Lingox Triple Extreme Edition Male Masturbator – A Review

The male toy market is a hard one to crack and really let’s be honest, when it comes to boys toys there’s not a whole lot of variety. Sure we have cock rings, anal toys and the good old fashioned male masturbator but attempting to find a toy that isn’t a copy of something you already own is no mean feat. Understandably trying to stand out in the smaller male market is a hard thing to do, so when Net  1on1 announced a toy that was going to shake up the male toy industry I’ll admit – I was a little dubious.

Until I got the toy.


The Lingox Triple Extreme Male Masturbator really is a toy like no other. It’s a masturbation sleeve, with a stick out tongue and an anal toy built into the end which can serve as a handle. Intrigued? I certainly was.

Bright vivid packaging catches the eye straight away

 When you first look at it, the packaging is crisp and stands out due to the triangular shape and bright colours.  I’m a sucker for packaging (as the poor hubby who’s been forced to listen to some terrible music simply because I liked the CD cover) so I was instantly impressed, if I was browsing through a toy section this is one box that would make me want to pick it up and examine the product.

I made sure and read the instructions (I honestly can’t help myself – even though it was pretty self-explanatory) and got the toy out. The unit itself is a really good size coming in at just  under 11 “. (similar in length and girth to another very popular male masturbation toy that sounds like Blesh Might) so the bigger guys won’t have to worry about it not being able to accommodate them. The main difference with the Lingox Triple Extreme Male Masturbator is the tapered end. This can serve as a handle during use or if you’re looking for something a bit different can be used as an anal toy due to the ribbed effect. It’s also the only toy on the market with a stick out tongue made from the amazing re-evolution skin material, which if you’ve not had the joy of feeling – is a brilliantly life like material that quickly absorbs warmth and enhances the realism of the toy.

All these facts are fun to talk about but the real question still hasn’t been answered – it is any good?  Because this toy boasts 3 main features I’m going to break it down and talk about each one –

lingox sleeve.jpg

The Sleeve – I’m guessing the majority of people who buy this toy will be more interested in putting things into the toy than using the anal feature so I’m really happy to say that the re-evolution skin material that Lingox have used is fantastic! It’s very much up there with the big brand names in terms of realism and you can change the level of suction really easily. The opening to the toy is quite tight, but that is definitely not a bad thing. You do need to use a healthy amount of lube to save off on friction burns, but as with most sleeves once you’ve figured out how much lube suits your personal tastes, this wont be a massive issue.

Longix - tongue.jpg

The Tongue – WOW!!!  The tongue feature of the toy is pretty much unlike anything else I’ve seen on the market before. It feels very realistic and as stated above – put some lube on the tongue and you can easily tease yourself (or your partner). You can even use the tongue to help apply lube to yourself. It also massively enhances the oral feeling of the Lingox and pushes it further up the list of unique male toys.


The Anal Toy – This is going to be a 50/50 for some people. The insert-able part is solid plastic so has no flexibility to it at all. If you enjoy softer toys or the jelly toys then the anal part of this toy won’t be for you. However if you are a fan of harder toys then you will love this! The toy has a spiral ridge on the end which does add some amazing sensations during play and I think because of the rigid nature of the anal toy these ridges really feel like a unique feature. Again plenty of lube required! It’s a fun way to add a partner to the play by letting them be in control of the unit so you can’t tell if they’re going to use the sleeve part or the insert-able part and any toy that you can use with a partner is always a good thing in my opinion.

Personally I loved the toy, as a sleeve it was brilliant and the tongue is a fantastic addition that really helps to set toy apart. The anal feature is a fun addition, personally I really liked it, but I can understand why for some the toy would never make it near their bum due to the lack of movement.

Lingox Triple Extreme Edition Male Masturbator is one of those toys that the longer you have it, the more you’ll find ways to adapt it to your individual play style. If you’ve always wanted to try an anal toy, but were too embarrassed this is a great option for you as it looks like a masturbation toy so adds a nice level of discretion but honestly – once you’ve used it once I can see this being a frequently used addition to any toy collection.

with love 2016






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