So Divine Wicked Game Magic Wand – Jenna-G Reviews

A double-ended Wand; the mind boggled!

I first saw a picture of the Magic Wand and immediately liked the look of it; it is very different to most Wands and it actually looked useful. Well, depending on how big the actual toy was – I then read that one end could be inserted so realised, happily, it was not going to be one of those big hefty Wands which I wouldn’t think would be too comfortable inserted! (Have you *seen* how big and powerful those things can be?!) This Magic Wand by So Divine measures in at 9.5 inches from top to tip, that intrigued me and I was eager to give it a whirl.



The Magic Wand comes in a secure, cellophane wrapped sturdy card box, the lid of which lifts off. There’s a picture of the toy on the box which is not the actual size of the Wand. The design on the box is modern, looks sophisticated, gentle colours and fancy fonts, reverse the box and there is a ‘How to Use’ guide which tells you how to operate the Magic Wand – simple – see below for ‘Operation’.


There is a disclaimer here which advises; “Please note: the top and bottom cannot vibrate at the same time” – so bear that in mind – however the Wand does quickly change from one side to the other at just one click of a button – see below for ‘Operation’.


Open up the box and inside you’ll find the Magic Wand and its ‘belongings’. It comes with a magnetic USB charging cable which attaches itself onto the neck of the Magic Wand to charge up, plus a USB adaptor plug – this is ace, hardly anyone includes these, I find myself wanting to gush at how generous So Divine are in including these with the Wand so yes, that is a nice little bonus in there, quite frankly.
Also in the box is a sweet little note which includes advice on cleaning your new toy, as well as a nice drawstring pouch to store your new Magic Wand, the bag is made from a soft yet robust, brushed-cotton-type of material.



Couldn’t be simpler – Hold the middle button in until the light comes on, then pick a side by pressing the corresponding arrow button.
Press the chosen arrow again and again to cycle through the three speeds and 7 patterns for that motor.
You can switch motor (and therefore side of the Wand) just by pressing the other arrow, the mtor immediately switches from one to the other with no fuss.
To turn off the Wand you simply hold in the middle button for a few seconds.

1. “Ultra quiet but powerful” – Agreed, not noisy and it certainly is powerful.
2. “100% waterproof” – Washed it before first use in my sink full of warm water and toy cleaner (always wash your toys before and after use!) – 100% fine. A doddle to keep clean.
3. “USB Rechargeable & Cordless, Lasts Up To 2 Hours” – Not timed but I’ve used it twice and had it in my hands toying around with it on and off as I write this review. Not lost any spark as yet, charged up quite fast too.
4. “10 Powerful Settings, 3 Speeds, 7 Functions” – Really good mix of patterns and speeds, easy to cycle through them.
5. “Dual Motor For Extra Pleasure” – Ace! Switching between the two motors is easy too; all you have to do is click the arrow which points to the side you want turning on.
6. “Premium Silky Soft Silicone Surface” – This is the silicone I much prefer, rather than the ‘grabby’ type which catches dust like a magnet. This is definitely as described.
7. “Latex & Phthalate Free” – Good. Always be sure toys you use are free from any nasty chems!
8. “2 Year So-Divine Warranty” – Bonus!

The Magic Wand and Me

I genuinely liked the Magic Wand, I was impressed with the choice of vibes and liked the idea of having a choice of what end I wanted to use. I had a go at both but my favourite end was the ‘insertable’ end which I actually used on my outer, the ‘wand’ end proved very useful to hold onto! My fingers could grip around the neck and pulling it back and forth I got off in no time lmao! When using the Wand with my hubby that neck came in useful again for his fingers so that’s pretty cool haha!


I wouldn’t be able to keep track of what vibes did what, so I’ll just end this bit my saying I doubt I clicked more than twice, which would have taken me to speed number 2 only! I love that I have a load of orgasmic nights to look forward to with this Wand as me and hubby go through every setting it has to offer!!


with love 2016


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