PicoBong Transformer – A Review by Jenna-G

As Twisted As Your Imagination
I like strange, odd, the quirky, the unusual. As you’ve probably guessed by now, I also love toys of all kinds, playing about and discovering new ideas, things that allow my imagination to wander; so when I saw the PicoBong I was certainly extremely intrigued – in fact, I went –


It took a minute for the pennies to drop… but as soon as they did – omg my imagination ran with it, how exciting… so many options, so much fun to be had, so versatile and – I hate to sound like your gran, but – *handy* – what a toy to play about with! I could not wait to get this home, admittedly firstly so I could see the look on Hubby’s face as he tried to work out what it was – bless him, he’s not very imaginative so bringing home toys and watching him work out and realise what something is for is sometimes nearly as fun as using the toy… I said nearly!

Anyway, just look at it! This is the PicoBong Transformer;


No, it’s not as small as you think it is, look again and realise the POWER – this is actually 25 – that’s TWENTY FIVE – inches – I said INCHES – long. No, it’s not a dinky thing by any measure! So, I best explain what it is I have here; the PicoBong Transformer is a dual-ended vibrator – imagine a double-ended dong with heads at the end that vibrate and are connected by a flexible and sturdy ‘neck’; well this is that very thing – the Transformer.

PicoBong 2.png

It comes in cool-looking packaging, the front has a plastic covering to display the PicoBongs heads (I’m calling them ‘heads’), the neck (yes, I’m calling it a ‘neck’) is coiled beneath it. Inside the box, there’s a charging cable and a user manual. The box is all cardboard apart from the front plastic, minimal waste, easy to recycle – important!As just mentioned, the box is cool-looking, stylish, minimalistic and subtle yet informative. This is a quote from the back;

“You’ve just discovered the most versatile sex object in human history” – it then lists a few of the options available to be created and tried with the Transformer – “a rabbit vibe, clitoral massager, cock ring, G-spot vibe, prostate massager and more!”

Listed down the sides of the box are some diagrams which demonstrate the flexibility and versatility of the toy. There are some amazingly cool ideas to try out on there, some of which are mentioned in the quote above.

 PicoBong 3

*USB-Rechargeable –speaks for itself, godsend!
*100% Waterproof – fully waterproof to 1m; perfect for playing in whatever kind of water you want; shower, bath, pool, etc. go nuts, just don’t go taking it diving.
*Made of soft, velvety smooth silicone –PicoBong only use body-safe FDA approved silicone and ABS plastic in their toys.
*Flexible but firm neck that can be set into many different shapes, bends, kinks, loops, etc. again, – go nuts!
*10 Powerful stimulation modes.
*”Near-silent” – The motors are really, really quiet too which is what everyone wants!
*Easy to use controls – Double click on M to go straight to maximum power.
*”Perfect for her, him, her & him, him & him, her & her”

The features are top-notch; the quality amazingly good, the silicone lovely and smooth, the heads have a gentle curving to them – one head is embossed with the ‘PicoBong’ logo, the other side has the all-important controls and charging port, lift up the little flap to stick in the charging wire (LOL!) to charge up the toy, the instructions recommend you charge it for an hour.

Note on Lubes
You must only use water-based lubes with this toy, silicone WILL damage it, do not risk it, if unsure of what lube you have get a new one here, here and here are some good options – also never use any oils or lotions on this toy – you’ve been warned!

After charging the PicoBong for an hour, press the (+) button to start the vibrations, increase the speed by continuing to press (+), decrease speed by pressing (-), press (M) for the different vibration patterns, double click the (M) to go straight to the maximum power setting!
To turn the PicoBong off just old down (-) until it stops vibrating.
The PicoBong Transformer has a travel lock, to activate it press both (+) and (-) for 3 seconds, do the same to unlock.

The Neck
To be fair, I wasn’t expecting the neck to be as sturdy as it is, it’s bendy and pliable as fuck – it doesn’t just bend, it stays bent into whichever position you bend or sculpt it into. This is because the connecting ‘neck’ is a strong coil that will not sag nor droop with use. It’s ok though, the coil is not external; it’s all cased within soft, slinky silicone, so any skin or pubes are safe from being pinched or snagged! So yeah, it’s not going to flop about mid-play at all, there’s a good degree of resistance to it when you bend it about so you may accidently bend it out of sorts if you’re going quite ‘strenuously’ but it should stay put just fine otherwise.

As I’ve screamed about above, the whole length is 25 inches long, the circumference of the heads at the fattest point is 4 inches, and the neck is about 16.5 inches which gives a generous amount of leeway to create a great number of toys and sensations – this is obviously an excellent toy for sharing, so bendy, so roomy with enough length so you’re not squashed or hindered or cramped together at all.

PicoBong 4

“It offers you millions of sex toys in one!”
This is a bold statement – not many toys can boast such anoffer, the PicoBong Transformer, however, is actually different to many toys out there, the very core of its design is that it can be made into practically anything you can think of. If you can’t think of anything then take a look at the listed options on the box which are a good start, you could alter the twists and turns to whatever and however you like, that’s the whole point.

For us, it seriously is a lot of fun, needless to say, in the interests of study we have attempted – I think – yes, probably all of the aforementioned designed on the box and have invented one or two of our twisted own LOL! I like how you have control over practically the whole design, there isn’t too much this vibe can’t do – granted, the coils may be a bit thick for some things, but with a bit of fiddling and messing about, you can come up with all sorts!

Try one out, how can you go wrong with something you can actually sculpt yourself!? Have fun!

Lotsa love,
❤ Jenna ❤

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