The Svakom Cookie – A review by Jenna-G

This is an intriguing little beast! Just look at it!
Doesn’t this cute toy just get those brain cells whirring? Can you guess what it does?
This is the Cookie by Svakom – Svakom is a high-end sex toy brand and their toy designs are pretty out of this world.
Having seen a picture of the Cookie, I was more than happy to give this 
lil beast a go.
When I received it I loved how diddy it is especially as I had been wondering how it was gonna work out if it was bigger!

First off, this is a gorgeously smooth toy made of silicone for that silky feel, the base and the switch in the middle are made of body-safe ABS plastic.
It’s rechargeable and comes with its little USB charging cable – give it a change of 1 hour before you start playing with it; 1-hour charge gives 1-hour playtime which is easy enough to remember.
The Cookie can totally be used in water; it’s completely waterproof.

The Cookie is designed to be like a little octopus; it has a main body where the control switch is and the base of which has the charging port, from the middle you have the three tentacles extending from it; it’s the tentacles that provide the pleasure – they twist and twiddle about whatever is caught up in between them. So yeh, you can imagine what bits you’d like to get caught between them tentacles!
giphy giphy1
Svakom’s advertising states that you can “forget about lubricants” as the toy is designed to be silky smooth against the skin, and make you wet enough when in use;

“Cookie and Candy are so smooth that you don’t need lubricants when using them, the pleasure you get helps the flow of natural lubrication, so forget buying the lubricants!”

So does it feel as good as it seems to feel? Yes, yes, yes, and a thousand times – YES!
This is a fantastic toy, super fun to use, the tentacles are amazing, soft yet unrelenting, they provide a clit massage second to no other toy I’ve ever felt!
The Cookie is simply ace for foreplay as the tentacles can be used on any part of the body you wish to try it on.
The sensation it gives is that of an incessant lover twiddling and gently tweaking around and around, never tiring! 🙂
I’ve used it solo (super fun! especially in the bath!), I really love it, it’s gorgeous, cute, and can be used in loads of ways, hubby loves it too having been initially sceptical of it as I used it on his penis, massaging the head and shaft slowly as the tentacles worked thier magic – much to his great surprise!
It feels amazing on the clit, within seconds I knew this toy was going to be a firm favourite during fireplay, the tentacles are nice and soft the tips so it feels really gentle yet it’s powerful enough to send pulsing orgasmic tremors through your body!
The results have always been ace when playing with the Cookie!
Image result for happy smile meme
This is a genuinely awesome little toy, so much versatility and so much fun, the only drawback is the sound – it’s a little bit noisy but turn up some background music or crank up the shower & no one will be any the wiser 🙂 ❤

Couple the Cookie with the Candy for double the fun!
Both can be found in our stores and online – click for Cookie and click for Candy!

Catch you next time!
Jenna ❤

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