Your Sex & Love Horoscope for the Week Commencing 5th November

aries zodiac sign on watercolor backgroundAries – Feelings right now are running high. Whether you turn that into something positive or not is up to you. If you take action now, you can turn those intense feelings into something that can improve your relationship. Luckily Aries is not the type to be a pushover. Your partner is your world and although you give them everything, you expect the same in return. Make sure you take time for yourself and give you and your partner some breathing room – you may find you’ll both come out stronger. Capricorn, Gemini & Libra are friends you can rely on this week.

taurus zodiac sign on watercolor background

Taurus – Something that you and your lover have been speaking about may come into light this week. Taurus people are the type to fear change, and so you will have to make a decision on whether you want to make that leap of faith. There’s no stopping you until you get what you want, but luckily for your partner, you are loyal and steadfast. Communication is key for you right now, so get your point across and let it be known exactly what you mean. Capricorn, Saggitarus & Cancer are the signs that can have a positive influence on you this week.

gemini zodiac sign on watercolor backgroundGemini – The future is looking good for you! A financial gain is coming your way, and a big plan from you and your partner is coming to fruition. If you’re thinking of selling or moving house, now is the time for decisions to become finalised. The effort you put into your life right now will see gains in the near future, but be careful of running away with yourself. Change is in the air for you and you have the power to turn it into a positive one. Aries, Libra & Capricorn are the signs you want in your life right now.

cancer zodiac sign on watercolor backgroundCancer – Be prepared to be bowled over. If you’re currently in a relationship right now, things are about to get very intense. If you’re single, you may experience some attention you weren’t expecting. Give yourself some self-care, and by giving yourself and other some space, you’ll begin to see the results you want. Keeping yourself balanced and contemplative will keep your feet on the ground, and prepare yourself for the future. Your matched signs this week are Taurus, Scorpio & Aquarius.

leo zodiac sign on watercolor backgroundLeo – Both romance and love are starting to get very intense, but if you want to stay in control, do so from a quiet place. Shouting right now isn’t going to get you heard. Creativity and confidence are coming your way, which will give you time to settle down and scope it out. Now is the time to plan your attack if you’ve been admiring someone from afar. Change is in the air for you and you can get what you want with careful planning and subtlety. Taurus, Scorpio & Aquarius might help you get what you need.

virgo zodiac sign on watercolor backgroundVirgo – Both you and your partner are going to face some challenges, but they are potentially positive ones and could take you on an adventure. You may feel a little vulnerable right now but you know what to focus on and admitting this may put you in a better place. Do something fun together to reinforce the bond that your passionate heart seeks out. You may also find some success in starting a new venture, perhaps renovating or taking yourself somewhere new. Taurus, Scorpio & Aquarius are there for you.

libra zodiac sign on watercolor backgroundLibra – Now is the time to tackle that problem you have been facing. Whether it be an important conversion you’ve been putting off or a professional ambition. You’re going to have to stay determined and grounded; don’t be afraid of asking questions or putting things into perspective. Being direct and in touch with yourself is going to be the key to receiving rewards. You may experience a power struggle in your relationship but sharing your thoughts will help you power through. Cancer, Capricorn & Aries are the signs to keep around right now.

scorpio zodiac sign on watercolor backgroundScorpio – Meeting with new people may come as a change but a welcome one, as something may blossom from it. Your partner or potential partner will be in most of your thoughts and will become hard to ignore. Be careful that it doesn’t distract you from other responsibilities you currently have right now. Something you may not have had the financial means for before may be soon within your reach – keep thinking positively about it and wait for the results. Your positive signs right now are Leo, Aquarius & Taurus.

sagittarius zodiac sign on watercolor backgroundSagittarius – You’ve had your fun and it may have come to an end, but this is the time to start fresh and embrace the change. Having faith and keeping your courage and confidence will lead you towards a positive future. Consider what you want to do with the time ahead and someone may enter your life soon and stick around. Once you’ve had some breathing space to yourself you may feel more balanced, and ready to accept this new person into your life. The signs you’ll want right now are Libra, Pisces & Cancer.

capricorn zodiac sign on watercolor backgroundCapricorn – You can soon finally start focusing on your love life instead of your professional life. Opening up and finding a new perspective will open everything to you and you’ll see the world in a way you haven’t seen it before. Your love life feels like a push and pull right now, but knowing how to go with the tide is in your nature and you will come out of the other side you will have made more progress than you thought. A surprise is on the horizon. Don’t be afraid of letting go. Signs to keep close are Virgo, Aries & Gemini.

aquarius zodiac sign on watercolor backgroundAquarius – Looking inside yourself is where you’ll find the answers you need, even if you have to look hard to find them. Once you receive these answers you will be in a more confident place to initiate a discussion or tackle the difficulties you’re currently finding in your relationship. Your friends will be there for you and admitting the problem is the first step forward. Things are going to stay on track for you as you will stay organised and your routine will save you. You need to have these signs nearby: Scorpio, Taurus & Leo.

pisces zodiac sign on watercolor backgroundPisces – You’re more worthy of love than you give yourself credit for. You will soon become more comfortable in receiving love and happiness. You can be successful if you put your mind to it. Relationship worries are keeping you from unlocking the full potential of your relationship together, and the sooner you dump those thoughts of angst, the sooner you can experience it. If you’ve been on the fence for a while about diving into a new relationship, now is the time. Capricorn, Cancer & Leo are there for you right now.

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