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The New Durex Intense – Range A Post by Jenna-G

The Kings of safe-sex, Durex, have come up with an all-new range called Intense which is designed to improve and enhance sex for both partners. On offer in the range are condoms (of course!), two styles of vibrating cock ring, and the Intense Orgasm Gel. Today, we’ll be having a little look at what the range has to offer but, first, I will get straight to telling you how I got on testing out the Durex Intense Orgasm Gel…

Durex Intense Orgasm Gel


The Durex Intense Orgasm Gel comes in a cool, modern cardboard box which screams of its good quality. Turn the box around and there’s a good description of what you’re getting and the instructions on how to use it.

Tear open the pretty box and inside is a pump bottle which holds 10ml of the precious Intense liquid. The blurb on the back does stress that this is not a lubricant and just 2-3 drops are all that’s required to take effect. You should get around 20 uses out of this bottle depending on your sensitivity and such like J

The Gel itself is designed to give more intense orgasms this is because the Gel produces a warming, cooling or tingling sensation on your clit and lips which send your nerve-endings crazy with intensity! Added the Gel with stimuli – my hubby fucking me while I did this thing that he loves to his balls…. Well yes, that was very fast, tyvm… MOAR! …..A while later and I’m sore, no the Gel didn’t sore me, we sore’d me –The last orgasm had me literally moaning “Oh shit, no… no more!” while he burst out laughing at the fun of it all – me cumming practically every 30 seconds; flop down, get back up and at it, cum, down, up and at it, cum, down, up….  – Finally, legs spasming, arms shaking, messy, messy, messy… I could take no MOAR and flopped my last… Christ on a bike, I felt I’d run up Everest, what a session! What a beautifully, amazingly, ORGASMIC X102,210,202,220 Gel!
I seriously look forward to the next bout!
Available here!

Durex Intense Vibrations


A basic, disposable, vibrating cock ring which provides up to 20 minutes of playtime. It’s designed to give ‘stimulating sensations’ and is completely waterproof.

Durex Intense Little Devil

The Little Devil is a vibrating cock ring which is designed to give “quivering clitoral stimulation”. It provides up to 30 minutes of playtime, the toy is whisper-quiet and you can use it with, or without a condom.

Durex Intense Condoms


So to ‘wrap it up’ (get it?! LOL I’m so funny) let’s take a quick peep at what is so special about the condoms; the Durex Intense Condoms are designed to heighten arousal and increase pleasure, making sex better for both of you. They are lubricated with ‘Desirex Gel’ which ‘increases sensitivity of her intimate areas and brings warming, cooling or tingling sensations, whilst the ribs and dots offer additional stimulation.’ It also has a mint flavour and has a nicer smell to them than other condoms have! Available here!

I hope you like the new range from Durex… omg that Gel though…. Seriously, try some today!!
See you next time!
❤ Jenna ❤

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If it’s good enough for Sue – it’s good enough for you!

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Saturday Anthem?

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Happy Friday Night!

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This has been our Bonk Holiday Best Seller! From the feedback and reviews we’ve had back it’s easy to see why! Treat yourself while it’s on special offer and make sure you’re not missing out on an orgasm!

Click on the link!


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Fashionably Yours 2 Temperatures Rising! – Jenna G

Continuing on from Part 1 (catch up here), this week we’ll be looking at Nurse outfits and accessories, so let’s jump straight in!

Naughty Nurses


A simple yet convincing Nurse outfit by Classified, this comes complete with the hat – all you need are some sexy white stockings & you’re all set to go! Available in sizes Small (8-10) to Extra Large (20-22).
To buy, or for more info, click here!

Miss Medic


Very cute, this DreamGirl outfit is by New Temptations and can be used for fancy dress as well as kinky dress 😉 A fantastic set which comes with the stethoscope and hat. Sizes available are Small (8-10) to Extra Large (18-20).
You can buy it here!

Nurse With Benefits


This Nurse outfit is by Fever, it has the sexy front zip so you can tease your partner with as much flesh or as little flesh on show as you like! Currently available in Small size, it is available here!

Nurse’s Negligee

And now for something a little different…! This outfit by Baci is very cheeky! A gorgeous apron-fronted nurse outfit which leaves little to the imagination at the back! Your lover’s temperatures will be soaring when they see you in this 😉 Available here!



Stockings can really make or break an outfit and we have a HUGE array of styles and colours to choose from – check out our awesome range of white stockings here!

The Cute Bag!


Perfect for when your dress-ups take you out and about! This cute little Leg Avenue Nurse’s handbag is a must-have for that truly authentic feeling! Available here!

A Nurse of Your Very Own – Naomi Nurse

Ok, maybe you don’t feel like dressing up as a Naughty Nurse, maybe you just want to fuck one…. Never fret! Here’s one Nurse who won’t slap away your hands if you feel you need some hands-on relief! 😉 She even comes with her own uniform which you can take off her! 😉 Funtimes!

That’s it for this week’s look at Nurse’s outfits & accessories, next time on clothing I’ll be looking at another style and the accessories required to complete your ‘look’! J
Have lots of fun, never take things too seriously, unleash your naughtiest nurse fantasies!

*All outfits and accessories are available to buy from either our online store, or in our physical stores – as our stock varies just give one of us a shout if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for and we’ll help you get kitted out for your awesome nights of fantasy!*

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Sundays Over :(


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Sunday Thoughts….


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Happy Hump Day!!


Happy #HumpDay!!

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