System Jo – Part 2 –Arouse & Stimulate! Jenna-G Reviews

Following on from part one where I was looking at just some of the range of lubricants available from System Jo, today, as promised, I’ll be looking at a few of their sexual stimulants.
If you missed the last post, fear not, you can catch up here – CLICK!


Ok, we’ll start from the top going down, so first off is the….

Jo Nipple Titillator


A tingle gel which is designed to make nipples super sensitive, it arouses and stimulates at the same time. It is completely safe to lick and suck off the skin and comes in two flavours; Electric Strawberry and Wintermint which provide a tingling / cooling sensation depending on which you choose (I’ll let you guess which is which!). The Titillator is an ideal, fun, item to have during foreplay. Don’t limit yourself by thinking this will only work on female nipples – share the love! Everyone has nipples and everyone should at least try this once during playtime! It comes in a little 1fl oz pump-bottle so it’s a perfect size to take around and about with you. It states on the bottle to put a ‘generous’ amount onto the nipples so what I’d suggest is to start with a bit then add more and more if you need to, in fact, keep this tip in mind for all the sexual stimulants you’ll ever use – don’t go too crazy, sometimes less really IS more.

Jo Clitoral Gel


This is a silicone-based clitoral gel, it’s waterproof so you’re able to use it anywhere you like, shower, bath, pool… wherever! Just put on a few drops and leave it to work for 3-5 minutes, one application can last up to 45 minutes. There are two versions of this gel; cold & warming, and they are then broken down into another two choices – which is essentially mild or wild – Chill and Arctic for the cooling gels, and Spicy and Atomic for the warmer ones – so take your pick! Are you more of a cooling fan? Do you prefer just a little heat? Or do you like the heat to be turned ALL the way up?! Try them all & see what’s best for you!  This would be a fab piece to have in the bondage bedroom, because of the sheer intensity of the sensations to the clit, imagine your girl lying there, restrained and you drop some of this on her clit while teasing… yeeeeeah!
Also, just so you know, it’s completely safe to use with condoms.

Jo Volt – The Liquid Vibrator – 12 Volt, 9 Volt, 6 Volt

Yes, you read that correctly, this is a ‘Liquid Vibrator’ it provides that much stimulation to your awesome clit that it can legit be called a Liquid Vibe! First off, let me point out that it comes in three different strengths; 6 Volt, 9 Volt, and 12 Volt – and yes, as you can probably guess, they are named after actual electrical volts! I really like the idea behind this; it’s really clever and cute, the bottle is tiny but the sensation you get from it is incredible – I know this as I’ve actually tried the 9 Volt version and it was super-fun!
As with the Clit Gel above, just a few drops are required, leave it get to work for 3-5 minutes. Within those 3-5 minutes you will start to feel a warming, pulsing sensation in and around your clit; it immediately becomes much, much more sensitive to the touch and you can’t stop from touching as it feels like nothing I’ve tried before, this was basically throwing orgasms at me – after only 20 minutes of playing about with my hubby I’d cum so much I thought I’d blast my clit right off!! LOL! So yeah, they are super-powerful! This is why it comes in various strengths – so, after trying the 9 Volt, I’d suggest if you’re sensitive like me, start with the 6 Volt, see how it goes for you then work your way up the scale if you find you’d like more power than the 6 Volt. I think I’ll be cool with the 6 Volt next time LOL but yeah wow! Such an awesome afternoon that was!


Also, because it’s a gel which is literally pasted on your clit, there’s no escaping the orgasmic tremors, you know like when you’re vibe’ing you kinda move the vibe about, like I’ll reign it back if it feels too intense then put back etc… whatever you know what I mean… well – you can’t with this, you’re strapped in for the ride! But what an awesome ride it is!
As with the Clit Gel above, I think this would be a really good item to have in a bondage-loving couple, because of the sheer intensity of the sensations to the clit; imagine your girl lying there, restrained and you drop some of this on her clit while teasing the rest of her body… yeeeeeah!


It must be started that this cannot be used with latex condoms, though it is safe to use with any toy you’d like – there’s nothing in this formula that will degrade your goodies

Jo Oral Delight


This tube is designed to provide pleasure for both participants during oral sex, pleasure for both the giver and the receiver – the gel provides a cooling sensation to the penis and the flavour is there for the giver to make their partner taste even better! There are four flavours to choose from; Strawberry Sensation, Cherry Burst, Vanilla Thrill, and Peppermint Pleasure.
This is good for both male and female application.

Jo for Men – Prolonger Spray – Maximum Strength


A must-have for chaps who tend to get a little over-excited, or who are sensitive and find their lovemaking is therefore being hindered – alternatively, this can be used by any chap who just would like to last a lot longer in bed than they normally would! The spray is easy to apply, just spray, rub the formula into the skin of the head and shaft of the penis and away you go!
It contains Benzocaine which works fast in desensitising the area; this is what gives the spray the right to call itself ‘Maximum Strength’ as it is a super-powerful ingredient!

Jo for Men – Prolonger Gel – Standard Strength

Now this is actually very different to the spray talked about above – not just in application but in formula and texture – try both & see what is best for yourself! Remember everyone is different so what works for your mate may not work for you and vice-versa!
First off, the mixture is (obviously!) a gel, a nice thick cream which is very easy to apply.
This one isn’t as strong and won’t desensitise the penis as much as the spray due to this one not containing Benzocaine; however, if you’re after a bit of a confidence boost or something to just take the edge of the sensitivity, then this one is for you

Whoa! Ok, so remember that over Part 1 and Part 2 we barely scratched the surface of the full range of what System Jo have to offer! Check out our website or pop along into one of our shops and ask about System Jo, there’s so much to discover and try out! Have fun!

with love 2016

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