Jamesey’s Review Of The Zuyosa Sexual Vitality Supplement for Men

In a time when you can pick up “herbal Viagra” in the majority of pub toilet vending machines it’s important to find a brand that you can trust and that you know will work for you. (Especially if you’re in said pub and Sandra from Accounts is giving you the eye – you definitely don’t want to waste money on a pill that you want to help counter those pints you’ve just had.)

I recently tried Zuyosa Sexual Vitality Supplement for men and long story short – you can now add it to the list of male supplements you can trust to do the job.

Deriving from the Japanese word for strength Tsuyosa, these pills are different than most Zuyosa Sexual Vitality Supplement for Menthat are available from Nice ‘n’ Naughty in the sense that you have to take it 2 hours BEFORE you’re looking to play. So the main question is – are they worth the wait? The answer isn’t as straight forward as a simply yes.

I took the pills on a Saturday night; I hadn’t had any alcohol or anything else that might change the effects of the pill. I also made sure to take it on an empty stomach as in the past if I’ve taken a herbal on a full stomach it’s taken much longer for the effects to work.   Unlike previous brands that I’ve tried, there was no flushing in my cheeks when the effects started to kick in but you could feel your crotch getting a little warmer and about an hour and a half after taking the pill I can definitely say that I noticed I was feeling a lot more “in the mood” than I usually was and considering I was only watching The Voice I’d say that it was 100% down to the pill.   (you should have seen how excited I got when they all turned round for one of the acts! But that’s a story for another day.)

When the two hours had passed and it was time to play, I was expecting the effects to be a lot more obvious. It felt quite similar to other herbal brands I’ve used in the past in the sense that I was harder than normal, but not by much and not to the extent of Maximum Virility or Extra Strong. I can honestly say that after two hours wait I was expecting more from it than feeling hornier than usual and a slighter stronger erection so was a little disappointed.

HOWEVER – the next morning when I woke up, the effects seemed to be in full force. My morning wood was literally capable of hammering nails! Of all the herbals I’ve tried this was one of the most extreme morning afters I’ve had, it also took about an hour to go down. Throughout that day I felt like a randy 18 year old again (I’m 32 now.) Unfortunately  I was in work that day (slightly uncomfortable day to be fair but by the end of it I was so ready to go home and see my partner that I had lost any focus on work by 4pm and long stopped caring about being uncomfortable.) Every single erection I got on the Sunday felt like the hardest erection I’ve had in my life so despite not being impressed at first on the Saturday night by the Sunday night, I think I can honestly say that I had changed my view on them. They were brilliant, the mental and physical effects are one of the strongest of any herbals I’ve tried. The trick is just to make sure that you are off the next day and not stuck in work wishing the hours away.

The Zuyosa come in a 4 pack so I’ve still got 3 left, they’re made in the UK and are MHRA approved. The ingredients are Siberian Ginseng, L’Argenine, Maca, Reseratrol, Saw Palmetto, Zinc and Vitamin B6. (this means very little to me but I know some people like to know what’s in their supplements!)

So in summary, I liked them, I liked the effects. I don’t really know if I’d recommend them to guys looking for an enhancement THAT night, however if you are planning a weekend away with your partner or know that they are staying over that night – I would 100% suggest these as the pills for you!

(the Zuyosa 4 pack was kindly donated by Net1on1 but this has not clouded my review in any way.)

You can buy Zuyosa from our adult stores nationwide or buy buy Zuyosa online with free UK delivery.

Zuyosa banner

with love 2016

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