Loving Joy – Power Bullet. Jamesey Reviews.

If there is one essential item that almost every woman should have in their toy box it’s a bullet. Those little buggers are like the WD40 of the sex toy world – tiny little thing with 101 uses! But as I said in the opening – it’s a toy that every woman should own, so what about us boys? Are we being ignored again by the Sex Toy Gods?!  I’m here to inform you that Nope! Bullets are the new toy that most guys should have in their box box/drawer/chest/room (delete as appropriate)


So for those of us who aren’t 100% on sex toy lingo, a bullet is basically a small vibrator that is usually used on the clitoris to help women achieve orgasm. So what about us boys? Obviously our lack of a clitoris means that we can’t use the toy right? Wrong!

There’s so much that you can do with a bullet on yourself or on your husband/boyfriend/Steve from accounts. Again delete as appropriate.

1. Use it on his nipples – the vibrations are great to help get him in the mood and enhance his senses (add a blindfold if you fancy adding a little extra sensory play  into the mix)

2. Run it up and down the inside of his thigh, tease him with the bullet as you work it higher and higher.

3. Use it on his balls – they’re super sensitive and if you add the bullet to his balls while giving a blow job – he’ll go through the roof.

4. Run it up and down the shaft of the penis and around the head.

5. Use it on the perineum – it’s the soft spot between the balls and the bum – MAJOR pleasure zone!


See – bullets aren’t just for women anymore! All it takes is a little imagination (well and lube. Always add lube – it just makes things better!)


Now on to the actual point of this review,  the toy I’m reviewing is The Loving Joy Rechargable Power  Bullet.

When I first received it I have to admit, I really liked the packaging. It’s straight forward and really clean looking, just a picture of the bullet on the packaging and if I was looking to buy something it would catch my eye.

As per standard for me, I went to read the instructions but there weren’t any with the toy. It does however come with a charging docking station and a USB charger. So I popped it on to charge and had a google – 60 minutes of charge for 60 minutes of play. (I highly doubted I’d be needing 60 minutes but never mind)


Once it was charged I figured I would take my own advice and do some of the things listed above – I’ve got to say the power behind this bullet is insane! It’s only 3.5 inches but it really delivers in the power stakes! It’s also got a total of 3 speeds and 17 different functions – a total 20 different options to play with!  The material that is used on the bullet is really nice as well. Soft feeling but the toy itself is ridged like most bullets. It’s also 100% waterproof – which I can confirm works! (Did nearly drown in the bath but that was more me working on my Daryl Hannah impression from Splash).


There’s not a whole lot more you can say about the bullet really, it’s strong, it’s quiet and it packs a whollop when used in sensitive places! I would suggest this toy to any man or woman- it’s rechargeable so you never need to worry about the batteries running out which is the common complaint about most bullets and because it’s rechargeable and not running off batteries you can really tell a difference with the power.

So to recap –

  • 3 Speeds – 17 functions. A total of 20 different play modes!
  • USB rechargeable
  • Quiet but strong
  • Waterproof
  • Unisex!
  • Really good price!


I’ve never personally thought of using bullets in play, but I can see this one getting used more than once!

with love 2016








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