Happy Hug a Bear Day 2018! – Get 20% off Sukrew to celebrate!

As if you needed an excuse, 7th November is Hug a Bear Day! If you’re a little old for stuffed toys, why not grab a Bear and hug them instead! Here at Nice ‘n’ Naughty, we have some bears of our own, and today’s the day the teddy bears have a picnic!

Phil (or Phillybear as he’s also known) has worked at Nice ‘n’ Naughty for over 10 years, and can be seen as a regular face at Nice ‘n’ Naughty Brighton. His hugs are amazing (we can testify to that!) and we have some photos of him and his lovely hubby to show you just what you may be missing out on! If you need good advice and great customer service from someone who might as well be the bricks and mortar of the store, go to Phil. Here you can see Phil sporting one of our rainbow fan brushes for Pride last year, and his Hubby rocking a Smurf outfit!


image003This is a photo from his Wedding, how amazing do they both look, loving the hat! If these don’t look like a hug you want to get involved in, I don’t know what to suggest to you!

Next, we have Steve from Nice ‘n’ Naughty Bristol, one of the cheeriest faces you can meet, and after taking a break has now returned to Nice ‘n’ Naughty Bristol in full force. Another member of staff who has been here almost as long as the fixtures and fittings, Steve is your man to go to if you need help and friendly advice if you’re in the Bristol area, and we can also let you know first-hand, his hugs are the bomb! Whenever we’ve seen Steve he’s usually sporting an adorable shirt, and you can also see some of his designs below, modelled beautifully by him and his Bear friends – I want to hug them all!


Not sure you’re capable of “scary”, Steve, we still want to snuggle you to death!


If you want to see more of their awesome shirts, you can follow them on Instagram following the name above. To celebrate Hug a Bear Day, Nice ‘n’ Naughty are giving 20% off ALL our Sukrew range of underwear, and we’re going to extend it to a week from today so you can get your orders in! If you want to visit our Sukrew section, click here! When you checkout, just add the code SNUGGLE20 for 20% off!

A big thanks to Phil and Steve for supplying photos for the blog, and being such an amazing part of Nice ‘n’ Naughty Brighton and Bristol. Thanks for reading!

Nice 'n' Naughty


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