Satisfyer Pro 2 – A Review

The Satisfyer Pro 2 has been causing a HUGE splash in the Nice ‘n’ Naughty stores with both staff and customers alike! We asked one of the staff members from our Bangor store to let us know what they thought of the toy and below is the glowing review!


At first look I really liked the packaging, it is classy and very subtle, it is not obvious it’s a sex toy as it doesn’t have any of the ‘loud’ pictures some intimate toys have! The price is very reasonable; it is a top quality toy and feels very durable.

The Satisfyer Pro 2 may seem an unusual looking toy to some folk, but to others this toy may look mighty familiar. Yes this does look quite similar to one or two other toys out on the market. However, it certainly gets the curiosity piqued with its statement of having the best technology, and being the most intense toy! The advert also stated it was great to use in water – I love playing with toys in the bath (solo) or shower (with hubby) so this was a must to try out.


First off, yes it does look and sound odd and to feel the sensation of the toy on your hand (or other body part) does not do the toy justice, you really need to get it right on your clit! The toy is designed in a way that is very easy to hold. It has a comfortable handle that sits nicely in the hand, just the right size to keep the toy in the right place. You rest the ‘head’ of the toy onto your clit and just keep it there until you cum, and that does not take long at all, this baby is fast at doing its thing! Seriously, no wiggling it about or rubbing it up and down, just keep it there and the job’s done! It sure lives up to the name ‘Satisfyer’! (sorry that was too obvious!), and it actually it is a versatile toy, solo or with company, you can hold it, he can hold it, she can hold it, whoever! – It’s so simple to get that orgasm any one can make you cum just by holding the Satisfyer Pro 2 against your clit!

There are multiple (11 IIRC) intensity levels that you can control with ease with the oval button on the back, just press it repeatedly to cycle around to the setting you feel like using. When you are in water, such as a bath or shower, the toy feels different, more intense, so try out all those settings, many pleasurable sensations are to be had!

What does it feel like?? You know, I can’t quite describe… it does not vibrate against you, there’s movement but it’s more sucking, caressing sensation, very hard to describe. It’s gentle yet intense; it really needs to be felt as it’s really quite indescribable! The orgasms I get from it don’t feel forced, like I sometimes get with a powerful and intense toy such as this. Even with other gentler, less powerful toys my orgasms can feel as though they are sometimes missing something, but this delivers the whole package, a natural, long, intense orgasm in a very small amount of time.


Obviously, this is completely waterproof, very easy to clean – the little head pops off and you can give it a good scrub. There’s no battery openings as it’s rechargeable – an excellent bonus!  Leave it charge up and you get a good amount of playtime with it – much more than you’d possibly need for a couple of orgasms anyway! 😉

The Satisfyer Pro 2 is available from our adult stores nationwide and online.

with love 2016

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