Winter Warmers – Games

During the cold winter months there’s nothing better than being cosy indoors, a couple of glasses of something sweet to warm you up, great company, and some fun board games to play; who can beat a round of Guess Who?!…. well even more fun than even a naked Twister are the naughty, sexy. board games we have in stock which are designed to raise the temperature of play time even further!
Here are just a few games we have available on our website (see the full range by clicking here), these games are sure to bring a lot of laughs and pleasure as you play them during the long cold months ahead.

Fifty of.png
Fifty Days of Play and Fifty Night of Naughtiness are two games which have been inspired by the Fifty Shades of Grey series (could you guess??), they both are played in the same way; roll the dice and the colour that’s rolled is the colour of the deck the player picks their card from. The card chosen will then have ideas or suggestions to carry out. The differing colour envelopes have varying levels; white have ‘virginal’ or ‘tender’ suggestions while the black envelopes have more kinkier or ‘naughtier’ suggestions. Simple enough to play and would be a good way of trying out new ideas you’d not thought of previously.

You&Me Game.png
You & Me is a gorgeously romantic set which comprises of game, silky blindfold, and rose petals. The game is a card-based game in which you roll the dice and pick a card – there are 2 Joker Cards, 90 Forfeit Cards and 8 Special Cards.

Endless Nights of Amazing Sex!‘ says the box, and doesn’t that sounds great? 🙂 The game itself is a board game which you go around the answering trivia questions and performing acts of foreplay. The set comprises of board, 70 trivia cards, 60 Sex cards, and two game pegs.

Path to Pleasure.pngThe Path To Pleasure game is a board game in which you move around the board which ‘will take you on a journey of sexual discovery’ – sounds good!

monogamy.pngMonogamy is an award-winning board game which is designed for couples and  promises to deliver a lot of fun. The game is comprised of board, 65 Intimate Cards, 65 Passionate cards, 65 Steamy Cards, 50 Fantasy Cards, a Dice, 2 Player Pieces, 12 Level Pieces, and 1 Rules Sheet.

All are available on our website, just click on the title of the game to be taken straight to the corresponding webpage 🙂

To check out our full range of sex games click here! 🙂

Happy Playing!
❤ Jenna 🙂 ❤

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