Loving Joy Precious Metals Jewelled Butt Plug – A Review by Jenna-G

A while back, Jamesey wrote about the Precious Metals Smooth Anal Plug (read here) and gave it a good verdict, so it should end there right? Well no, ‘cos one day I just couldn’t resist it and decided to get me and hubby one from the range and now I love it so much I wanna share just how much love I think these plugs deserve, so today I’m offering my write-up of the Loving Joy Precious Metals Jewelled Butt Plug (a different style to that which Jamesey reviewed – they come in a few different designs! Keep reading & I’ll show you the full options at the end) – and in writing up my review of it I hope it gives any lady who’s a little worried about trying metal butt plugs the confidence to try one!

Kermit  PM1

I’m actually in love with this cute Loving Joy Butt Plug, how could one not be? The range are beautifully made, they come in a bunch of different sizes with a wonderful weight to them, and, super-important to  me as I’ve been put off buying so many in the past just ‘cos of this – they have an excellently sparkly jewel; I tend to find some jewelled butt plugs don’t actually have a really nice-looking sparkle – some are blatantly plastic (yes, I know – the horror!), others dull – yes it’s a small gripe but if I want a toy that’s designed to be sparkly, I’m gonna be wanting to get the best looking, best sparkling option, right?! They also come in a cute little black velvet bag to keep it clean and safe from prying eyes, and to probably keep it extra sparkly… maybe.
Look at that shineeee…..

I mean, it’s so snazzy I didn’t really make the connection that it was metal and that was a material that was completely alien to us thus far, I mean I knew it was metal obviously, but being sat here writing this I’m realising that this was the first metal toy we’ve ever had… apart from bondage pieces but none of them were insert-able – also, I can think of nothing we’ve used which comes close to the weight and coldness of this – the sensation is amazingly divine – soooo cold and so weighty it has a power of its own. Just the anticipation of the cold metal against my skin and the weight of the thing gets me very excited to use this toy again! J

The Butt Plug come in two colour choices, Silver or Gold; and three different sizes, Small, Medium, and Large. The weight obviously increases with the size, don’t be worried though as the weight gives you a really pleasurable feeling of its very own! I decided I liked the Silver version the best and went for the Small one as I thought that if it was too small we could still have fun over the weekend and I could always buy a bigger one another time, on the other hand, if I bought one that was too big it would put paid to any playtime with it – I was planning to surprise OH with it on a lazy Sunday morning BTW 😉 so yeh, it kinda needed to be usable!


Being made of metal has a wonderful advantage over other toys in that you can use any soaps to clean it and use any lube you like with it; water-based, silicone-based, oil, hell even butter and jam* if you choose!
*No, don’t.

Anyway, it turns out, Small was the right size for me and I used a LOT of lube. The anticipation of using it helped me relax, inserting it was pleasurable as the coldness hits your skin straight away and once inside the feeling of it was better than I’d imagined. My hubby loved the surprise and loved looking down at my bum with the little sparkly jewel as he was fucking me from behind while the thrusting wiggled the Plug in my bum and felt super-amazing! Then after,as I rode him cowgirl-style he liked to reach around and give the jewel a bit of a wiggle with his finger tips to tease me even further…. Suffice to say ‘twas an orgasmic morning…. & afternoon! J

Final thoughts, loved, loved, loved it. Good size, not too big – did I say how much I loved the weightiness of it?! So nice! Going to be using this again very, very soon, and probably very, very often too! ❤

In addition to the above Jewelled Butt Plug, below is the complete range of Previous Metals by Loving Joy available at Nice ‘N’ Naughty<- click on that link to see the full range or continue scrolling down, there are links under the picture to each toy if one should happen to take your fancy;

Ribbed PM

Precious Metals Ribbed Jewelled Anal Plug – Available in Silver or Gold.

probe PM

Precious Metals Ribbed Jewelled Probe. Available here.

Enforcer pm

Precious Metals Ribbed Jewelled Explorer. Available here.

Smooth PM

Precious Metals Smooth Jewelled Anal Plug available in Silver or Gold, and in Small, Medium, and Large. Read Jamesey’s review here.
Click to buy – Small Silver, Small Gold, Medium Silver, Medium Gold, Large Silver, Large Gold.

Remember have fun, be happy, be safe, be adventurous, and experiment!
Catch you next time,
Love, Jenna ❤

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