Dona by System Jo ~ A Review by Jenna-G

The Dona range by System Jo is a beautiful collection of bathing and pampering products which features aphrodisiac and pheromone properties for added sensual bonus.

downloadThere are three main ‘themes’ of the range – Flirty, Sassy, and Naughty, each of these ‘themes’ brings an individual scent, my personal favourite being the Flirty set, however, I have mixed up the range for ultimate scent-appreciation! They are all really lovely smelling.
Today I’m going to be looking at the some pieces of the range, explaining a little about the product and giving my opinion on them.

Dona separates its’ collection into four categories which I’ll go through;

Products to Pamper include Bubble Bath, Bath Salts, Shave Gel, Massage Butter, Pheromone Perfume, Shimmer Dust, and Shimmer Spray – These come in the main three ‘flavours’ – Flirty, Sassy & Naughty.
The Bubble Bath and Bath Salts are simple enough, use just a capful or two under running water for the bubble bath, or a sprinkling of the salts, jump in, enjoy the suds and allow the awesome scents to do their thing. Simple.
Shave Gel – This is jo-pamper-productswithout doubt, the best shave product I have used. My sensitive skin will often flare up after shaving, nasty red bumps appear and I feel I wish I hadn’t bothered at all. However, this shave gel makes the skin feel silky smooth after use; I hardly get any bumps, if at all, especially when I’ve just shaved. This has become a firm regular in my shower routine. Also, bonus, you don’t need to use much at all so the bottle lasts, I’m actually just on the dregs of my first bottle now, so it really has lasted me a good while. 
Massage Butter – a lovely thick, goopy mixture which is readily absorbed into the skin, leaving super-soft, smooth skin and a delicious smell.
Pheromone Perfume – I really, really like these bottles, my favourite being “Fashionablywhats_hot_september_v2 Late”, I purchased my bottle AGES ago and it’s still got loads left, this is because one squirt is enough, seriously, the scent is a lovely, powerful smell that doesn’t need much – but that’s not to say it’s a stinking, overpowering smell, not at all, it’s just made very well so you don’t have to douse yourself with it first off, and second off it lasts so you don’t have to keep reapplying it! It’s a firm fave in my house. My hubby seems to like the scent too, he will come to me and bury his face in my neck and hair, breathes deeply, sighing about how I “have that scent” and how it’s “nice” – haha maybe it’s me… maybe it’s the perfume!

Shimmer Dust & Shimmer Spray – two really nice bits which can be worn anytime, they come in a shimmery pink, silver and gold. The dust comes in a small tub with a little poof to apply onto the skin; the powder itself has a very gentle scent, just barely there. You can put as much dust on as you like to get a really glittery effect or just use a little for a more subtle look. The spray has a lovely, perfumey smell to it and spreads on the skin really nicely. The shimmer isn’t too much, it’s very subtle, looks really cute on the skin.

Products to Entice include Lingerie Wash, Linen Spray, Rose Petals, and Reed Diffusers. Again, these come in the main three ‘flavours’ – Flirty, Sassy & Naughty.
The Lingerie Wash will wash your smalls and deposit an amount of aphrodisiac and pheromone properties on them. It is specially formulated for using with intimate clothing so it’s completely safe and won’t ruin your lingerie at all.
The Linen Spray, like the perfume above, has a strong scent which doesn’t need to be reapplied too often as the smell lasts like you want it to. It keeps fabrics smelling fresh and clean. Really versatile to use, completely harmless it can be sprayed on pretty much anything.   
Reed Diffusers – a nice touch to have around the home, they last a long time too.

Rose Petals are always a nice touch during an evening of romantic fun – these silky cloth petals come in a handful of colours; Red, White, Black, and Pink – mix them up for a unique look or pick out your partner’s favourite colour and lead a trail to your designated play area for the evening. They are reusable which is always a bonus

The Products to Play collection includes Scented Massage Oil, Kissable Massage Oil, Massage Lotion, Scented Massage Candle, Kissable Massage Candle, Body Paint, and Body Topping. This collection is all a little different to the above collections as these have more scents and flavours included in the range. Broken down, the collection has Scented or Kissable items; the ‘scented’ items are to be used traditionally as massage oil, lotions, etc. Whereas the ‘kissable’ items can be kissed and licked off the body and are aimed more toward foody flavours such as chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla buttercream! All of them deliver the awesome results that the aforementioned ranges have.

The Oils, Lotions, and Candles deliver slick and smooth liquids which do not absorb into the skin too fast, allowing you to take your time in giving a long sensual massage without having to reapply the product every so often. 
The Body Paint and Body Toppings are both ‘kissable’ so you can lick and suck away and enjoy both your partners’ taste and the taste of the products. The paint comes with a little paint brush, my only complaint being the brush is tiny, a bigger handle at least would make it easier to play about with, but that’s a teeny whinge. The topping comes with a little spatula, again, bit on the small side but it does come with a blindfold too for extra fun

Dona Edible.png

Lastly, but not least – the range of Gift Sets are superb. They come in a few different versions so you can choose the best one that would suit yourself or your partner, even friend or family member.
The Be Sexy Gift Set has the Shave Gel and Lingerie Wash enveloped in a cute, lace, drawstring bag, or ‘travel pouch’.
Be Desired Gift Set comes in the lace, drawstring bag and has Bath Salts as well as a luxury bath puff.
The Massage Oil Gift Sets are a good collection of mini massage oil bottles, there are two versions; the Aromatic Bliss set which features the original three flavours – Flirty, Sassy, and Naughty. The second set is called Deliciously Sensual and features the kissable massage oils.
Be Romanced Gift Sets come in the original three flavours – Flirty, Sassy, and Naughty. They come in a bag which includes Bubble Bath, a mini Massage Oil, a plastic massager, Flavoured Body Topping, a Linen Spray, Rose Petals and a tealight to help set the mood. This is a great value gift set which is sure to delight anyone who receives it, plus it has everything you need for a sexy, sensual night in!

All in all, a very nice range which offers a lot. Seriously, what more could you want from this range? It’s perfect

You can purchase products from the Dona range online or from our adult stores nationwide.

with love 2016

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