Chocolate Mint Day – 6 Top Chocolate Products

Happy Chocolate Mint Day! The staff at Nice ‘n’ Naughty have a sweet tooth and want to share with you our favourite Chocolate products.

1. Milk Chocolate Anuses – £7.99 Boy, do we have a treat for you. Moulded directly from an actual anus, these Milk Chocolate Anuses are tasty and make a hilariously great gift. Spencer & Fleetwood Milk Chocolate Edible Anus Novelty Chocolates

2. Chocolate Dick on a Stick – £2.49 Sure to raise a giggle, this cute little chocolate cock is fully made from chocolate (not hollow) and tastes great. Chocolate Dick on Stick

3. Dona by JO Chocolate Mousse Kissable Massage Oil 110ml – £9.99 Also available in a mini triple pack with strawberry soufflé and vanilla, this massage oil smooths into the skin to heighten the sensation of any massage, and has a gorgeous chocolate scent which is fully kissable. You won’t be able to help yourself. Dona by Jo Kissable Massage Oil Chocolate Mousse 110ml

4. ON Chocolate Arousal Oil – £16.99 This unique blend of oil extracts creates a stimulating pulsing sensation and causes a vibrating feeling throughout the clitoris. Also with a sweet chocolatey flavour for your partner to enjoy. ON Chocolate Arousal Oil for Women 5ml

5. System JO Gelato Mint Chocolate Lube 30ml £5.99 £3.99 We saved the best ’til last, System JO’s Gelato range comes in 5 unique combination flavours including this Mint Choc Chip lube, which makes oral sex tasty af. Safe to use with toys, too!Jo Gelato Mint Chocolate Flavoured Lubricant 30ml


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