RO-90mm Shoot to Thrill 10 Function Bullet – Jenna-G Reviews

Rocks Off is a hugely popular name in the adult world, well known for making excellent, top-notch toys for both females and males; they have a wonderful, unique style which invokes fun and coolness, glamour and adventure. If you’ve ever been into one of our stores you may have seen a display of Rocks Off Bullets (among their other awesome toys), they come in many funky colours and awesome patterns to choose from. Why do we stock them? They are a reliable, powerful and variable Bullet that has many a cool design to offer, there is bound to be at least one that sparks the attention of the pickiest of souls.


Today I have the RO-90mm Shoot to Thrill 10 Function Bullet. There are three colours to choose from, gold, metallic rose, and silver. It comes in no-nonsense packaging that allows you to fully see what you’re getting; it’s easy to open and has no excess wrapping to have to dispose of. Tidy. Inside, the card folds out to give detailed instructions on the care and maintenance of the Bullet which is very useful as a reminder for those experienced in toy use, and education for the first timer.


The Bullet is powered by one AAA battery, which is included – just be sure to take out the tab inside when it’s time to play! The top screws off and has a watertight seal, the accompanying card informs me that the Bullet is 100% waterproof and fully submersible (tested in the bath, yes, it’s still fine).

The button to control the beast is at the base, press it to turn it on, long press – 3 seconds – to turn it off, the same button controls the various vibrations, you just keep on pressing until you find the setting you want to play with. There are three speeds and seven funky vibration patterns to choose from; it’s a good mix of sensations aimed at teasing and pleasing. I found that the vibrations on this Bullet aren’t as ‘harsh’ as some I’ve felt and that made it all the more enjoyable for me, I can say that me and hubby certainly had a great bath-time anyway!


I like its appearance; it’s dinky, skinky, has a cute motif embossed on the body, plus it doesn’t have a tip that’s too sharp for me to use – I’m not a fan of sharp, I prefer a more rounded end, however this is tapered not sharp so it would suit anyone’s preference as it is pointy, but not too pointy that it’s sharp, so it’s great for either taste.

As to the length of the Bullet – the clue is in the name – it’s 90mm long, so it is longer than a lot of Bullets out there, not too small that it’s fiddly nor is it too big you couldn’t slip it into your make-up bag.


All in all, this is a lovely looking Bullet with the capability of shuddering the Earth for you as many times as you let it! Well pleased I got mine, it’s so cute and feels great! I believe this is the start of a wonderful friendship!


with love 2016



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