Vishagra Pink Maxxx Enhancement Capsules for Women – A Review by Jenna-G

Vishagra Pink Maxxx Enhancement Capsules for Women are herbal enhancement capsules which are jam-packed with natural ingredients which are known to help increase horniness and can give more powerful, longer-lasting orgasms! I have a bottle to try out…. Lol this is gonna be fun 🙂


First off, you should ALWAYS check the packets ingredients before you take anything like this; I am not a doctor, not pregnant, and nor do I have any allergies, so this review is not going to take any health risks into consideration – The instructions on the bottle clearly state not to take these if you’re pregnant or have an allergy to shellfish, and they are not suitable for vegetarians, and by extension they’re not suitable for vegans.
The ingredients contain the following; Oyster meat powder (175mg), Guarana (100mg), Caffeine (78mg) – Oysters without the slimy mess! 🙂
Having said that, the ingredients in these capsules are 100% natural, there’s no chemicals included to worry about, they’re safe to use and have no side effects. In fact, the capsules actually claim to tone the kidneys and enrich the blood! Bonus!
They are designed to be taken everyday – 1 or 2 per day or 1 or 2 at least 30 minutes before playtime for the full effect.


These were really easy to take; I took 1 capsule with water on a full stomach. They got to work real fast, although it states to give them at least half an hour I started feeling rather giddy at around the 20 minute mark, to ensure I got the full benefits of the capsule I forced myself to wait that extra 10 minutes before I started anything fruity with hubby. Waiting, getting breathless, thinking, planning, waaaaaaaiting….


So I decided to get some sexy underwear on – now this was an unexpected bonus as wearing sexy lingerie is something I hardly do as I feel ridiculous in sexy lingerie, but I was so turned on nothing mattered anymore, my confidence was through the roof and I was ready for anything & everything! Needless to say, once I’d put on my lingerie I was raring to go. Poor Hubby had no idea what was going on… he had no clue I was testing out these capsules until afterwards lol poor, poor man! 🙂


For me the capsules are super fun, they give me a heightened confidence let alone flood my senses with SEX!!! The wetness was practically a flood which Hubby found super exciting!


For those that have a hard time feeling horny or getting wet, this would be fantastic as you could take them everyday – I took just 1 before the first playtime and I felt I was going to explode, I’ve since had a few playtimes having taken just the 1 capsule a half an hour beforehand and omg it is so much fun – if you’re a regular reader you’ll know that I’m practically a nymphomaniac, these capsules really do enhance everything – not just for a few minutes neither, I was super-horny for HOURS after 🙂


Gold stamp from me, super fun whether you need them or not – try them yourself! 🙂
Available in a bottle of 45 capsules – click here!

Have fun!
Lotsa love,
Jenna ❤

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