Greedy Girl – A Review By Jenna-G

The Fifty Shades of Grey range of love toys is 100% fully approved by E.L. James, who in case you didn’t know is the author of the hugely popular series. There are a couple of collections under the FSoG umbrella, for example there is the very aptly named ‘Official Pleasure Collection’, the popular ‘Weekend Collection’, the Fifty Shades of Grey ‘Essentials’.


Every toy in the range is presented in a black and grey box, tastefully designed with the mask of the original book as its logo; each has the reassurance that every piece has been approved by E.L. James.


The Greedy Girl is a rabbit vibrator that deserves its name; sturdy, strong, well-built from beautifully soft silicone.  The base is made from a nice solid chunk of plastic, from here you control the 2 motors on the shaft and rabbit, and it is where the rechargeable wire slots into (yes, this beauty is rechargeable). This base feels much ‘anchored’ it’s certainly not going to be knocked down easily on the bedside table, this is no light toy, it’s packed with power and it means business.


The toy itself is one sleek bit of silicone, the shaft coming around and forming the rabbit at the front. The shaft is tapered slightly toward the base, thinner in the middle and has a bulbous tip to stimulate the G-spot, the rabbit’s ears are intense, and they get into their positions just perfectly around the clit. From the first touch you know this is promising to be quite a wonderful experience, the fact it is completely waterproof is just the icing on the cake.

As mentioned above, there are two motors powering this beast; one in the shaft and one in the rabbit, they have three speeds apiece which may, to some, sound stingy but remember: there are TWO motors, the combinations (36 of them!) alone make for some very surprising results from the pair, add to that the nine various patterns the shaft provides and the results are fantastic, there’s not one combination I’ve found that didn’t blow me away, quite frankly. They provide the kind of stimulation that sends us into leg-shaking orgasms. The power settings are really easy to control at the base – just two buttons control the shaft and rabbit, as usual, hold one of the buttons down to turn the whole thing on or off.


Two motors does not mean more noise though, this is super-quiet.

It feels very powerful, I know I keep saying it – it’s true!

Before some may get scared off I have to reassure that I’ve very sensitive ‘lady parts’ and this wasn’t too much or too hard like some powerful toys have been on me. Some toys I find the vibes may be too powerful, the material too hard – reminding me of some kind of jackhammer on the lady-garden which leads to not being able to relax and fearing of walking like John Wayne with a clit circled in rosy bruises – I’m too squeamish for that! However the material used make it feel so sensual, gentle but firm – like your man pounding you hard and fast, you cum fast and it’s good and heated and boom you’re all done and you’re like “omg wtf just happened?!” hypnotised by that throbbing of tail-end of orgasm radiating from your groin that refuses to die away… and he’s still going and it’s coming back and it’s so intense you feel you’ll burst with it all…. No, you’re not going to get half-arsed orgasms with this, it’s going to blow your socks off, over and over again if you let it. Orgasmically good, just like that hard fast fuck, it just all feels so ‘right’ 😉


I would definitely recommend full stop. The price? While some may find it a bit expensive I think its an absolute bargain for on-demand, intense, orgasms. I am overjoyed with mine, a firm favourite!   Want to know more? Check it out (along with other reviews) on the website by clicking – HERE!

with love 2016

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