The Versa by Loving Joy – A Review by Jenna-G

Here at Nice ‘N’ Naughty we are really impressed with the Loving Joy range which is available in our shops and through our website. The rangehas practically everything to cater for all tastes and proves popular with our customers, especially those who appreciate how Loving Joy have created good quality, fun products at such a great price range.

If you’re keeping up you may have seen us post about Loving Joy before, we’ve written about the Loving Joy Power Bullet and the Loving Joy Precious Metals Jewelled Butt Plug, both of which got fab reviews; check them out if you’ve not already done so.

Today I’m writing about something a little different, it is a toy, but this is not like anything I’ve reviewed (or tried) before. The Versa is a multi-purpose flexible vibrator which at first glance looks tons of fun to mess with. Naturally, I was very happy to give this one a go and see what I could make of it! 🙂

Versa 2
The Versa is simply packaged, it comes in a cardboard box, and inside the box is the Versa, its charging cable and an instruction booklet.
The Versa itself was a little bigger than I expected, however, it’s also more flexible than I thought it’d be too; you can literally twist the thing!! I twisted mine right around and it’s still buzzing and working fine. It’s a tough little thing. However, it was also a bit harder than I thought it’d be too, the bulge-y bit which is for the G-spot was very firm and I was worried it would hurt when I tried to use it as a C-vibe, (a C-vibe is the kind of vibe that is curved into a C-shape, this is to stimulate both the clit and G-spot – most designs (such as the Versa) are designed to allow a penis to go in at the same time).
versa cvibne.png

The box and instruction booklet informs me that the Versa is made from 100% medical grade silicone which makes this a gloriously smooth toy – yep, it’s that nice velvety-smooth silicone which, personally, I find to be the best for toys; kind on the skin, clean, and easy to keep clean too as it is non-porous this we know thanks to that 100% silicone label – ma-hooo-sive thumbs up! 🙂

The Versa is fully waterproof so you can take it wherever it pleases you; bath, shower, go for it!
Another plus is that the toy is rechargeable so no need to mess with batteries to power it up. It just takes 2 hours charge fully says the manual so make sure you give it time to collect all that juicy power.
Versa Charge and On off

To turn it on, just hold down the on/off switch for a couple of seconds, you’ll then see the lights flashing to let you know it’s ready to go. Then just press the button under the power button – the one that has little wavy line on – this will then control the 10 vibration modes.

The Versa & Us in Use
This is a fun one to play with solo as you can twist it about to get it right on whichever bits you want to stimulate, it’s VERY good for playing with the G-spot especially as you can bend the bulbous head to get just the right angle and pressure. The vibrations are powerful and aside from speeds, there are a nice range of pulses to tantalise your pussy.

Hubby had a good time messing with the angles and vibes and was eager to try it as a C-vibe… however, as you’ve read above, that was the very thing I’d been worried about as he’s a snug-fit enough as it is, I wasn’t sure there’d be room for something that bulbous in me at the same time as Hubby’s cock! We tried! But ultimately, the G-spot bit was just too big; I just could not get this to fit inside me at the same time as my husband! We used a ton of lube but no-go! Worse still, as we were struggling to get Hubby in I started to feel squeamish at the thought of hurting myself, so after a bit of faff we realised it just was not gonna happen, I’ve a small foof and I have my limits! One or the other, not both together!
Ok well, I had thought that’d be the case, but to be fair, everything else was super cool though and due to its versatility this did not dampen matters as we still had fun! 🙂

We really liked how versatile it is and the silicone really makes it a safe and skin-friendly toy, although I thought that the firm bulge-y bit could be a bit softer in all honesty as it sometimes felt a bit uncomfortable on the clit. The bendiness and the twist-ability was super fun to play about with, I even found a use for it while I was giving Hubby a blowjob – I bent it so it was stimulating his perineum and coming up to tickle his balls at the same time – Hubby was a fan of that 🙂

All in All
A super fun toy to play about with, certainly a lot of fun to use with a partner – whether you can use it during penetration or not – you will be able to find a huge array of ways to play with the Versa.
It’s extremely well made and the silicone is a huge plus.

Try one out yourself; see what you can make of it! 🙂
Available to buy in our stores and online – Click here!

Have fun!
Lotsa love,
Jenna ❤

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