The E-Stim Systems ElectroHelix Red & Flo – A Review by Jenna-G

Back in December Jamesey bravely reviewed the E-Stim Systems ElectroPebble Dual Channel Power Box and had some awesome fun with it, to catch up with his hilarious post click >here<.

To add on to the eletroplay theme, our friends at E-Stim Systems have provided me with a goody bag of bits to try out – I have the Helix Red, which is a kit that can be used by anyone at all, also in my goody bag were an E-Stim FLO Large Electrode, a tube of Conductive Lube, and a Low-Profile Cable. Sounds intriguing, no? Well, I reckon I’d try anything once (well… within reason haha) so I was happy to try this kit out and see what I made of it – and of course dear Hubby at home too 🙂

So first off we’ll be taking a look at the E-Stim ElectroHelix Red Play Pack and later down the post we’ll see what I made of the E-Stim FLO Large Electrode.

Helix Filled Box

What’s In The Box?
The E-Stim Systems ElectroHelix Red Play Pack comes in a cool, plastic case with snap-locks, this is perfect for storing the toy when not in use and for packing away safe in a bag if you’re planning on travelling with it. The product description sleeve slips right off leaving a sleek-looking black box with E-Stim Systems on one side of it. Open up the box and inside you’ll find the box is padded so the unit is completely secure. Pull down the upper ‘bobbly’ padded side and you find some extra bits tucked away.

Helix Full Box

In the ElectroHelix Red Play Pack you get the following items; an Electro Helix PowerBox, a small Satin Electro Egg. Behind the padded side I mentioned just above are a User Manual, 4x Self-Adhesive Pads, a 2mm/TENS Cable, and a PP3 (square) Battery to power the toy straight from the box.

Helix Banner

The Helix Power Box may look a little complicated at first but it’s simpler than it seems and even if you don’t get it right away you will be quick to learn the uses of the dials and buttons soon enough especially if you read the manual – it’s very straightforward once you know – read below for more info on powering up and using the Power Box. The Power Box is a good size to hold in your hand, and the dials are clearly labelled. There are 2 buttons on the box which have a bearing on the modes when powered up (more later).

Satin Egg.png

Satin Egg – A metal satin-finish Egg which feels lovely enough in your hand without the electro waves pulsing through it! It’s a good size (for me), dinky and cute, and being metal it’s got a little bit of weight to it, I’m already a fan of this Egg so I cannot wait to see what it feels like when powered up! 🙂 The Egg is attached to a wire which goes directly into the unit; this wire is reinforced at the top so that it can be safely used as a cord to retrieve the Egg when you pop it inside you. The wire is long enough so that it’s not like you have to angle about getting into the right position to use it and power it, or have your partner be sat right on top of you to power it – the wire is about a meter or so in length, so plenty to work with.

Pads &amp; Wires

Pads & Wires – Using the wires provided with the kit, these pads can be attached to any part of your body – E-Stim recommends that you do not use any electroplay toy above waist height, though, so keep that in mind when playing.

Manual – Give it a good read over, seriously, it’s very informative, there’s even a complete diagram of the Box and breaks down all the components. It has an in-depth look at the Modes and features which will help you get the most out of your new toy so make sure to study up! As with many things ‘knowledge is power’!

First Impressions
Very nice! I love how everything fits nicely in the box, how neat it all is and how simple it is to start using. I’ve held electroplay toys in the shop but have never used one, so as this is my first unit I’m very excited to give it a go – the sensations are not going to be ones I’d have felt before so this should be lots of fun 🙂 I’m actually very excited to see what this is like! 🙂


E-Stim Systems ElectroGel
I also have this conductive lube which can be used with any electroplay toy attachment. Don’t be shy to use generously on your attachments as the lube is designed to heighten the sensation of the tingles and electro waves. Think water + electric = buzzz! It’s water-based so it’s completely safe to use with toys made of all materials, not just your electroplay toys. It comes in bottles of 100ml and is available here!

