System JO Limited Edition Couples Kit – A Review by Lizzy

Hi guys, it’s been a while since you last heard from me. I’ll tell you why – I’ve been busy over Christmas and New Year with some awesome new products, and now I’ve finally calmed down and gathered my thoughts, I have some stuff to share with you!

Today I have a brand new kit by System JO, it’s been a hot minute since I tried some of their products, although I’ve been keeping my eye on their recent repackaging and some new products popping up here and there. When I saw this kit, I felt there was no better opportunity to get stuck into them.

Included in the kit is: A sachet of male ProLonger (a desensitising gel for the penis to help you last longer); a 30ml bottle of Gelato Crème Brûlée (a tasty water-based lubricant); a 30ml bottle of Warming Massage Lubricant (an all-in-one massage lube also suitable for use on the vagina and anus); a 60ml bottle of their water-based H2O lubricant, Refresh foaming toy cleaner, and a clitoral stimulator in a tube (Warm and Buzzy stimulation).Image result for system jo foaming toy cleaner

It is all wrapped nicely in a clear wash-bag, surrounded by a cardboard sleeve. I thought it was a nice addition to include the toy cleaner, as even though it doesn’t come with a toy, this kit would make an amazing addition to one, especially as a gift.

For £24.99, the kit is a great price, just for two of the items in the kit you’re looking at near-enough that.

The prolonger included is only enough for one use really, but the clitoral gel can last you a while, especially if you’re slightly more sensitive as you only have to use a little. The bottle of water-based lubricant is a really great size, and if you’re wondering where your silicone lube is, it’s located in the all-in-one massage glide. Coupled with the sweet scent of the crème brûlée lubricant – you’re seriously in for a good time.

In case you’ve never used a System Jo lubricant before, the water-based lubricants are fine and smooth, and considering it’s a water-based lubricant, a little goes a long way. Their silicone based lubricants are super slick, you only have to apply a tiny bit, and they don’t contain any tackiness. System Jo’s flavoured lubricants can be quite sweet, but come in interesting, blend-able flavours.Related image

The warm a buzzy clitoral gel has a nice warmness to it without being numb or overly tingly and distracting. For people who are less sensitive than others, you may find that you use a little bit more of the product.

Available now from Nice ‘n’ Naughty, I would recommend this set as a gift for a new partner, for longer-term couples looking to experience something different, or as an addition to another toy or gift. Or treat yourself for a pampering experience unlike any other!

Have fun! Lizzy xx


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