Motorhead & Motley Crue – The Official Pleasure Collections A Review by Jenna-G

Motorhead and Motley Crue are undeniably two of the planet’s biggest rock bands. Renowned for making loud, ear-bursting music, partying hard, and loving the Girls Girls Girls! (Yeah, I know, but it was too easy!) Given that very reputation of groupies and girls galore, it seemed very natural for them to lend their name to some funky, powerful, love toys for the ladies 😉


So just what are these Metal Gods offering? Let’s have a quick look at the Vibrators and Bullets from the ranges, shall we?! Oh Hells to the Yeah, let’s go!


Motorhead & Motley Crue – The Vibrators & Bullets!

First off, Motorhead; there are two 7-inch Vibrators and two 3.5-inch Bullets, which pair up.
For Motley Crue there are eight vibrators in total; we have four differently designed 7-inch Vibrators, and four different 3.5-inch Bullets to choose from. Three of the Bullets match up to three of the full sized Vibes, I like to call the Bullets the ‘little brothers’ to the three corresponding designed Vibrators.

The 7-inch Vibrators have 3 different speeds and 4 different patterns, all of which are very strong. The Bullets have 3 speeds and 7 patterns, and although small they still deliver the mouth-watering vibes of their bigger brothers. All the toys are completely waterproof and have a nice coating that feels good on the skin; not grabby or grippy like some plastics can be. They have a nice weight to them and feel nice and sturdy (if that makes sense!).

Powering Up
Also, a great bonus is they take “proper” batteries, AAAs – so many toys can be powered by weird batteries which you never have spares of lying around the house – omg it’s happened to us all – in the midst of ecstasy then… *brrrpt* – you’re not finished but the bloody toy has! There’s that slow moment of realisation that no, we won’t be done with that one today – time to get wrist ache! But not with these babies, you can just nick working batteries out of your TV remote and finish off!

A word about the batteries; do not use cheap batteries, they will not power the toy. Remember, cheap batteries are cheap for a reason (usually, I mean I’ve not done a study or anything!), I tried a brand of cheap batteries (who shall remain nameless) but they do not power up the toys, as they are such powerful toys they require the right amount of juice or it’s a no-go. Duracell work fantastically well, however I would strongly recommend you take out the batteries after use.

This guy takes on a whole new meaning in our industry….

Motorhead – The Designs
The “Ace of Spades” 

The “Overkill”


Motley Crue – The Designs
The designs are really funky, and as mentioned above, three of the range pair up with each other, so you have the

Classic Skull

 “Girls Girls Girls” 

 The “Shout At The Devil” 

 Finally, we have two independent ones;

The “Dr Feelgood” Vibe.


 And last but not least,
The “Too fast For Love” Bullet.

mo_tley_cru_e_too_fast_for_love_10_function_bullet_vibrator_6 (1).jpg

 If you are a fan I would expect that you’ll be wanting to collect the whole set – they’re cute, sexy and scream FUN! If you are not a fan, these vibes provide cool, rockin’ Vibe designs which would make anyone with a musical heart pea-green with envy!

But how do they feel?????
The Vibes are not for the faint of heart, they are super powerful; no wimpy, gentle tremors here, these go for it and go for it HARRRRRRRRD! The Bullets are also powerful little beasts, their size just right and a great selection of speeds and patterns. Both sets can bring you off very fast, and thanks to the pointy tip on both versions, they will hit your clit or anywhere else you like, just right.

with love 2016

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