Fifty Shades Darker Collection – a Review by Jenna-G

Stepping up from the Fifty Shades of Grey line, Fifty Shades Darker takes us to another level of pleasure. Fantastically designed, they will make great additions to the Grey range, the Weekend Collection, or make a great set in their own right. With a great selection to choose from, the range has something for everyone, or if you’re greedy like me, you’ll simply want the lot! So, by now you know how I like to do things… we’re not pussy-footing around, let’s jump in and check them all out!!

Oh My & Desire Explodes

fifty-shades-darker-oh-my-usb-rechargeable-rabbit-vibratorFirst off, if you are familiar with our blog, you will know that a couple of months back I reviewed the Greedy Girl Rabbit Vibrator from the original Fifty Shades of Grey range (fab,
fab, fab!) – The ‘Oh My’ is the Darker version of the Greedy Girl, and like the Greedy Girl it’s a Rabbit Vibrator with a curving tip which is designed to stimulate your G-spot when inserted.

“The feeling is so exquisite. What I’ve been waiting for after all his teasing. Oh, the fullness, this feeling… I groan and arch my back off the table.” – Anastasia Steele

The ‘Desire Explodes’ is fifty-shades-darker-desire-explodes-usb-rechargeable-g-spot-vibrator-4the same design but without the Rabbit feature, this is very handy as some people do not like the Rabbit feature on their Vibes, so you have the best of both worlds with these two.

“My mouth drops open, and I take a deep breath. Fuck, this is hot. I’m on fire, restless and needy.” – Anastasia Steele

If the Greedy Girl delivered power and amazing orgasms, I’m sure these will to! They are beautifully made of slinky-smooth silicone, and they feel really nice to the touch. With 12 levels of intensity and 8 patterns you will certainly find the right setting for you!

Delicious Tingles

This Delicious Tingles Clitoral Vibrator is a dinky little thing! So cute and a really nice shape to it; curved for easy use and excellent connection to your clit.

Though small, the size certainly doesn’t hamper the powerful vibes! It has a really good design to it that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, the control buttons being right fifty-shades-darker-delicious-tingles-usb-rechargeable-clitoral-vibratorwhere you’d rest your fingers makes for no-nonsense setting-changes. A fantastic toy for using during solo play or playing with your partner; this will not get in the way when you’re being banged from behind! It makes for spine-tingling orgasms. It has a little metal piece on the underside which my partner likes to hold against me, not sure why he likes the idea of that so much but there we are he just does!

“I am just sensation lost in this void of pleasure. Up and down… again and again… Oh yes…” – Anastasia Steele

As with the ‘big boys’ above, this toy has twelve speeds and 8 patterns, it is a perfect pocket-sized toy that you can take any place you’d like to take it, slip it into your handbag or luggage and away you go!  I really love mine, and it’s a nice addition to my little collection!

Release Together

A super-duper Cock Ring with all the trimmings! It is made from the same slinky-smooth silicone as the above toys, ridged at the point of contact with the clit, the Release Together Cock Ring screams “pleasure!”
It’s very easy to change the powerful 12 speeds, and 8 patterns on it with two buttons on eitherfifty-shades-darker-release-together-usb-rechargeable-cock-ring-7 side of the top. A nice piece for couples to share. Jamesey tried this one himself and had nothing but praise for it! He raved about the power and the fact that it was a really quiet toy when it was turned on and liked that the ring had morefifty-shades-darker-release-together-usb-rechargeable-cock-ring-3 flexibility than it would appear so it’s really good for the girthy guys. Additionally because of the material that it’s made from it starts to absorb heat so will adapt to your body temperature.

“My fingers are in his hair, twisting hard, holding him to me. He grinds his body into mine, imprisoning me, his breathing ragged. I feel him.” – Anastasia Steele

At My Mercy & Just Sensation

At My Mercy’ are a set of chained and weighted nipple clamps. The clamp tips have a teeny-tiny silicone sleeves for comfort. They adjust by sliding a little pin up the tweezers, the weights are graduating beads which hang down and provide a wonderful tugging sensation while being worn.


“Christian releases first one then the other clamp, causing my nipples to sing with a surge of sweet, sweet painful feeling.” – Anastasia Steele

‘Just Sensation’ is a Cit Clamp which again has the beaded weights for extra sensation, it works by pinching behind the clit to make it more sensitive – bit like how a Cock Ring works on a guy, it keeps the blood right where you want it to create a throbbing, needy sensation which ends up giving you one of them orgasms which blow your mind… you know the type… if you don’t… well now you know what kinda thing you need to get that, hey?!