Power Up!
Easy as pie – but first ensure that the Box’s Level is turned down to zero!!! – That done? Ok, you just pop the battery in, plug in the Egg, switch the Power Box on at the top, and (theoretically) away you go! Obviously, wash the Egg or any other attachments first – aaaand it might be wise to have a tinker about with it to work out what settings are right for you before jumping in – up to you! – but it’s really that quick to get going with it. No recharging – just make sure you have a spare battery, just in case! 😉

So yeh, anyway, you’ve turned on the Box and now you’ll see that the Mode lights flash blue one by one, in 2 sequences – it rests on the default setting of ‘Pulse’ – now the unit is ready to send those electro pulses through to your attachment (or pads, of course!). You’ll notice another blue flashing light in the top left-hand corner of the Box – this light is a neat one and one you should keep your eye on – it’s showing the ‘pulsations’ of that Mode, as in the electricity or waves running from the Box and into any attachment you have plugged in.

Helix Power Box.png

Three dials, simple to remember as they are labeled;
Level – This is the most important one to remember, so if you have a crap memory just focus on this and you’ll be fine! This dial controls the power that comes from the Box – higher the dial is turned up the more of a ZZZZAAAAPPP you get, that’s the best way I can describe it so we’ll leave it as that 🙂 But remember to start at ZERO and work your way SLOWLY up until you feel some pulses of tingles on your skin touching the attachment. Now doesn’t that feel amazing?! 🙂 Don’t go nuts with it and hurt yourself, it’s for fun and pleasure, just set it right for you – everyone will have a different tolerance to the Box and even different body parts will have more sensitive reactions than other parts of your body – so keep it low as you get to know the toy and the settings you like.
Feel – This changes the ‘feel’ of the Mode which is selected. This applies to all Modes. Have a play about with it, you won’t hurt yourself by testing this one out as much as you like.
Speed – This will change the speed of most of the modes, just like you can change the speed of a vibrator you can change the speeds of the multiple Modes that this Power Box can produce. Just be aware, however, that this Dial doesn’t come into play for Flo and Fire Modes.

Helix Diagram.png

Mode Lights, Buttons, & Modes
Under the Dials you can see the blue light which is lit up on the current Mode – if you’ve not changed it, it’ll be set to its’ default ‘Pulse’, this Mode emits a continuous pulse to your attachment, fiddle with the Feel and Speed to obtain a variety of sensations.
Under the Mode Lights are two buttons, the right one has a circular arrow – press it – this changes the Mode – now the Box will be set to ‘Flo’, during this Mode the waves are constant – this is why you cannot change the Speed lol 🙂
Press that circular arrow button again and you get the ‘Fire’ mode which is super fun; during Fire Mode there are no waves emitting at all – until you press the Fire button! This is the target-like button on the left of the Box, when you press that button the Box sends a wave through to your chosen attachment or pads and obviously, the corresponding body part that it’s connected to!
Next up is ‘Milk’ – hard to explain but it’s kinda like how you imagine milking something to be like – shush! I’m trying! – It’s kinda slow but gets faster in like a continuous way, play with the Speed to make it go even faster and you’ll have an ace time!
Last up is ‘Tease’ – self-explanatory, this Mode is designed to tease you into a frenzy, again, mess about with the Feel and Speed Dials to heighten the sensations.

Ok, for those that like it even more tinglier or zappier there is another setting – it is called ‘Intense’ – to activate it hold down the Fire button until all the Mode Lights come on, now the Box will output an even higher sensation!

The E-Stim Systems Flo Electrode

Large Flo &amp; Low Profile Cable

Also within my goody bag were the Flo and a Low Profile Cable.
The Flo comes in a cool red, transparent, plastic tube which twists open, again the packaging of this allows you to store the toy and travel with it – the box will keep the toy safe and clean.
Inside the tube is a manual which gives a load of very useful information, be sure to read it! The Flo itself is a nice weighty metal probe with a red stripe in the middle. I got the Large size sent to me which is 4.7 inches high and has a nice chunky feel to it. The probe is powered with the Low Profile Cable – just plug both ends into the bottom of the probe and plug the other end into the Box and you will feel the electro tingles rippling all along the surface of the shiny, sleek metal.
The Low Profile Cable is designed so that the jack does not get in the way of play – if you look at the picture, you’ll see that the jack is at an angle – this is so that you can sit on the toy and not break or snap the cable.


