Lelo Mini Luna Beads – Jenna-G Reviews


Bit of Background

Jiggle Balls, Ben Wa Balls, Venus Balls, Love Balls, Geisha balls… Whatever you want to call them – The idea is very simple, balls (usually two which are bound together by a string pull-cord) that are, inserted into the vagina, the pubococcygeus (that’s pubo-cock-seeg-ious – the pelvic floor) muscles then hold them in place as you walk about. The balls smack each other around and jiggle inside you causing a teasing, vibrating, ‘jiggly’ sensation as you go about your business! Originally from the Chinese area of the world, this style of toy has been around for centuries and has been a staple toy for billions of ladies worldwide.


Nowadays they come in many variations and sizes. The standard is two balls, but I’ve also seen just the one ball, even three balls. They’re all designed with the intention of having something that causes them to tantalize and tease. Most of the time, the balls are hollow with another little ball inside to cause the ‘clacking’ – some of them rely on each other to clack together and cause the smiles. Basically the more wibbly the balls, the more of an intense feeling you get!

As you probably know, there are many different ones on the market and many of them are as cheap as chips. I’ve had a couple of different styles in the past but I’m not going to waste our time talking about those that I didn’t like or found didn’t do anything for me, as with many, many, many things in life, everyone is different and what was crap to me may be ace to someone else, I’ll just say in my experience with these – “you get what you pay for”.

OK, So What’s Good?
I will, however talk about my all-time favourite, the Lelo Mini Luna Beads! They are the only ones I actually fell in LOVE with, and look forward to using so much I feel as though they are my secret lover. I get all excited when I start to toy with the idea of putting them in, never mind what happens when they are actually in! I’ve had them since May of last year, nearly a year now and I’ve used them LOADS!!


OK, first off remember that there are two versions of the Lelo Luna Bead – they will be discussed below – this reviews serves to encompass BOTH versions – the only difference in Beads are the size in diameter.

Sizing – We’re All Unique

So, which of the two sizes to choose from?

The ‘Original’ is 35mm in diameter and Lelo “generally recommend that women over the age of 30 and/or women who have experienced childbirth” use these ones.
The ‘Mini’ is 29mm in diameter and are “more suitable for women under 30 who have never experienced childbirth”.

Well, in theory I actually match the Original recommendation. However, I thought the Original seemed a too big for me so I bought the Mini ones; my body, my rules! There were more methods to the madness, in going against Lelo’s advice and choosing the Mini; the other reasons I based my decision on was that I’ve always been active (ballet dancer, athlete, gymnast, dancer), I’m a small woman – except in length as I’m kinda tall – but body-wise I’m small, thin, my ribcage is a child-like 30 inches! Plus I have always had this habit of clenching my vagina whenever and always, just ‘cos I can, I pretty much do it all the time, I could probably piss out the Morse Code if I knew it. Plus, worst-case scenario if they were too small I thought I’d be up for the challenge of trying to keep them in.

I seriously ummmed and ahhhhhed about this for days as I didn’t want to waste my cash on something that might just fall out! However, I knew my body rightly, and I needn’t have worried as upon first insertion I was so, so, so, relieved I did get the Mini as they fit just perfectly and have never even come close to falling out! But please, please, please remember we are all different, be realistic and get the size you feel is right for you.


The Product @ Home
Having finally chosen and purchased my Beads I took them home and excitedly got into the box, actually this deserves a comment of its own –


Packaging & Presentation
There’s a sleeve over the white box they come in with the product info on, the sleeve slips off and beneath you have this lovely little sturdy white box. You can keep the Beads in there for life if you so wanted to, I do on my bedside table where it looks pretty and no one would ever guess what’s in there, unless they could tell from the name “Lelo” on the top in a silvery writing.

Take the top off and there you have your Beads laid out on a nice padded ‘bed’ with a place for each piece of the set; 5 components in all – the 4x Beads, and 1x silicone harness. Pull out the Beads’ ‘bed’ and you have an instruction manual, 1-year warranty, and black satin drawstring bag.

It’s presented really well, looks very pretty, nice soft colours, strong packaging which is easy to open, plus, it’s useful for storage.


The Product @ Home – Continued

So as I said above, inside the box are 4x Beads in total; 2x Pink and 2x Blue – the Pink ones weigh less than the Blue and obviously mixing and matching will give differing work-outs. You can use the harness to keep them together and for easier removal, but most of the time I like to pop the Blue ones in on the own and let them do their thing, then I kinda “pop” them out after using my muscles.


That’s the best thing about these Beads; the way you can alternate how you use them – one ball, two balls, different weighted balls – use the harness, without the harness – choice is yours and all choices bring a unique sensation, plus you know your vagina is not only being pleasured, but you are also having a good work-out down there too!


The recommended work-out time is about 20 minutes, but you can go all day if you can take the pleasure, the longer you leave them in the better work-out your vagina gets!


Since buying these beads, I have completely changed the way I look at this style of toy. I now realise that the Love Balls I’d bought previously were just too big for me, I now know if I want to buy other styles of Love Balls I’d want to be looking for smaller sizes, not the generic, cheap ones I’d had in the past. However, I haven’t been looking for any replacements for the Mini Luna Beads as I absolutely love them and they’ve become a favourite of mine.

Plus it feels firmer down there so there’s obviously something being exercised rightly! I pop them in and go about my housework, the sensuous ‘movement’ down there excites me but I try to ignore it for as long as I can. Once I’ve done all my tasks around the house & garden I then give my clit a quick rub & I’m done within seconds! They’ve also helped me discover just how much I LOVE g-spot stimulation and how easy I get off on that.


The Luna Mini Luna Beads are by far the best I have ever tried, I am so pleased with them I want to shout from the rooftops that every woman should own a pair – but remember, there are two different sizes for a reason, if you’re not sure I’d say to go with what Lelo recommend for your situation – but if like me you feel you know which is right for you, then go with what you feel.

 Happy jiggling!!

with love 2016

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