Smut:Restrained – A Knotty Affair by Jamesey Reviews

As you may have noticed last week I did a blog post as part of the Smut.Uk blog hop. The reason being for this was twofold. I had a spreader bar and needed to review it and I knew I was going to be attending the Smut:Restrained event. Now I’m assuming that by the restrained part of the name that you can figure out that this event had something to do with restraint techniques. A quick look over the facebook event page gave me the following information –


We return to the wonderful Miss T’s dungeon for an afternoon that focuses on Restraint, be it chains, ropes, cuffs, and other more inventive items.

We’ll have demonstrations on the safe methods for using these items and what can be done once you have someone restrained.

We will also have -Ran- an experienced rigger on hand to give advice and answers your questions.

The world famous erotic tombola will also be a highlight of the day with some spectacular prizes to be won from some truly fabulous companies. You could even win a unique “thud” limited edition paracord flogger.

Snacks and Hot & Cold Drinks will also be available throughout the day.”

Now if you read last week’s blog you know, I’m not exactly Christian Grey but the fetish scene is something has become increasing interesting to me, so from both a personal level and a professional level I was actually quite excited to attend.  If you’ve read these blogs for a while, you’ll know I literally need to know everything about everything before I do it; so knowing I was going to a restraint event, I figured that it would probably benefit me to do a little reading before I went. I found some pretty amazing things out about rope play and thought I’d pass on the knowledge. Who knows when it’s going to come up in a pub quiz!

I’m just like Babs.
  1. One popular form of rope bondage technique derives from the erotic Japanese bondage art form of shibari. (pronounced she-barry)
  2. Shibari is actually developed from a no longer used Japanese military restraint techqniue called hojoustu.
  3. In the western world a wide range of rope is commonly used such as cotton, artificial fibers etc.
  4. However in Japanese bondage only hemp or jute is used.

Admittedly not something that’s likely to come up in your local, but now you can amaze and dazzle your friends with your new rope bondage knowledge!

After a bit of a discussion with the event organizer Victoria I received the ticket and was ready to go! I took the hubby and Phil, a member of the Nice ‘n’ Naughty Liverpool team. With the car loaded, the sat-nav charged and enough sweets to make Willy Wonka jealous – we were off to Stockport!

I’m also a little like Britney – 2007 edition obvs.

We arrived at Miss T’s dungeon, which was nicely situated by a car park (one of the cheapest car parks I’ve ever seen! Seriously – it was £2 for like 5 hours stay!!) We went into the dungeon and were greeted by Victoria, who welcomed us and asked us to put on one of two name tags; red if you don’t want your photo taken and black if you don’t mind.

As if it would be any other colour

It’s always difficult when you are going to a new event or meeting people that you don’t really know, but within about five minutes of arriving, I was sipping a coffee (aka – the force that keeps me alive) and chatting to Ran (one of the experts on hand for the day) about the event. Everyone was so welcoming and the atmosphere was amazing. I had a wander round the waiting room and spotted the “World Famous Tombola”, naturally I had to have a go, but after 4 tickets I still hadn’t won anything so in a sulk decided that I’d had enough tombola for one day.


Before I knew it, the first tutorial was about to begin. We were asked to enter into the actual dungeon where Ran and his sub Sooki were waiting. Now the only dungeon I’ve ever been in is usually occupied by a white mage, a paladin and a boss, so being in an actual working dungeon was a first for me.

I’m the one in the back

 After a discussion about the history of rope play (thanks for the heads up google!) Ran showed us a few techniques and restraints that even a novice like me could remember and use. I didn’t get any pictures from this part as Ran was wearing a red sticker, but the demonstration was amazing. You could see the relationship between the two was well established and they both knew how to bring out the best in each other. When you think of bondage the first thing that pops into your mind if pain – after watching these two, I realised that there was so much more to the world of restraint that pain. There was laughter, giggling and a connection between two people who had an unshakable trust in each other.

I think I should get one of these for work…..

When Ran had finished we went back to the waiting area, where more conversation flowed, Phil tried his hand at the tombola – he actually won and I totally wasn’t jealous. I also managed to top up my coffee levels. Again I couldn’t help but marvel how comfortable I felt and how chatty people were. Again Ran was on hand for any questions and even showed us some of the ropes from his own collection. Including a rainbow rope that I actually NEED in my life.

I loved this rope!

Next up was the chains class; this being led by Sensi and his sub Irish Ivory. Sensi was nothing but lovely during the whole class. He had already set up the dungeon with the items that he would need and his sub was collared and ready to go. After a brief discussion about where to get chains from and the different types of playing that you could do with chain (such as putting it in the fridge or freezer beforehand) we move onto the actual techniques used and he walked us through the safety aspect of chain play and how best to ensure the safety of the person you are chaining up. When he began the demonstration, Miss T herself even got involved and helped to hold the chains while he spoke to us. This demonstration was different to the rope, more so because you are dealing with very different materials but it was just as educational and when it was over we made sure to give a round of applause.

some of Sensi’s handiwork

We had to leave after this due to previous commitments so sadly we missed out on the readings and play session. I have seen some of the photo’s and it looks like it was loads of fun.I can honestly say that the whole afternoon was something that I’m never going to forget. It’s a similar feeling i got when I went to ETO, working within this industry can be a little alienating at times, you can’t always just chat to people about your work or interests  for fear of scaring or traumatizing them, but when you’re in a space with people who share an interest in your industry, whether personal or professional you get to drop your defenses a little and actively engage in conversations without minding what your saying.

I’ve already gotten in touch with Smut and confirmed that I will be attending their Wax Play event in April!

with love 2016

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