Room Odorizers…. what are they…?

You may have seen Room Odorizers, or Aromas, for sale in your local Nice ‘N’ Naughty store, but what are they – and, more importantly, what do they do?

Room Odorizers are small bottles of liquid which you open and leave about the room – the scent of these things are not your average Air Wick-type of fragrances… in fact these Odorizers are not designed to expel household stinks, they don’t particularly smell nice – their function is not to make the room smell like daisies but to cause physical reactions in YOU.

Back in the old days they were referred to as “Poppers” and were created with Amyl Nitrate – this has since been banned and so the “Poppers” died out… and the birth of Room Odorizers, occurred.

Okay, but what do they do?
Once opened and placed on a table relatively near to you, the Room Odorizers should quickly start to take effect; first off you may notice a feeling of a head rush, a sensation of being light-headed – this is because a larger amount than usual of oxygen-filled blood is travelling straight to your brain. You should then start to realise that your touch is far more sensitive than usual. The best thing? – They cause the relaxation of involuntary, soft muscle tissues – such as the vagina and anus – therefore, you can see why it’s such a big hit for people who want an extra buzz during sex!

Naturally, everyone’s going to feel everything differently to others. Some people just get headaches, some people may feel sick – I know one person who just sneezes like crazy when Room Odorizers are around!

As I always say, you can only tell what’s good for you if you try it yourself & see!

Have fun!
Love, Jenna ❤

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