, but with a toy like this – we can more than forgive the wait.


Buy in store or online now.

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