Callie By JOpen – A Review by Jenna-G

We have a new toy reviewer here on the Nice ‘n’ Naughty blog! Can you all give a warm welcome to Jenna-G! Jenna has written a glowing review for the new range of toys from Jopen, the beautiful Callie range. Carry on reading for Jenna-G’s review…..

Jopen is a brand you can rely on for top quality, well made products, their newest offering, Callie, a vibrating wand, is no different. The packaging emphasises this point, a simple yet classy white and gold box, it has a sophisticated and elegant feel to it. The front of the box has a window to see the toy through and opens as a magnetic door, the toy itself lying on a black background next to a USB charging cable.The reverse of the box details all you need to know about the toy itself, being both informative yet subtle.


My other half said he thought it looked like a perfume box, so you could definitely say it’s ‘gifty’, it is presented in a nice box, and it actually really would make a lovely gift for a close friend or loved one.


Callie is a gorgeous wand, white and gold with a gemstone button. The main body is made of premium silicone, luxuriously smooth; tapering wider to quite a triangular shape at the point of use then rounds off toward the tip. This little rise on the shaft is the bit you would hold against your clit area as that rise gets comfortably in there and ensures the clit gets maximum vibrations. The handle is a golden cap of metal which twists off to plug in the USB cable. However, despite the twist-off handle, Callie is most certainly waterproof, I did worry that some water would get in when I washed it but thankfully no, when I took the cap off the innards were safe and sound.I was completely safe to charge it up for its first use. Also worth mentioning is that it doesn’t need too long to charge up, just two hours for a good bit of play time, always a welcome point in a rechargeable toy!


Wands come in many sizes and Callie is, for me, a good size; it hasn’t got a long handle, itisn’t too burdensome or heavy, the handle in your hand will only reach half way, the other half you’ll be holding is the start of the silicone shaft, it’s not too long, but then it’s not too short you need to fiddle around getting it in place, I like the size of this.Personally, I feel it’s just right.

Watch the Callie Vibrating Wand video on You Tube

To turn on the vibes there’s the cutest button! A gem stone set in a frame of white against the gold – really nice touch, very cute. The handle is very comfortable to hold, the big button easy to cycle through the seven different vibrations and speeds. The size does not impact its power, this packs a punch and the seven choices to choose from deliver excellent heights of orgasmic bliss. I wasn’t expecting it to be as powerful as it was, but it is very strong, you get really great vibrations from this combined with the smooth silicone which is gentle against your skin, I would give this 10/10.

I’m very impressed with the whole package, it really is a very nice piece of work, loves it!

You can buy the Callie by Jopen Luxury Gemstone Vibrating Wand online here or from our adult stores nationwide.

with love 2016

One thought on “Callie By JOpen – A Review by Jenna-G

  1. Just purchased a Luz by toyjoy and found that it retains ‘ an aroma’ that you would not want.
    Having washed and washed it, the aroma does not go away.
    My best option is to throw it away, as no mood lighting will overcome the aroma of the last play.

    Seems the covering can be inpregnated with whatever it is inserted into.
    Much prefer the simplicity of the plastic or glass vibrators, but of course they are not a match on the ( all be it one ) performance of this one use toy.

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