Sqweel Go – A Review by Jenna-G

First off, the packaging is really cute, like so innocently cute; simple, very subtle with nice corresponding colours to the toy. The box has a window so you can see the toy straight through the packaging which is always a good feature as you can see at first glance what the toy looks like, its size etc.


When I first saw it, I thought the Sqweel Go looked like a little pin-wheel, windmill, or water-wheel, it actually looks like a toy that you could find in a kids’ toy box! Because it looks so harmless, it’s completely unintimidating, and for those who aren’t too clued up on their toys – it’s extremely easy to use. Once you realise it’s a sex toy, you understand immediately what the toy is designed to do – it’s not rocket science – the wheel goes around and around, the little ‘spokes’ keep licking at your clit, until you cum! There are 10 silicone ‘tongues’ going around, with 3 speeds to choose from, and there are also 3 different patterns for different moods – You control these with the one and only button on the toy; you have to cycle through them to get the setting you prefer but it is easy to do.


Ok, so that’s the gist of what it’s supposed to do – but what does it actually feel like?!
Well, actually, really quite nice! Do not go in dry whatever you do or you’ll ruin it for yourself, use a good dollop of lube and get it on your clit, play about with the speeds & patterns until you get the one you like and off you go! Just hold it in place until you cum… it’s that simple! The tongues are super-soft and really do feel like little tongues, except they do not stop, or get tired – they keep on going and going!

The Sqweel Go is rechargeable and comes with its USB charging wire.

Watch the Sqweel Go in action on You Tube


All in all, I’d say it was a fun toy to use solo or with a partner, the silicone ‘tongues’ of the Sqweel do something no human tongue ever could! The price is a little high, I’d say, but it’s different to petty much every other toy I’ve seen out on the market, so it’s certainly worth a try!

You can buy the Sqweel Go online here or from our adult stores nationwide.

with love 2016

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