The Sex Factor – Episode 2

A Recap by Jamesey

Well after that amazing premier, there’s no way I wasn’t going to be recapping the rest of the series.  (Let’s face it, any real excuse for me to watch more reality TV!! This should keep me going until RuPauls Drag Race All Stars s2 starts!!)

This episode as a whole was great – it actually showcased more personality from the contestants in 27 minutes that a lot of shows can do in a whole season. Seriously – whoever does the editing for this show deserves a medal! PLUS we have a very shocking twist at the end!! (Not as shocking as the Tyra “I WAS ROOTING FOR YOU” Banks moment, but pretty damn close!) tyra

The episode starts as my Queen Asa Akira introduces the show and states that tonight’s episode is in conjunction with mega XXX brand Hustler magazine and we’re treated to a quick preview of the episode before cutting to a very nice bedroom in the Sex Factor house (which thinking about it – you really wouldn’t want to be the cleaner for…) as we are introduced to erotic photographer legend Holly Randal.  She’s been in the industry for a long time and loves her job! After getting introduced to Holly, the viewers are treated to a little history courtesy of Remmy –

“Before VHS and the internet – there were magazines and photo’s”.

This is a really big factor that is often overlooked these days in a very internet driven world, the adult magazine is where the majority of older people first saw erotic pictures and I really like that this is an episode dedicated to embracing the history of this industry and showing that to have The Sex Factor you have to be able to excel in all avenue’s! (If you remember one of the P’s from last week was Presence and it looks like this week’s will be working that P. Lexi Belle explains that the winner of this mini photo shoot will win a real shoot to be featured in Hustler magazine. (read – FREE PUBLICITY!!!) That’s an amazing start and platform for any female contestant.

We’re then treated to a montage of Holly Randal walking round the sex factor house looking very arty and photographer like (lots of lining up shots with her hands) as she tells us that she really wants to take the pictures outside as the light is beautiful, but sadly there are two issues. 1. The girls didn’t bring any swimwear – just lingerie. 2. The weather has changed and she’s lost the sun. She didn’t look very happy about it, but as luck would have it – the bedrooms upstairs have an amazing archway, so Holly’s going to use this to frame the girls and thus – the challenge begins.

There is a  quick shot of Blair bending backwards and being sexy- before getting her hair stuck in her high heel! (Someone has done yoga before!) Luckily the lovely Lexi is on hand to release her! (if she’s brought a swimsuit this wouldn’t have been an issue – #justsayin).  Now that the challenge has begun Holly gives us a breakdown of each girl before showing us their final picture.


Holly had some nice things to say about Sydney, she liked her look, the whole dark features was working for her, but unfortunately she didn’t like the tattoos that she had all over her body and she felt that was it was very obvious that Sydney wasn’t comfortable in front of the camera. Holly does think that with some training Sydney could be a brilliant model though. sydney-gilmour-1


Holly LOVES red heads, which means that she should love Kaelin. Er…. nope. Although she was a fan of the visuals (red hair, pale skin) it was very obvious through Kaelin’s pretty pained expressions through the shoot that she was not comfortable. (tbh she pulls the same smile I do whenever I have to go to Slimming World and find out that other’s have lost more weight that me.) Holly sums up with “She’s really a very pretty girl, but that just doesn’t come across on camera.” Ouch!kaelin-blake-1

Before we get to see the rest of the girls, we cut to a black and white screen where we are shown the elimination from last week’s episode where Caspian was given the boot. (still not a fan of him.)  The screen goes full colour as Keiran and Asa leave the house and find Caspian loitering in the drive. (A part of me now thinks that they’ll find him living in the grounds of the sex factor house, wanking at people.) Asa asks if he’s leaving now, but before he can answer Keiran goes full Brit and gives the best, most motivational speech I’ve ever heard. “Fuck them lot inside.”  Caspian laughs, Keiran laughs, Asa Laughs, I drunk text my ex to remind him I hate him – it’s all good. Keiran tells Caspian that he’s their special guest for the day. Asa seems excited. (I really must be missing something with this guy – the judges love him but the contestants are all “He’s a sex pest” so I’m a bit confused about how I should feel.) Where are they taking Caspian? Only to the Hustler Strip Club! And they’re not alone! The rest of the boys walk in, looking very excited at the idea of seeing more naked people.  Then they meet Xstasy. The black male stripper who will be teaching them to “move like a porn star”, I have to say The Colonel’s face during Xstasy’s routine was the same that I have when I’m forced to attend family functions.

