Ultim8 – The White Stuff – Jamesey Reviews


I think that’s my hubby’s favourite word! Epecially over Christmas when we’ve got more cheese in the fridge than we know what to do with! He’s never happy – if we have 4 episodes of a show to watch, he’ll ALWAYS want an extra one, if he has a beer – he’s always after another one. I don’t even think it’s just him, having worked in adult stores for a number of years, I’ve learned that the majority of guys want MORE! Whether it’s more inches, more girth, more boobs, more sex or to last longer during sex; the majority of men seem to constantly striving for the infamous MORE!!


So when I got asked to try out the new Ultim8 pill that is designed to help you produce more semen I jumped at the chance! Obviously not literally as I’m fat and had a very heavy Christmas, but I did write my email in all caps. I was that excited.


The premise of the pill is simple, take 1 capsule, 30-40 minutes prior to playing and when you do orgasm, you will produce more semen. Very simple and straight forward, unless your me and need to know the ins and outs of everything! Before taking the pill I wanted to make sure I knew what was actually going into my body; brace yourself readers – I am about to break it all down for you!

Ultim8 – The White Stuff – breaking down the ingredients

Vitamin C – this vitamin is important for the synthesis of hormones that are involved in fertility; Androgen, Estrogen and Progesterone.  Vitamin C also helps to work with your immune system and helps to keep your joints limber.

Vitamin E – also known as The Sex Vitamin!! It helps to increase blood flow and the oxygen going to your genitalia! It’s a key player in helping your body to produce sex hormones that give your sex drive a little boost!

Vitamin B12 – is needed to help your body produce red blood cells and support your nerve cells as well as giving a slight energy boost. B12 also heightens your sex drive, this enhances your erection erection by enlarging the blood vessels and is needed to help the body produce histamine, which is needed to orgasm.

L-Arginine –  this is an amino acid that helps your body  make proteins. It is also needed to help produce Nitric Oxide (NO) which is important to erectile function as NO helps the blood vessels relax, which allows more oxygen rich blood to circulate round the body.

L-Carnitine – I honestly couldn’t find a lot out about this ingredient!

Zinc – not only is Zinc a trace metal but it also enables men to produce testosterone which is important to erectile strength.

Maca – Helps to increase blood circulation especially when combined with a libido enhancing agent.

Ginseng – is commonly taken to enhance sexual performance and has been used in traditional Chinese medical practices for years.

Horny Goat Weed – is another herb that has been used in traditional chinese remedies for years, mainly used to help with low libido and erectile dysfunction.

Tribulus Terrestris – this has been shown to increase the levels of testosterone and increase both sex drive and performance. It is believed to increase sperm production in men.

Saw Palmetto –  has been used for a number of years as a herbal way to combat impotence.


I’m not going to sit here and type all this out and pretend for even a minute that I now fully understand the science part of this. Thanks to Google however I do feel more confident about these ingredients. I did read a lot of different websites and while some of the descriptions are lacking a little, they all had a general theme of use and they all had a foothold in the sexual health category so for me that was all I needed.

I did as directed on the box and took the pill (no flavor) and waited 45 minutes. (Westworld season 1 this time.) I have got some shame so I won’t go into the full details but I did notice that my erection was a lot stronger than normal and I was a little more turned on than normal. Which if this was a herbal pill I was reviewing then that would be all you needed to know, but the Ultim8 – The White Stuff pill isn’t a herbal Viagra, it’s designed to help you cum more so the main question is; does it work?


Now I’m not about to pull out a fluid balance chart or anything, but for me personally, this pill worked. I’m not able to say how much more I produced, but the result was considerably more than I would normally have made; which truthfully shocked the shit out of me as I was like 90% certain it wasn’t going to do anything!   When I did cum the orgasm felt more intense than normal and I do really put this down to the fact that I felt like I was cumming forever. I was pretty happy with the results and considering I was a pretty big skeptic beforehand this was a good turn of events for me. I did notice that for the next 24 hours as well I felt a little more horny than normal and when I did have the chance to cum again later that night (about 9 hours after the pill had been taken.) I still produced a lot, so the effects definitely stayed through the day!


Why would you want to cum more though I hear you ask? Well the answers are pretty simple – the more semen a guy produces the longer his orgasm lasts as he’s shooting. So the answer is MORE – If you want MORE from your orgasm – I would recommend this to you. If you want to shoot further and harder – I would suggest this pill for you.  As usual though. I would just like to point out that with all herbals – just because it’s worked for me, doesn’t mean that it will be 100% for you; however for ME personally, I rate this pill and would very happily take it again!

with love 2016

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