System Jo – Part 1 – Lube it Up! Jenna-G Reviews

System Jo has a well-deserved, top-notch, reputation for providing the highest quality lubricants and sexual stimulation products.
Their back-story is really interesting; a pharmaceutical company who were initially asked by a group of gynecologists to come up with a lubricant which led to the birth of their signature silicone lube, System Jo, has added a whole host of awesome products to their line-up and their reputation has, therefore, just grown and grown considerably.

If you’ve read my post on the Dona range, you’ll know that System Jo create classy, sensual products – yes, System Jo are the creators of that lovely range! – So, if you’ve not read that post yet, please do so! Clink on the link HERE


Jo Premium – Silicone-Based Lubricant – Original & Anal, Warming & Cool
The lube that System Jo started out with way back in 1999, this has been their best-seller since 2003, and at first use it is easy to see why; it’s thick, gloopy, non-tacky and a teeny-tiny amount will last you ages, no need to keep reapplying. It’s made from the highest quality silicone and is stated to be created ‘with the greatest care’ and has been used by countless people throughout the years with many a returning customer.
Other versions of this lube are Warming & Cooling, plus there’s an Anal version which is a little more thicker than the Original which is designed to help with anal play.
* No paraben, glycerin or glycol.
* Oil free, fragrance free, preservative free.
* Lasts forever! – Seriously, it is super-long lasting!
* Safe for toys which contain no silicone.
* Safe for use with latex.
* Does not evaporate or absorb into the skin.
* Waterproof – Can be used in the bath, shower, pool… etc!


* Messy, oily-type mess, be prepared to bin bed sheets (or makeup bags!) if there’s a spillage… L
* Cannot be used with silicone toys – degradation will occur to the toy.

Jo H2O – Water-Based Lubricant – Original & Anal, Warming & Cool
In my opinion, this is, the best lube in the world; it’s non-tacky, non-sticky, feels like slinky, silky silicone lube when on flesh but without the actual oily mess.
As it is water-based, it’s really simple to wash off; it breaks down as soon as water is rinsed over it and stays true to the statement on the bottle – “Rinse & Wipe”. Fab!
It comes in a variety of bottle sizes – from a little squirt bottle to a big pump bottle – the choice is yours! You cannot go wrong with this lube.
As with the Premium, other versions of this lube are Warming & Cooling, plus there’s an Anal version which is a little more thicker than the Original which is designed to help with anal play.
* The glycerin comes from plants.
* Can be used with all toys & condoms – completely safe.
* Never sticky or tacky.
* Rinses off super-easy.

* Not waterproof.


Jo Flavoured Lubricants
There are a whole host of flavours to choose from in this range of flavoured lubes; mix and match to create yummy cocktails and desserts that you can lick off each other’s bodies. A fun and tasty menu!
* Water-based lubes – easy to clean up.
* Safe for all toys, condoms etc.
* Huge array of flavours to choose from which can be mixed up.
* Brings a lot of fun to the bedroom.
* NEW! Fantastic range of dark flavours – Crème Brule!


Jo Organic – Water-Based Lubricant
* The only USDA Certified Organic lube.
* Water-based, easy to clean.
* Glycerin and paraben free.
* 100% natural ingredients.
* No artificial colours or preservatives.
* Safe for all toys and condoms.
* Vegan and Gluten free!


Jo Agape – Water-Based Lubricant
This one is designed to be a moisturising formula, you can use this every day to keep your skin moist. It is formulated to mirror the natural lubrication females create. The Agape is made from a very gentle combination of ingredients; however it is rich enough that it can still be used as a lube for toy play, playing solo, or with a partner. Other versions of Agape come in Warming & Cool.
* Cleans easily with water.
* Glycerin, oil and silicone free.
* Excellent for sensitive and dry skin.


Jo Hybrid – Silicone & Water-Based Lubricant
The best of both worlds if you’re a fan of silicone but want the easy clean-up of water-based lubes.
* Breaks down with water for easy clean up.
* Longer lasting than water-based due to added silicone.
* Glycerin and paraben free.
* Can be used with toys that do not contain silicone.
* 100% condom friendly.

* NONE!!

Jo Silicone-free Hybrid – Water-Based Lubricant
A blend of water and coconut oil which smells divine!
* Non-drip formula.
* Paraben and glycerine free.
* Excellent for sensitive skin.

* Not compatible with latex.




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