Ultim8 Pink Libido Enhancer – Jenna-G Reviews

New in to our Nice ‘n’ Naughty shops is the Ultim8 Herbal Tablet range which you will be familiar with if you’ve read our Jamesey’s blog review of The White Stuff Capsules. In case you didn’t know, Ultim8 comes in 3 variants; Pink for the ladies which is said to enhance sexual experience and helps with increasing natural lube – Sounds ace to me! The other two versions are for the boys; White Stuff for to increase male ejaculation, and Blue for harder, stronger erections.


Over the New Year I tested out the Ultim8 Pink; this was always going to be a risk as I’ve the sex drive of a bunny in springtime, so how would I know what was the tablet and what was me?! Let’s check out what happened when I took it.


The directions state to take the tablet 30 – 40 minutes before ‘activity’ – I took mine with a bottle of wine shared with my beloved ‘victim’ aka my hubby!  Upon taking it I immediately started to feel excited, breathless, and eager to start the fun stuff, however I forced myself to wait the minimum of 30 minutes so I could test this capsule properly! However, after 20 minutes I couldn’t wait any longer & jumped my hubby!


I must have cum about 5 times!! One huge explosive one and then a bunch of gentler, happy orgasms, it was one of those sessions which leaves you rattled and laying there gasping for a good while afterwards. My Fitbit readings certainly showed that I’d been very ‘active’ indeed, in fact I was in ‘Cardio’ for a good while there – which I believe is a good thing… or something – I’m still trying to work out this whole ‘fitness’ thing!


But, again, I ask the question – how do I know what was the tablet and what was me??
Answer: Someone like me may not feel they ‘need’ this tablet – but it sure is fun to take, I’m glad I tried it although, I’m not convinced it did much to me but then I guess I’m not their target audience as I am a self-confessed nympho! However, I repeat – it was fun to take, I had a giggle taking it, my hubby thought it was hilarious to tease me for as long as I lasted, and I would definitely recommend it to any ladies out there that may not feel ‘up to it’, want to take it as a laugh, or just as a ‘pep boost’ during sex!

Ultim8 Pink is available from our adult stores nationwide and online in a 1 capsule sample pack or 6 capsule pack.

with love 2016

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