Jamesey’s Review Of The Rev1000

Packaging can tell you a lot about a product before you’ve even looked at the contents of the box; having worked in the adult industry for a fair few years I’ve learned to spot a decent box! From the second I received the The Rev1000 I was impressed, the packaging for this toy is a really impressive and before you’ve even opened the box, you can tell you’ve got a high quality product.

A revolution in male pleasure

Upon taking the toy out of the box I was intrigued – the product looks brilliant. It has a sleek, almost gadget feel to it, which just begs closer inspection. The toy looks almost like a giant joystick with a wider base and a good sized see through compartment with a hole at the bottom. Inside the compartment is a sleeve with multiple soft nodules and ticklers that fully cover the inside and top of the sleeve.

Now I have to say, I am one of those people that reads the instructions for EVERYTHING (drives my poor hubby mad), so before I’d actually used the toy I followed the instructions and charged the toy for the suggested 8 hours. (Further uses will only require a 1 hour charge for a 1 hour play.).  So after distracting myself for the required charge time – (I binge watched season 2 of hour of cards – brilliant show…but I digress), I unplugged the toy and decided to give it a go.                     

Call me crazy if you want, but before I put my manhood into anything I generally like to stick my fingers in first and if there’s batteries and moving parts involved I always turn it on, but I was that excited about this toy that I forwent my usual safety routines and just grabbed the lube and decided to dive head first into giving it a go.

The Rev1000 has 7 speeds and 7 modes – that’s a total of 49 settings to the toy! The first 30 seconds of using the toy were….. Well intense wouldn’t quite cover it but it would come Rev1000_6-500x500close!  The bottom chamber of the toy rotates internally and dependant on which setting you choose (remember 49 in total!) it will either rotate fully, half way or side to side with varying degrees of vibration.  So I was pretty spoiled for choice, but honestly after using it for a few seconds I lost the ability to form much in the way of a thought process so just worked my way through the speeds and modes. The toy works so well because the closer you get to orgasm, the more you want to see what it feels like on a higher speed or a different setting because you don’t want the experience to end. Sadly it did. Very quickly. (Further uses have shown me the amazing range of modes and how different they feel, but for your first use – don’t expect to last very long!)

Luckily the cleaning of the toy is beyond simple! You can very easily unscrew the chamber from the handle of the toy, and lift out the sleeve and wash with warm water of toy cleaner.

The Rev1000 is a great toy for us guys. Further uses allow you a chance to really see which of the many settings you like the most, it’s a toy that works better the more you use it as you’ll learn better techniques for using it, which settings you enjoy the most and which type of lube works the best for you when you’re using it (definitely stick with a water based!). The only slight drawback is that it’s a little loud the first time you turn it on, but you very quickly get used to the noise and can forgive a touch of noise when you’re experiencing something as intense as what the Rev1000 is offering.

I would happily suggest this to friends and if you’ve already got a high end masturbation toy such as Fleshlight – this is 100% the next step for your toy collection.

This toy was kindly donated to me by Net 1 on 1 but this has in no way affected my review.

with love 2016

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