Aaannnd we’re back to Holly Randal and the girls!



Holly was a huge fan of Blair,  admitting that she wasn’t expecting a whole lot when she first met her (#SHADE!) but as soon as she stood infront of the camera Blair came to life and started to burst out these amazing poses. We’re actually shown 3 pics for Blair and all of them are brilliant! She does her bending thing again and I think that the picture is great! So does Holly! I’m sticking with my #teamblair!

Holly starts talking to camera explaining that usually she has to do a lot of the mentoring alone, but she’s been joined by the judges and how having three of the biggest names in porn helping to coach the girls was great as it gave her the freedom to just shoot the girls. I loved the footage being shown as she was talking to the camera as you see the judges helping the girls get into poses, the right way to push their chests forward and again I’m reminded of the real reason I love this show. It’s got a lot of heart to it! This is an industry where they have got each other’s backs and it’s so refreshing to see the judges helping to mould the future talent.


oooh Dani – Holly is not a fan of yours! Holly starts by being quite nice – “she’s got the girl next door look” and “she’s really pretty” however, Dani has turned up covered in bruises all down her thighs and legs which Holy takes issue with. She’s actually sent girls home from her sets for turning up like that, which makes sense – when your body is your business you make sure to take care of it. She then throws a little more shade and points out that Dani could really stand to lose some weight and hit the gym. OUCH!



Veronica is BRINGING IT!! She looked awesome in almost all of the background shots and Holly had to agree. She tells us that Veronica was easily the most confident of the girls and that with her stripper background she knew exactly how to hold herself. The only drawback for her was that she’s had a bad boobjob in the past and this limits how she can shoot her.


We cut back to the boys in the Hustler Club, Keiran drops the bombshell that Sunny has past experience as a stripper.  Sunny tries to explain that he’s only been doing it four months but Keiran isn’t having any of it and gets him up to show off his stuff. (We’re also treated to Sunny’s AWESOME leopard-print undies!) It looks like the boys challenge is to strip and do some pole dancing. I’m not going to break them down, cause really it doesn’t seem to have been a serious challenge and was just a good chance for a bit of male bonding.  (although Jonny Black was BRILIANT!) After the boys have had a go, Keiran tells them that sometimes during their career they will have to work in a group scene so to get them  ready for this – they’re doing a group strip.  Spoiler Alert  – it’s bad. Asa sums it up pretty well “This is like the beginning of the most awkward gang-bang ever”.  It really is.  Donnie takes initiative and bounces his crotch against Asa’s face  Face Humpingbefore Jonny goes one step further and strips for a very happy looking Asa. At the end of the “challenge” Kerian tells the boys that they’ve done really well and performed before a crowd. (there was just Asa and himself but ok)

Just like that –  we’re back to the girls.


Holly is a fan! Loved that she has no tattoo’s. Nice skin tone and generally a realy beautiful girl. The only professional note that she had was her dislike of the pink/purple hair she has going on. Holly explains that it’s hard to be cast if you’re that individual and things like the girl next door look wouldn’t work for her due to that.  As far as professional notes go – it’s a good one!



Great Boobs, great body. That’s pretty much the only positives. Holly again points out that the tattoo look isn’t great and will greatly reduce her work options. She explains that especially for companies like Hustler – they would never print a girl like Adrian, she said that she might be an alright Alt model, but she just didn’t work infront of the camera and seemed very timid. (I wonder if this is really the right career for Adrian – last week she couldn’t fake an orgasm and just generally felt uncomfortable and that seems to be the same feedback again today!)


Quick cut back to the boys. Everyone is gathered round (including Caspian!) as Kerain tells them all that the lovely Hustler shop have donated a penis moulding kit! They are all going to strip off and the first person to get an erection in the group setting will get to make a mould of their wily. This might seem like a stupid challenge but I guess if you’re working in a group setting being able to get and maintain an erection is pretty important. We then get a shot of the boys all undressing one of the bedroom (lots of “fluffing” going on here!) and who walks in but Blair (#teamblair!) she’s obviously laughing because there’s 8 boys all swinging their dicks round like helicopters to try and wake them up. Sunny shakes his junk at her and asks her to spit on his junk. Being the team player she is – the answer is yes. This doesn’t sit well with Kerain who accuses Sunny of cheating. (The poor boy only wanted a little lube!). After the telling off the boys all move to the bathroom where Veronica and Blair are half naked and kissing while the boys all stand around looking quite uncomfortable. (Caspian is here as well! Does nobody remember that he’s been eliminated? Or maybe when he threatened last week that they would never get him out the house he was actually telling the truth.) After a few minutes of some very uncomfortable wanking from the boys – hero gets an erection and is crowned the winner of this challenge and gets to make his own dildo. willy  We’re shown the whole process then we cut to The Colonel basically saying “what the fuck was that challenge?!” I’m still not sure.

