Rocks-Off Ball And Chain – Lust Linx – Remote Control Egg – Jenna-G Reviews

The first time I clapped eyes on the Rocks Off Ball and Chain I was busy going through my emails, I hadn’t really the time to stop and read, however, I was struck by how very striking it is, I couldn’t help but look twice, I found myself drawn to its uniqueness. Clocking the name, the whole concept all became clear; the person wearing the ball becomes the slave to the master of the remote control – the idea is that this is to be used by two people, although of course you could use it solo, there’s nothing to diminish that one bit.


Presented in a dark, serious-looking open-fronted box, the Ball and Chain is tucked in a plastic cage next to its remote control; you can see clearly the size, shape and overall essence of what you are getting.
Within the box, there is a charging cable and a 12 Month Guarantee card. The backing card slips out of the box to give care instructions and basics such as how to charge up your new toy and how to turn it on, off, etc. It strongly advises that you charge up your toy fully the first time you use it, and to give it a clean (as you should all your new toys). The LED light on the Ball will flash continuously once it is fully charged up.


As mentioned above, it looks serious and it is serious. Many toys come with fancy names, this has no pretenses – it’s literally a ball and chain – a beautifully, velvety, soft and smooth round silicone ball with a silver anchor which has a soft yet strong silicone chain linked to it for easy removal.

The Ball and Chain comes with a very discreet remote device which just has the one button to save any confusion, just cycle through the 10 settings to see what pattern causes what pleasures and reactions, just hold down the button for 3 seconds to stop the Ball. The remote can be used up to 10 meters away from the ball so there’s room to move about relatively freely. The button on the Ball itself is a cute Rocks-Off logo which is slightly raised so you can find it fast.


The toy is 100% waterproof so you can take it pretty much anywhere you like, say like the shower, bath, nowhere is prohibited; only your imagination can stop you! The Ball and Chain is a super fun toy that is so versatile, it offers as much teasing as you could possibly take and is a Hellava turn-on for the person in control! Really is a pleasurable little beast.


Summing up; an excellent variation of the usual Remote Controlled Love Eggs you see, feels amazing, lots of fun to use, vibrations offer a wonderful rumbling against your g-spot, waterproof, good price, beautifully soft silicone. Can’t go wrong, try one and see what mischief you can get up to!

with love 2016

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