WeVibe Bloom – A Review by Jenna-G

WeVibe are a great brand for sexy toys; their designers have clearly had a good think outside the box when coming up with new ideas for their products, not only that, they’ve also embraced smartphone technology with gusto as most of their toys can be controlled via their WeVibe Connect app which you can download onto your smartphone, this connection can then be shared with a partner.
This way you can control and be controlled from anywhere in the world!
In Bloom
So today I’m writing this review is as I have the latest toy by WeVibe, the Bloom;
The Bloom is a set of vibrating vaginal balls which are designed for you to keep up with your Kegel exercises; the toy even progresses with you as it comes with two extra balls of differing heavier weights so that the set can be altered to increase the weight as you get stronger.
For those that don’t know, the point of Kegal balls, and especially their differing weights, is thus;once inserted, the jiggling of the balls causes your vaginal muscles to contract, the more smaller or weightier the balls you can hold inside your hoohaa, the tighter your muscles will have to grip to keep the set inside you; therefore, giving those vaginal muscles a damn good clenching and what do clenches make? – prizes… well no, butthis repetitive action of those Kegels while you’re wearing them will increase the muscle tone and keep that hoohaa tight as a drum… figuratively speaking, obvz.
Bloom Box.png

I really liked the idea of this toy, and was eager to give it a try out, I’ve not owned, nor used, a WeVibe product before, but I know WeVibe make awesome toys so I was hoping this would be a winner, it looked so clever – how could it not be? J
The Bloom comes in a thick, sturdy, cardboard box which has a picture of the product on the front, the design of the box fits well with the WeVibe theme of being fresh, cool, and modern.
One side of the box tells us what the toy is made of; body-safe silicone which is phthalate and BPA free, it’s also made without latex.

The other side of the box lists the boxes’ contents;
Vibrating base
3 progressive weights
USB power cable
Storage bag
Quick start user guide
PurWeVibe Lube sample
WeVibe Bloom ContentsFinally, the back of the box gives a breakdown of information on what the product is designed to do and the various benefits of using the toy which I’ll just list right here;
10+ Modes
Low Power Alert
Smartphone App

Lift off the lid of the box and inside you’ll find the Bloom,with one head already on the base, and its two extra weighted heads lying on a cushion. Pull up the cushion and you’ll find all the other bits and pieces that are included all neatly tucked away beneath.

First Impressions
The Bloom itself is a lovely looking and feeling toy, they’ve used velvety, silky silicone to create this, feels gorgeous in the hands, there’s a WeVibe logo on the ‘belly’ of the Bloom, just under the power control button. It has a pull cord with a little silver bead at the end; the whole thing is super cute.
So, as mentioned above, the quirk with this set of Balls, which sets the Bloom apart from any other vibrating vaginal balls,is it vibrates, can be controlled via smartphone, and the top ball twists off completely so you can swap the ‘head ball’ with the other balls to increase Kegel workout productivity, the weights go up gradually, the first being 10g, the second being 30g, and the third having a nice weight to it at 45g.
Across it measures 33mm and the whole length is 179m, 90mm of that being the pull cord.
You get the one colour choice, it comes in coral only, and, luckily for me, I think it’s really pretty – different from the usual colours you see used so often.

After rifling through the box, I took the Bloom and its extra heads off for a good wash, I then looked at the heads and experimented swapping them about the base, and I noticed the port in which to charge up the mini beast so I decided to get it charged. Charging the Bloom up is easy, just twist off the head and plug in the USB cable, leave it on charge for 90 minutes for 90 minutes playtime.

While it was charging I played with the balls in my hands, the balls really do have a very different weight to them; I was impressed with how neat the whole thing was so far and was eager to try out my new little Bloom, I really hoped it would be ace because that real shallow part of me thought it was just too adorable not to be the best thing since sliced bread 🙂

Powering Bloom& WeVibe Connect
While I was waiting for the Bloom to charge up, I downloaded the WeVibe Connect app and familiarised myself with the layout and settings.
Once the Bloom was charged up and washed I was ready to power it up and see what it could do. I kept the lightest head on the base and pressed the button on the ‘belly’ of the Bloom, it immediately sprang to life, it has a wonderful rumbly vibration to it, as I was cycling through the vibrations I was really liked the shuddering feel of the toy; I had read the toy being described as “rumbling” by WeVibe and that description really does fit true to the Bloom’s vibrations.

To use the WeVibe Connect all you need to do is have your phone set to have Bluetooth turned on and then just connect to your app, your Bloom will shudder and blink its little belly light to tell you it’s connected to the app, and the app will then allow you to control the Bloom on the phone’s screen.
There is a list of ten modes to go through and try out, all of which can be altered to suit how gentle or wild you want the vibrations to be, you can also create your own vibration patterns so it’s literally up to you how your Bloom operates.

When you’ve connected your Bloom to your WeVibe you will then be able to connect a partner to the Bloom too – this is super easy, all they have to do is download the app and connect their app to your app and you’ll be ready to be controlled from anywhere in the world – as long as the toy is connected to the app – Go nuts!

Verdict – Blooming Marvellous!
As usual I wanted to go for the challenge first by using the heaviest ball and seeing what it felt like but I resisted temptation so I could try out ball number 1. With the help of a dollop of lube I popped in my Bloom and had a good play about with the vibes, obviously you can’t really control the vibes via the button on the Bloom itself once it’s inside you so you kinda need to keep your phone on you (not literally) to be able to switch up the vibes and patterns.

The only blip I found using this toy was keeping the Bloom connected to my phone; I have a tendency to go walkabouts and I kinda like doing stuff around the house while wearing vaginal balls but if I got too far away from my phone, say a room away or so, I’d find the bloom had disconnected when I went back to change up the vibes so then I’d have to reconnect it, bit of a faff but it was my own fault, just keep your phone near and you’ll be fine.
Image result for need my phone meme
I was curious to try out the heaviest ball, ball number 3, and so I did, I found I actually like this ball the best and used this for the majority of the time I played with the Bloom. The weightiness made the Bloom feel full and the vibrations seemed more heightened.

The Bloom is super pleasurable and the smartphone connectivity with a partner is awesome fun. I don’t work Mondays, hubby does, I miss him a lot during the day but that day was a LOT of fun for us 🙂 The laughs we had using the app and Bloom made the day fly by, and when he got home he was super horny – and, can I just say that this is a super cool toy, in that thinking outside the box and all – you also have a perfect little vibe to hold against your clit once you’ve slipped it out of your vagina and hubby’s gone in 😉 – Rrrrraw! 🙂

There’s no gripe I can think of and I would certainly recommend it to anyone with a hoohaa, especially those who love g-spot stimulation and absolutely perfect for couples who are apart and want to continue their teasing and lovemaking via smartphone.
All in, this is a lovely toy, the quality is supreme and the sensations it brings are super amazing, lots of fun – try one, try it solo or get someone to control the vibes – either way you’ll be smiling 🙂

Have fun!
Jenna ❤

2 thoughts on “WeVibe Bloom – A Review by Jenna-G

  1. Jenna –

    Thank you for the review!! I have honestly been searching for the perfect kegel exerciser with the bluetooth capability for almost a day now and have been torn between the Bloom and another kegel ball from another brand. I recently got into a relationship that has brought to my awareness that I don’t orgasm as often as I should, based off of how good the sex is SO I realized I need to train my PC muscles! Your review has got me sold on this product and you’re absolutely right, it’s adorable! Can be used towards the kegels, as a vibrator and toy for couples, virtually as well! Thank you again and best of luck to you and your hubby 🙂

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