Back to the girls and while the photo shoot has finished, the girls are standing round a TV as Holly goes through each of their photo shoots and gives them pointers on each other pictures. In Holly’s defence here, she actually says pretty much everything she said to the camera about the girls to their faces. Blair and Allie get LOADS of praise and Adrian gets told that she needs to lighten up! Holly tells us that her and the judges have come to a decision about which girl they feel doesn’t’ have the sex factor (to really drive this point home, and in case there was any sort of confusion – we’re shown a VT of Adrian from last week’s uncomfortable PIF-Syncing scene). The whole sequence of showing the girls getting advice and feedback from the judges is great, it just cements what I was saying earlier about them all building each other up.  But because this is a reality show, the drama is never far away.

Just after Veronica’s critique we are shown footage of the girls all talking about her, basically the girls all hate her.  (Told you they wouldn’t all like each other for ever!) The general consensus is that Veronica is a bit of a bitch and the way they all feel about her, is because of how she treats everyone. (Not that it matters, Caspian got the boot last week and he’s probably hiding in a cupboard somewhere wanking. It doesn’t look like you actually leave this show when you’re eliminated.) Allie really drives the nail into the coffin and says that if she were put in a scene with Veronica – she’d refuse to do it. Not-saying-I-hate-her-but...

The contestants all get off a bus together as they go to a party in the Hustler Club. We’re showing the contestants having fun, Sunny rapping, (I really love this guy!) and then Kerain whipping Sunny within an inch of his life. (He actually doesn’t stop there and then proceeds to paddle The Colonel and Donnie. The whole thing looks like great fun (the event – not hitting the contestants).

It’s back to business as all contestants are stood together on a giant staircase and Asa explains that the girls have all done a photo shoot and that the judges all had some thoughts on this. The judges all say how well the girls did, but after some fighting (actual words) they counted their votes and Allie is the winner of this weeks challenge. Asa brings us back to earth and explains that one of the ladies will be going home.  (The way this episode has gone if I were Adrian I’d have my bags packed.)

HOWEVER before anyone actually gets booted – Veronica Vain stands up and gives a terrible speech about how she left her job to do this, how she wants to work with the best talent in the industry and how she’s been given an offer she can’t refuse so will have to drop out the show.
A few things about this –  1. WTF!? 2. Her acting is terrible. 3. Tori Black gives me life in this bit – while the others are all quite shocked, Tori basically goes “BYE FELICA!” and you can tell she’s pretty unimpressed.  Kerain tries to say something but Tori cuts him off with “Ok, bye, good-luck.” And Asa explains that nobody will be getting sent home this week. Everyone is happy. (Even Caspian seems happy because he’s still there. SECURITY!!!)

And there we have it – episode 2 done!! Another brilliant episode in my opinion, I really liked that it showed a lot of the contestant’s personality and the challenges were a lot of fun! Tune in next week – who knows you might see Caspian!

with love 2016

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4 thoughts on “The Sex Factor – Episode 2

  1. Hey there – just discovered this series and love it. Love you reviews too – very funny and completely agree with them.

    One question though – where did Khaya go? Have only seen ep 1 and now watching ep 2 but no sign of her (and I have a crappy connection otherwise I’d have binged them).

    1. I have NO idea!! She just seemed to be completely missing! I’ve got recaps of the next 3 episodes due this week (fell a little behind) but without giving spoilers – THINGS. GET. WEIRD!! Keep your eye out for the next recaps!
      Who do you want to win?

      1. Khya’s Twitter feed and some interviews are … interesting. She was my favourite for the whole ep she was in.

        Have to say I find Sidney the hottest – but the tats kinda ruin it from a Porn point of view. I guess you have to take everything into account. Allie is my next fave as she reminds me of someone on Hollyoaks about 10 years ago so it’s nice to see her being naughty with no clothes on!

        Blair is pretty hot and though it’s a bit boring and obvious she should win.

        I think there are some men in it too 🙂 I should review them with a disinterested eye and pass judgement.

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