“Holy cow, the feeling is exquisite, raw, painful, pleasurable… Oh – the pinch.” – Anastasia Steele

Adrenaline Spikes 


“He runs the wheel over my palm. ‘Ah!’ The prongs bite into my skin – there’s more than just pain. In fact, it tickles slightly. ‘Imagine that over your breasts.'” – Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele

Adrenaline Spikes’ is a single Pinwheel to tantalise and tease your partner with, or they tease and tantalise you! Either way, they are another nice addition to any bondage kit. Very well made with a nice weight to them and – most importantly – the wheel does not stick!
Seriously, I cannot stress how good this factor is; we have a Pinwheel which we never use, it cost nearly double the price of this one and is ridiculously super-sharp (which I initially kinda liked), however it randomly sticks when you roll it, like the roller just randomly sticks and because the spikes are soooo sharp they thrust into your flesh, pierce the skin, draw blood, and hurt! Hurting is good, but not like that! It’s not sexy to suddenly be stabbed! Or have your partner, who trusts you completely, yelp in horror at being stabbed unintentionally by you! Uncool! Boo!
Thankfully, this Pinwheel does not do that, it’s got a smooth roll to it and the spikes, though sharp and give that lovely little sting, will not pierce the skin and leave you bleeding!

Deliciously Deep


“I’m stiflingly hot, flustered, and my legs are like jelly as dark desire courses through me.” – Anastasia Steele

Deliciously Deep’ is a steel G-spot dildo that has two insertable ends; one smooth and one beaded, both curved to stimulate the G-spot. The wand can be used for temperature play or just tease. It’s a weighty item, made from Stainless Steel and has the Fifty Shades Darker stamped on the side, very cute.

His Rules


“He removes his bow tie and uses it to quickly bind my wrists so that my hands are tied behind me, resting in the small of my back. ‘You really want this, Anastasia?'” – Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey

A black ‘His Rules’ Bow Tie for role-playing which you can use it as a restraint. It comes with instructions and a pouch for storage. It would make a nice little stocking filler, for the special man or lady in your life. It’s made from 100% polyester and is Dry Clean only, just remember that when you’re playing! The material has the Fifty Shades Darker logo woven through the fabric which is a really nice touch. The bow tie is completely adjustable going from 14.5 inches to 20 inches.


Primal Attraction, Something Darker, & Beyond Erotic
The Fifty Shades Darker range features a nice choice of Butt Plugs which are made from different materials and offer their own unique pleasures.fifty-shades-darker-primal-attraction-jiggle-butt-plug-4

‘Primal Attraction’ is a ‘Jiggle Pleasure Plug’ – a smooth, velvety silicone plug which is actually hollow, allowing a little ball inside to jiggle about to stimulate and tease your butt! It’s designed for both female and male users.

“He gazes at me, his expression dark, unreadable. Oh shit. Is this a bad move? “You want to play?” he asks softly. “Yes,” I breathe.” – Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey

fifty-shades-darker-beyond-erotic-butt-plugBeyond Erotic’ is a nice, weighty, stainless steel plug. It has the Fifty Shades Darker logo on the flared base. Again, this steel toy can be used for temperature play.I know that Jamesey has a review on it’s way for one of these – but without spoilers – he absolutely loved it!

“A butt plug. Christian runs it down the parting between my buttocks.” – Anastasia Steele

‘Something Darker’ is made from a beautiful greenfifty_shades_darker_something_darker_glass_butt_plug_4 glass; it also has the Fifty Shades darker logo stamped on the base. It’s a good size, not too wide or long. The glass used is called borosilicate glass. What is so good about borosilicate glass you ask? Well, my dear old friend Google tells me this fascinating fact:
Borosilicate glass is a type oglass with silica and boron trioxide as the main glass-forming constituents. Borosilicate glasses are known for having very low coefficients of thermal expansion (~3 × 10−6 K−1 at 20 °C), making them resistant to thermal shock, more so than any other common glass” So now you know!!

Carnal Promise


“I hear a very faint click. Instantly the plug inside me starts to vibrate – down there! I gasp. The feeling is extraordinary – beyond anything I’ve felt before.” – Anastasia Steele

Last but certainly not least, we have ‘Carnal Promise’, this is a string of vibrating anal beads, made from that nice silicone that most of the other toys are made from, it is completely flexible and the beads taper towards the base. This is the only battery powered toy in the range; it takes 1x AAA battery which is not a problem if you’ve got those TV remotes hanging around the house! The toy has 3 speeds and 7 patterns and is completely waterproof.

Collection as a whole – Summing Up


Each piece has a cute Fifty Shades Darker logo on them, either stamped onto the toy itself or on a little tag which hangs from them, as in the case of the Nipple Clamps.
All the toys in the range that are to be charged up are done so using the USB cable provided, they all feature a Travel Lock so you’ll be safe carrying them around in your bag without the sudden sounds of buzzing and whirring in your and neighbouring ears!
Also, they are all completely waterproof, and come with little storage pouches.
You don’t need to be fans of the series to get what you want from these; I mean, I think I’ve made it pretty clear I’m a HUGE fan of the toys…. yet I’ve never once read the books nor watched the film. Surprised?! You shouldn’t be – it’s a testament to how awesome these toys are and how I believe they are one of the very best ranges around right now. So I’d say, the world is your oyster with these bad boys!

with love 2016


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