Precious Metals – Jamesey Reviews



Lets face it – we’ve all seen this Facebook update from the queen of class Marilyn Monroe. Usually it’s your mate Julie after her 12th breakup of the year and her bottle of of wine of the night posting it and lots of comments saying things like “too true hun xx” and “so me that xx” (in the spirit of honesty – if I ever have a fight with the hubby and I usually post this on Facebook and tag him in it. Just so he gets the message that I am bloody special and he should be happy to watch Flashdance  for the 15th time.)  But before this amazing social media post Marilyn had another somewhat famous quote…..

I fully agree! 

Yup. Diamonds are a girls best friend. So when I got asked if I’d review the Precious Metals jeweled Anal Plug I was of course more than happy to say yes!!

Firstly they come in a really cute carry bag which is great if you want somewhere to store the toy when it’s not in use.  The sizing on the range as a whole is great so no matter what size you need they have a toy to fit your needs.

I’m not going to lie, I was a little nervous about trying a metal toy. The idea of the jewel was appealing but the thought of a metal toy for my bum was a little unsettling simply because in the past any metal toys I’ve seen are really heavy and really hard!!


However when I recieved the plug, I realized that it was smooth and much lighter than I was expecting. This instantly put me at ease and I was actually quite excited about using it.  Plus that jeweled really does look brilliant!


I decided to give the toy a whirl, but because it was so cute I thought it might make a nice surprise for the Hubby.  Because it is such a lightweight toy it’s not uncomfortable to wear for a prolonged period and the jeweled base takes away any fear of it getting lost up there!  The shape of this toy made using it really easy as well and as an added bonus the metal is super smooth so there’s no sharp bits that can cause discomfort.


Now I don’t know if it’s because it wasn’t expected or not, but when it came time for the grand reveal the hubby was somewhat shocked! Admittedly it’s not every day that your partner presents a blinged up ring, but he seemed to be genuinely surprised and quite impressed!  Whether it was because I’ve been taking yoga classes and was showing off a good pose or the jewel I’m not sure, but he was really impressed.

Not My Husband. 

Since the first time of use its been taken out the toy box a few times – because it’s metal you can do a good bit of temperature play with the toy by putting it in cold or warm water before use and cleaning is super easy.  It’s not an every time toy, but if you’re looking for something to make you feel special or just make anal a little cuter I would say go for this. The price point of the toy is a great bonus as well which means that if you want to go up a size or want to try a different shaped version its not going to break the bank! So if  you’re unsure about trying a metal toy, Precious Metals is the brand for you!!

with love 2016



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