New In! – Mini Marvels by California Exotics!

An exciting new range has hit our shops and website, so without further ado – introducing – the Mini Marvels by California Exotics!
This is a fun, modern, quirky range; up-to-the minute packaging, neon colours which emit a cool and playful theme, and, despite being ‘mini’ these toys have all the power of their bigger cousins!
The ‘core’ basics of the toy are the same throughout the range:
Simple to use; just two buttons to control.
There’s 10 functional modes which control speed and pulsations, they also have a travel lock.
Made from silicone, contain dual motors, rechargeable and comes with USB cable.
Charging time is 2.5 hours with which you get 3 hours low-setting playtime or 30 minutes on high speed.
So, let’s take a quick look at the range;Picture of Mini Marvels Marvelous BunnyFirst up is the Mini Marvels Marvelous Bunny.
This is a smart take on the traditional Bunny-ears type of vibrator and perfect for any lady who loves clit-stim.
Plus it can totally be used while someone is fucking you, this is – as with all the toys in the range – so dinky you can use it whenever & wherever so it’s as versatile as your imagination!
Delivers powerful vibrations via the dual motors and is super easy to handle.
Available in store, or by clicking here!Picture of Mini Marvels Marvelous MassagerSecond up in the range is the Mini Marvels Marvelous Massager.
This little beauty slips in between your fingers – you see the grooves? They go either side of the toy for your fingers to slip in – the smooth is what you rub onto yourself – Naturally, this is a fab toy for lovers to use together! 🙂
Available in store, or by clicking here!
Picture of Mini Marvels Marvelous EggCiterThis is the Mini Marvels Marvelous EggCiter.
The EggCiter lives up to its’ name; it is egg-shaped, but the ‘egg-citing’ thing about this egg is that it has a groove for precision-point clit-stim for those who really like it intense.
Fits perfectly in the palm of your hand.
Available in store, or by clicking here!
Picture of Mini Marvels Marvelous FlickerThe Mini Marvels Marvelous Flicker.
This toy is a super pink colour, is shaped like a tongue, and I should imagine with quite a bit of lube, probably feels quite like a tongue, until it starts to vibrate and then I guess you’d remember that no human tongue could do that vibration with such powerful momentum!
A fun toy that’ll bring you laughs as well as joy, I reckon 🙂
Available in store, or by clicking here!

All available in store and online now! Happy shopping! 🙂
Jenna ❤



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