So How Did I, & We, Get On?
This is so, so much fun to play about with, both, on your own, or with a partner. Naturally, there is a LOT more fun to be had when playing with someone 🙂 so I found this to be such a giggle when playing with Hubby. He was quite dubious about it at first, playing about and shocking his own hands for the fun of it, when I reminded him we were to test it seriously he laughed, shrugged, and drawled a casual “we’ll give it a go, sure” – with a gleam of excitement in his eyes that he could not hide 🙂

Excited Squirrel.png

At first we prepped the Egg and just got to know the Power Box, using the Egg in our hands to feel the electro pulses and modes. Pretty soon he was eager to get down to some investigating and went walkabouts down below taking the Egg with him… he wanted to know what it felt like on my clit so – well, I was happy enough to just lay there – and then he claimed he shocked his lip… wait.. what?! XD
Ok, so then we got the giggles for a good ten minutes… once we’d recovered (seriously though?!), we got back down to business, with a dollop of Conductive Gel smeared on the Egg he popped it into my vagina and might I say it feels much better than I’d have thought down there! It really tingles like fuck, rubbing against my G-spot the Egg quickly had me so close to cumming, I grabbed Hubby’s hand and he knew to rub my clit and boom I was done XD


Hubby was now convinced that this was an actual cool toy that really does deliver pleasure, he was then eager to try out more variations of play, he really liked the idea of dangling the Egg against my clit, he held it by the cord and let it rest gently against me – this was fucking fab and I would definitely recommend anyone try this, it tickled like crazy and the intensity was fierce! – In a good way, obviously! I played about with it on him using his dangling technique and before we knew it hours had passed on what had been a very fun – and very educational – Sunday 🙂

We tried out the Flo during dinner, sat at the dining table – I was literally trying to eat a wonderful dinner my Hubby had made for me… but I was sat on something fun and he had the Power Box on his side of the table…. I could barely eat my favourite dish! That was a mind-blowingly fabulous evening, and one which we wish to repeat again! 🙂


Final Thoughts
I enjoyed it, he definitely enjoyed it – I was completely bowled over by how is actually feels down there – it’s like quite a few toys that when you feel it on your hand it does not do justice to how it feels against the delicate skin of the pussy, bum, inner thighs…. etc.

The best thing about this toy is how versatile it is; you can mess about and have a laugh or be dominant and each and every time it’ll still be sexy, the Modes are a good hoot to try out together too – we tried out all the Modes available. I think the Fire Mode is probably our favourite, second would be the Tease Mode. Using the Feel and Speed Dials mix up the Modes quite a bit, you will definitely notice the Speed Mode being turned up, the Feel Mode, however, is more subtler.

That’s the beauty of this – you can tinker with those dials to make this Box do whatever kind of sensation you want! Soft sugary, tingly sensations or a maxed-up Fire jolt – whatever tickles your pickle! 🙂 There are also many cool attachments available to accompany this Power Box, all ranging in styles from items to tease to those that may seem ‘extreme’, the attachments also range in sizes that usually come in Small, Medium, and Large. Check out the E-Stim Systems range on our website by clicking here.

It’s completely turned around my thinking of electroplay, I didn’t think it’d be as much fun as it was, and I certainly did not think it was going to be as pleasurable as it was, Hubby was certainly dubious about the whole thing to start with too so we were extremely pleasantly surprised by the whole thing, plusnow we’re actually well excited that there’s a whole new world of electroplay pieces for us to try out – How quickly we were converted! 🙂
We’ll definitely be looking to expand our choice of attachment toys now, with so many available it’s going to be lots of fun choosing our next play piece! 🙂

Try it our for yourself, you won;t be disappointed!
Have fun!
Love, Jenna ❤

Check out the full E-Stim Systems range here.
The E-Stim ElectroHelix Red Play Pack available here.
The E-Stim FLO Large Electrode
Low-Profile Cable
Conductive Lube


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